Native Windows Mobile on-screen keyboard updated

Looks like that the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build brings us a new on-screen keyboard. It doesn’t look as good as HTC‘s but it’s step in the right direction…actualy it kinda looks like the Zune Hd’s SIP.

Source: XDA-devs via Pocketnow

Official HTC Capacitive stylus coming soon

HTC HD2 capacitive stylus
Well it looks like HTC is about to launch a capacitive compatible stylus soon. According to UK online retailer CLOVE:

Have you been struggling to get to grips with the HTC HD2′s capacitive touch screen? Been screaming out for a stylus that will allow you to select items and navigate the screen with more ease?

Worry no more. This official stylus from HTC is designed specifically to work with the capacitive touch screen of the HTC HD2. Using the latest technology the stylus will allow you to better use your HD2. No more fingers or thumbs!

Can the HTC-STYHD2 be the one they’ve patented a while ago ? Pice, specification & availibility are not know yet

Source: Clove thanks for the tip Mikos!

Nokia N900 FM transmitter demo

The Nokia N900 is currently one of the most feature rich smartphone on the market (and a multi-tasking monster) and here’s a short video that proves it.Tthe Maemo 5 team did a video demonstrating the FM tranmitter which enables you to listen to music played on your N900 directly in you car without hooking it up.

Source: YouTube

Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II Swype keyboard vs iPhone

Here’s a video showcasing the new Swype on-screen keyboard of the Verizon Omnia II versus the on-screen keyboard of the iPhone:

Swype was developed by the inventor to the T9 predictive texting used on billions of phones worldwide. As you can see in the video you no longer have to press every letter on the keyboard and just Swype your finger from one letter to another, making it faster than conventional type. Currently only available on Windows Mobile (on the Verizon Omnia 2), Swype will launch on an Android smartphone son.

Source: Techcrunch

The HTC HD2 is finally out on T-Mobile UK

HD2 tmobile free
It was already known that T-Mobile UK started selling the HTC HD2 in their retail stores a few days ago, but you can now finally order it online on their website. The device is free on a 2-year contract (£35/month) and £195.73 on a 18 months contract (£15/month). Check it out here.

Source: T-Mobile UK via WMPU