Office Mobile 2010 coming to all Windows Mobile 6.5 devices

Looks like Microsoft is about to announce/launch Office Mobile 2010 pretty soon. According to the Office 2010 FAQ:

How do I access Office 2010 from my phone?
You can access your Office 2010 files from your phone in the following ways

Office Mobile 2010.
Office Mobile 2010 can be launched from your Start menu on any phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.4 You can also open Office file attachments within your e-mail or documents stored on your Windows phone directly.

Smartphone Web browser.
Publish your documents to SharePoint Server 2010 or Windows Live services, and access and view documents from your smartphone browser.5 You can access InfoPath forms via a full-featured mobile browser powered by SharePoint Server 2010.

4 Runs exclusively on Windows Mobile 6.5

5 Many smartphones using the microbrowser standard (iPhone, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile) can access documents stored on a server via their smartphone browser.

No luck for Palm Pre & Android users who won’t even have access to the Web version.

Source: Microsoft

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 previewed

Techradar have posted a so-called review (but is in fact just a hands-on preview) of Sony Ericsson’s Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone the Xperia X2. Don’t expect anything really new in there, If you have some spare time hit of the read link below. Keep in mind that the X2 is probably Sony Ericsson’s last Windows Mobile device.

Overall, we’ve got mixed feelings about the X2. We weren’t fans of the X1 and while this appears to be a pretty good upgrade, the judder of the software made us think that we’ve got another WinMo worry on our hands.

But there’s still time before the launch at the end of the month, and if things are speeded up by then Sony Ericsson will have a pretty nifty device to launch through Vodafone.

Finally Knowyourmobile upped a short (blurry) video of the device:

Source: Techradar & Knowyourmobile via wmpoweruser

Dell Mini 3i unboxed, ugly capacitive stylus included


Contrary to what we thought Dell’s first Android smartphone is only being launched today in China. As it’s usually the case when a products launch, unboxings pop-up all over the net. Interestingly the Dell Mini 3i ships with a stylus compatible with capacitive touch-panels. It’s similar to the 3rd party iPhone stylus available on the market and is IMO not the precise given the size of the tip. Hopefully HTC will come out with their own tech shortly.


10 minutes long Xperia X10 hands-on video, UI running smooth!

Following yesterday’s picture gallery, uploaded a 10 minutes long hands on preview of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.And surprisingly the UI is now running super smoothly! Check it out:


Samsung Behold II unboxed, November 18th launch confirmed

Here’s a short hands-on video of the Samsung Behold II aka the Samsung Galaxy with TouchWIZ UI. Nothing really new whe haven’t seen before. Samsung‘s TouchWIZ looks like a total mess compared to HTC’s Sense IMO. The device is set to launch on T-Mobile on November 18th.

Source: Engadget

HTC delays the HTC HD2 because of faulty ROM ?

Looks like there was indeed some problems with the final “retail” ROM of the HTC HD2. Yesterday, Solopalmari did some benchmarks after applying the final ITA retail ROM and found that the device’s performance took a nose dive. It now looks like HTC took notice:

“The firmware is currently in possession of blogs and newspapers, initially taken for short, is rather to be considered very tentative. HTC notify its users and journalists when the final release of the Italian ROM will be ready.”

It still not clear if this problem only affects the Italian ROM (I hope so!). Interestingly Expansys France has also delayed the first shipment until November 28th (was supposed to be shipping today), the device is already available in some countries though.

Source: SoloPalmari & Expansys

HTC HD2 unboxing & setup videos

Brandon over at Pocketnow just received his HTC HD2 and promptly posted to videos to show off the beast:


Frist time setup:

Source: Pocketnow