Verizon Samsung Omnia II spotted in the wild

Not much info, just two blurry pictures of Verizon‘s Omnia II which is finally being released December 2. Notice the slightly re-designed buttons we have seen earlier.

Source: PhoneArena

The LG Monaco becomes the LG iQ, headed to Telus

It looks like the long rumored LG Monaco, which was supposed to be one of the first Windows Mobile 7 device to hit the market according to a leaked AT&T slide, is now the LG iQ running Windows Mobile 6.5 ans a SnapDragon chipset. The smartphone appeared in a Best Buy add earlier this month and is now headed to Canada’s Telus in early December.

Source: MobileSyrup & Mobile Ninjas via WMPoweruser

More Nokia N900 multi-tasking madness: 28 apps running

Remember the previous video of the Nokia N900 running 12 applications at the same-time without breaking a sweat ? Well check this new one out, this time the devices is cruising with 28 apps running simultaneously:

Wow, do we have a smartphone multi-tasking record here ? Maemo 5 seems to have some pretty good memeory management.

Source: My-Symbian

Confirmed: HTC HD2 camera suffers from hardware defect (Updated)

Well, here’s some bad news for all HTC HD2 owners and those who want buy one. As I’ve reported several times here, ever since the first HD2 reviews started to appear I noticed that all pictures taken with the device exhibited a Pink/Purple hue. Several users have contacted HTC‘s support and got following answer:

Dear valued HTC customer, Thank you for your enquiry about your handset. This is a hardware issue and you can contact your re-seller to exchange the device for another one or contact us and we will send this device to be repair. If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you.


Hi Mike,

Thats not a software problem, our apologies. I can now confirm we have established this being a hardware fault.
Unfortunately at this stage it is too early to determine exactly where the fault lays but it most certainly is not a software related issue.
If you can ask CLove to swap it, please do so, if not we will come and collect it for repair.

You can arrange this by calling 08458900079.

Best Regards


Maybe HTC should issue a global recall, because so far every HD2 that’s been sold seems to suffer from this (according to all the users reports)

UPDATE: Posted an update on the situation here

UPDATE 2 : A software HOTFIX is being developed by HTC !

UPDATE 3: The HOTFIX is now available here

Source: XDA-Devs

Activate the HTC Magnifier on the HTC HD2

I’ve already talked about the HTC Magnifier feature that showed up in the first Manilla 2.5 ROMs that leaked this summer, unfortunitely HTC decided to disable it in the lastest builds (probably to re-enable later when WM6.5.1 gets out?). There’s a simple way to bring this features back with just a little Registry editing:

Change “HKLM/Software/HTC/TextSelection/EnableMagnifier” from 0 to 1

Source: XDA-Devs thanks for the tip Marc