One more HTC HD2 review

This time it’s PhoneArena‘s turn, here comes their full review. One thing I always wondered..are PhoneArena and GSMArena the same site? Their review are done exactly the same way, from the screentshots to the way they are laid out, etc..Anyway, back on topic., they found out that the camera wasn’t the great, which isn’t really surprising you know…and that the call quality wasn’t that good. Now that’s a new one, because so far they are the only one to report this. I guess that it may have to do with their local carriers because nobody has complained about the phone’s call quality so far As far as I know. Any HD2 owner had this kind of problem? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments below.

We made quite a few calls with the HTC HD2 and our conclusion is its performance is average. Sound is passable in terms of loudness, although there´s room for improvement. We could hear constant static, quality was a far cry from being the best we´d evidenced and voices were slightly muffled. Our callers said we sounded a bit louder and sharper, but more intelligible. It´s a good thing the HD2 manages to isolate environmental noises, meaning the only thing your callers hear is your voice. On the overall, there is nothing to write home about in this respect.
Ultimately, we say “yes” to the HTC HD2. This is a great handset that offers a lot with any respect. What´s more, considering the presence of the Sense interface, the HD2 escapes the fate of being qualified as just “another high-tech toy”, because it comes with functions in the forefront of today´s social networking, something that will certainly appeal to a good part of the now numerous people using various social networking services.

Source: PhoneArena

Update on the HTC HD2 camera situation

I’ve been looking at all the ongoing threads around the world discussing this problem and so far it seems like every HD2 ever produced suffer from this pink/purple hue. It ranges from review samples used by blogs/websites to devices bought unlocked or on all carriers like Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange in France, UK, Poland, Sweden etc… It’s still not 100% clear yet if this is fixable by a software update. Nokia had some severe camera problems with the original N95 when it shipped and finally managed to fix the problem with a firmware update a few weeks later. It the case of the HD2, lowering the color saturation in the camera’s settings helps to somewhat “fix” the problem (but it makes the picture less vibrant). What I find amazing it that bloggers who had the review units didn’t seem to say anything (or alert HTC?) even-though the issue was quite apparent. I first talked about this on November 7th here and I guess that if all reviewers had contacted HTC when they got their review samples the device could have been delayed a few weeks and all this mess wouldn’t have happened (maybe they did?). So let’s just hope that the problem is fixable by a software update because I don’t see how every HTC HD2 owner is going to send back their unit to the retailer or carrier for a replacement, it’s going to be a logistical & PR mess.

The only hope in sight is a post by XDA-Devs user Nara-e-Mastana who bought his device in Pakistan on Nov 20th. What’s interesting is that his HD2 came with newer ROM 1.43.488.1 (70124) WWE WM6.5 (Stock) and the picture he posted doesn’t seem to exhibit the problem. But don’t get your hopes up yet,we will have to wait for other samples from his device and the build number.
IMAG0009 (Small)

Update: Thanks to WWE in the comments, the 488 isn’t a new firmware, but the country code.

Source: XDA-Devs