Short LG iQ and Pico projector hands-on video

Here’s a new video of the LG iQ (Monaco) in action, this time with the optional Pico projector strapped to it (in place of the battery cover). Unfortunately the video is short and not much is seen The device is still expected to launch on Telus for the holidays.

Source: Howardchui via WMpoweruser

HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS

HD2 vs iPhone
PhoneArena published a comparison between the HTC HD2 and iPhone 3GS. They’ve comared the main features of each phones, starting by the UI, then multimedia, camera etc.. Can’t say I agrre with all of them (especially the camera which I think is better on the iPhone 3GS (let’s wait for the HD2 Hotfix..) . It’s a good read though, so hit the source link and check it out.

Source: PhoneArena