HTC expects over 23% sequential revenues growth in 4Q09

According to a recent conference call, shipments of HTC-branded handsets are expected to grow 5-6% on year in the fourth quarter, whereas ODM shipments are expected to come to the end of their business cycles (which means hat HTC no longer building devices for other OEMs like they did before ex. iPaqs, SE Xperia , Palms,etc…).

Gross margin for the fourth quarter is expected to range from 32-33%, while operating expense ratio is expected to reach 16.5%-17.5% compared to 13.9% in the third quarter due to a higher marketing budget for the quarter, HTC said.

Total handset shipments reached 2.8 million units in the third quarter, compared to three million units shipped in the second quarter and 2.4 million units in the first quarter, the company noted.

HTC reported that it snapped up net profits of NT$5.7 billion in the third quarter, down 12.4% on quarter and 18.5% on year. EPS for the third quarter stood at NT$7.18.

HTC posted revenues of NT$12.7 billion for October, up 7.4% sequentially but down 20.8% from a year earlier. HTC said it expects the US market to continue to show strong growth momentum, though Europe will remain relatively weaker.

Source: Digitimes

Google acquires mobile display advertising company AdMob

Weee, here’s some big news. Mighty Google, just announced that they have sign an agreement to acquire AdMob, the mobile display advertising company (you know, all those sucky ads you see in your iPhone and Android apps…it’s them). For a boatload of cash/stock…. US$750 Million ! Wonder what Microsoft‘s reaction will be now (or the DOJ…first AdMob..antri-trust..?).

We’re happy to announce today that we have signed an agreement to acquire AdMob, a mobile display advertising company based in San Mateo, CA. AdMob is a great Silicon Valley story — founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui when he couldn’t find good ways to generate traffic for his mobile site. Over the past few years, Omar and his talented team have built a thriving company with great mobile advertising products, and we are looking forward to having them join the Google team and work with us on the future of mobile advertising.

Source: Google and AdMob

HTC HD2 to be available in the UK on Fidray 13th ?

HTC HD2 large2
According to the UK online retailer Devicewire their first bach of unlocked HTC HD2s should arrive on Friday 13th. But you’ll have to be fast to get yours because the second shipment isn’r expected until sometime in December:

“ currently has additional stock not yet allocated to pre-orders. Whilst orders are continuing to be processed hope to have a limited allocation available on launch day.

The remaining stock will be added to the site at 12.01am Friday morning and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Once this initial allocation of HTC HD2′s are sold further stock will not be available until at least December so we would highly recommend you placing an order today to avoid disappointment. can also offer a premium delivery service for all orders processed before 3pm Friday. For only £19.99 deliveries can be placed for Saturday Pre-Noon. Any customers who have already placed an order can call 08708490233 with their order number and payment details for this delivery upgrade.

If you have any further questions, please contact at or call 08708490233″

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HTC Droid Eris hands-on video

Here’s a hands-on video of the HTC Droid Eris (Verizon‘s version of the HTC Hero) for those intersted in it. Nothing really new obviouslyother than the new phisical design comapred to the original Hero oand Sprint‘s version:

Source: IntoMobile

HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS video comparison

The Itatlian boys at another HTC HD2 video, this time demonstrating the browser’s speed (Opera Mobile 9.7) against the iPhone 3GS.

As you can see, the iPhone 3GS either slightly faster or equal to the HTC HD2 (who btw doesn’t render the correctly). It should be noted that the HD2 is rendering 2.5x more pixels than the iPhone 3GS.


HTC HD2 GPS navigation in action just posted a video of the HTC HD2 running two GPS navigation applications, TomTom and CoPilot Live:

The HD2′s 4.3″ screen looks freaking huge in this video btw.


Original HTC Touch HD gets a small update

HTC Touch HD
Unfortunately it’s not Windows Mobile 6.5. Just a small “Notifications Enhancement” :

This update for HTC Touch HD combines your SMS function with our unique notifications to bring you your messages as soon as you get them. You will receive notifications whenever your phone is powered on and has reception, allowing you to stay close to the people you care about while on the go.

It’s a shame that HTC won’t release an official WM6.5 rom for the HD (or even the Diamond & Touch Pro), a device that has exactly thesame specifications as the Touch Diamond2 and TouchPro2

Source: HTC thanks for the tip Giles

Bsquare to distribute Windows Mobile…the real story

Seeing as everybody got the story twisted I decided not to report about it earlier. Now that the dust has settled I will try to make things a little bit clearer.. For whatever reason a couple of blogs reported that Microsoft was no longer going to license Windows Mobile directly to OEMs/ODMs and handed this task to a company named Bsquare. Now if you carefully read the press release you will see that what was reported as a “fact” is nowhere to be seen.
What is happening here is that Microsoft is trying to unload some of their licensing work to concentrated on big OEMs/ODMs. What this means is that HTC, Samsung, LG etc are still directly working with MS but smaller companies who wish to build Windows CE & Windows Mobile devices will license through Bsquare.
Here’s a statement from Bsquare:

Microsoft will not be relinquishing all their direct Licensees. OEM’s and ODM’s who wish to develop a WinMo product in relatively low volumes (10K+/yr) now have an opportunity to gain access to the OS. BSQUARE is nimble enough to help smaller customers every step of the way, from toolkits to training, to BSP’s and App porting, to licensing and COA’s. Smaller volume manufactures will definitely benefit from Microsoft’s Channel approach and working directly with BSQUARE.

Case closed

Here’s the full press release

Samsung pays Qualcomm $1.3 billion in patent licensing

Here’s an interesting piece of news that totally went under the radar, especially after all the Nokia vs Apple lawsuit talk a couple of days ago. The big  news is that Samsung is going to renew its licensing deals with Qualcomm and pay them $1.3 Billion to use patents related to third- and fourth-generation wireless technology for the next 15 years. In return Qualcomm will have the right to use 57 Samsung patents related to mobile technology.


The contract calls for Samsung to allow Qualcomm to use Samsung’s 57 patents for mobile technology, but Samsung will not be paid by Qualcomm due to the higher value of Qualcomm’s licenses.

Samsung said the deal is more favorable than the previous one, but it declined to say why. “The new deal is better for us,” a Samsung spokesman said, without elaborating.

The San Diego-based chipmaker welcomed the extension of the cross-licensing deal with one of its biggest customers.

“I am also pleased to announce that we recently extended our license agreement with Samsung, covering both 3G and 4G,” said Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Qualcomm, in a statement posted on its Web site. South Korea is a major market for Qualcomm as the country is home to Samsung and LG Electronics Inc., the world’s third-largest cellphone maker, with nine out of every 10 South Koreans owning at least one handset.

Source: TKorea thanks for the tip Gabe

Samsung Behold II official videos, Cupcake on board

samsung-behold-ii (Small)
Looks like Samsung has already planned a couple of promo videos of the Behold II which just leaked on youtube ahead of the November 12th unveiling. The first thing we learn is that the devices is unfortunately shipping with Android 1.6 (Cupcake) instead of 1.6 or even 2.0. An upgrade to Android 2.0 is probably planned in the near future.

And finally the last one:

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HTC HD2 reviewed on video again

Tracy & Matt have just posted a video hands-on of the HTC HD2. Let’s just say that it isn’t the best we’ve seen yet. To paraphrase what the reviewer says “the touch-screen doesn’t have full multi-touch because it doesn’t work with the on-screen keyboard” what the heck ? He just demonstrated multi-touch zooming in the browser 5 secs earlier.

From the YouTube comment section:

You idiot, I’m not saying that it should have a multitouch keyboard, I’m just saying that the touchscreen doesn’t support multitouch.

Watch for yourself:

Source: YouTube