Thanksgiving HTC HD2 review round-up

Slow news day folks, so here’s two HTC HD2 reviews for you. The first one is from Engadget, as you may expect it the conclusion was fairly predictable…The phone disappoints because of Windows Mobile etc. Thankfully Josh’s review is 10X better than Gizmodo’s though:

Read the whole thing here

The second review is from Zdnet’s Matt Miller here:

The HTC HD2 is obviously the best Windows Mobile device ever created and sets the bar for future Windows Mobile devices. That said, it is still not perfect since it runs an operating system that needs to be upgraded in several areas (settings, stability, and media). To be appealing to the mass market, there needs to be better ways to get media content onto the device and that is one major reason the iPhone is so popular. Apple can look at what HTC has done with the HD2 and you can imagine they will come out with an iPhone with a much higher resolution display and better camera in 2010. If you like to use Windows Mobile devices then I am pretty sure you will love the HD2. You can find the HD2 now from US importers for about $800, but remember this model does not support 3G in the US. It will be interesting to see which carrier picks it up and what the price will be in 2010. It is a fantastic piece of hardware and I appreciate HTC giving these out to Mobius 2009 attendees last week.

So he is basically telling us that transfering media via iTunes (which also means re-encoding all your videos that arent .mp4, compressing all your photos etc..) is better than draging & droping on the HTC HD2 (and any other WinMo device) ? Can’t say I aggree with this. FYI my HD2 should arrive in the coming days, expect a review next week.

Lisa from MobileTechReview has also posted a 12minutes long hands on video:

Happy Thanksgiving

Resco Explorer 2010 Beta out now

Resco software released the first beta of their upcoming Resco Explorer 2010 Windows Mobile application. Resco Explorer is widely celebrated as the best file explorer on Windows Mobile devices. It’s packed with features like registry editing, FTP access, recycle bin etc… The new beta features the following new features:

- Thumbnails of pictures in Thumbnails view
- Supported all the formats that Photo Viewer supports
- If Photo Viewer is installed, working and displaying thumbnails is much quicker
- Upload to social networks (twitter, facebook, picasa, flickr)
- Fixed registry import/export
- Favorites will be reachable from Menu
- Send to (mainly via Bluetooth) will be improved
- and other fixes…

You can download it here
Don’t forget to try out Resco Photo Viewer 7 too.

Source: Resco Software via Pocketnow

Will the HTC Capacitive Stylus be a rebranded Dagi Stylus?

The Russian boys at just sent me this picture of what seems like a rebranded Dagi capacitive stylus (se it in action on an HTC HD2here). Now I don’t know if this is real or a Photoshop job (looks like Shop to me). So let’s just wait and see.