New Nokia N900 Maemo 5 UI promo video

A new promo video showing Nokia’s N900 Maemo 5 OS in action has surfaced on youtube today. It does look really nice (although you must remember that it’s a promo vid and that the actual device won’t be as smooth/fast). I just which the N900 had a capacitive touch screen and not a resistive one…oh well..

Source: Nokia Conversations

Dell Mini 3i hands-on pictures

The boys at Sina did it again and this time posted a full hands-on gallery of Dell’s China Mobile smartphone the Mini 3i. This time we have a closer look at the oPhone Android based OS and UI. Hit up the source link to check the whole gallery.

Source: Sina via Engadget

Mobile 3D City (Paris 3D) iPhone application review

Ok guys, I just finished reviewing an interesting iPhone app called Mobile 3D City (Paris 3D) and did a walk-through video that you can watch below (keep in mind that’s it’s my first ever video review..that’s why it may sound funny..)

Mobile 3D City is sort of a cross between Google Maps and a tourist guide. It does have a quite a few features like GPS support, bookmarks, POIs etc but it isn’t really meant to go against GM. The biggest feature is the 3D modelization of the whole city of Paris. Every building in the city is modeled and textured which is really neat. You can navigate by rotating the camera, tilting, zooming-in/out. There are some drawbacks though, like the slow framerate  when there are lots of buildings being rendered on the screen (on an iPhone 3G, it should be faster on a 3GS) and also the fact that it’s nearly impossible to use the app with one hand. You will always need two fingers on the screen to pan around/rotate etc. Also, only the city of Paris is available with only 2000 POIs (more will be added in future updates). One more thing to note is that all the data is stored on the phone so there’s no need to stream anything over Wifi or cellular network (the app is 450Mb).
Currently only available on the iPhone, NewScape Technology is also developing Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian S60 versions. An update which should fix some bugs and add new features and POIs (a lot more hopefully) is planned soon. Check out the video and don’t hesitate to ask me some questions in the comments section.

The App is available now on the iTunes App Store for $8.99/€6.99 here

Zune Marketplace coming to Windows Mobile

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft is working on integrating the Zune services into Windows Mobile and this following Job ad kind of confirms that Microsoft is planning to bring the Zune Marketplace to WinMo (and Europe), the only remaining question is, When ?

The Entertainment & Devices Division (“E&D”) is seeking an experienced business development professional to drive European content licensing in digital music. This is an exciting opportunity to make a high-impact contribution as part of a rapidly growing business in digital entertainment. The position will support E&D divisions including Zune, Xbox and Windows Mobile.

Read the full ad here

Is this part of Project Pink ?

Microsoft has a special Windows Mobile LG Team

Remenber that Microsoft/LG deal signed back in Feabruary at MWC ? Well it looks like things are getting serious in Redmond. As I’ve found out in a Job ad, Microsoft has a Windows Mobile LGE Commercialization team:

At Mobile World Congress this year Microsoft and LG Electronics announced an alliance making Windows Mobile the primary Smartphone platform for LG Electronics. The WM LGE Commercialization team is looking for a talented technical instructional designer with knowledge in design and delivery of Windows Mobile technical training. You will be responsible for supporting the strategic plan, creating, evaluating, and sometimes delivering the LGE specific Windows Mobile new hire and ongoing training programs.
You will work with the training team, internal developer, and external groups to develop the LGE engineers on-boarding and future training programs. The training topics will include; Windows Mobile Software Development, Engineering Processes, Developer Tools, Debugging, etc. All training must be mapped and measured against the defined success metrics that will result in achieving our aggressive business objectives.

The full ad here

Last I heard is LG is working on smartphones using nVidia’s Tegra SoC.

Also check out this “confirmation” that Zune Marketplace is coming to Windows Mobile.

T-Mobile Touch Pro2 reviewed

WMExperts just did a review of T-Mobile’s newly released HTC Touch Pro2. Lots of details and info there. Here’s what they think of the device’s screen:

As mentioned earlier, the 3.6-inch, 480×800 screen dominates the face of the Touch Pro 2 and makes the Fuze/Touch Pro’s 2.8-inch screen look puny. The screen’s color, clarity and resolution were nice, but not “knock your socks off” nice. It’s not enough to make you run screaming from the showroom floor, but I expected something more along the lines of how the European Touch Diamond 2′s screen (which was fantastic).

The screen was responsive to the touch but seemed to need to warm up first. Hey, it’s a resistive screen. The phone is packaged with a screen protector, and it’s possible that a little residue was left on the screen, slowing down the responsiveness. After a little use, the touchscreen zipped along nicely. I did find that things worked a little better when you turned off the haptic feedback setting (phone vibrates with each screen touch).

Read the full review here

Creative Zii EGG hands-on videos

Those who have odered Creative’s ZiiEGG have started to receive them this week so we are going to see lots of info popping-up in the coming weeks. Here are 2 videos of the device in action.The first one shows the Zii booting up (the Plaszma OS) then playing some music then some HD video, and in the second one a version of Opera Mobile is used to browse the web (slowly..):

Source: DAP Review

Samsung Omnia II review

The boys over at GSMArena just posted their 10 pages long Samsung Omnia II review running Windows Mobile 6.5 . Lots of great pictures and samples taken with the device as usual in their excellent reviews. I guess that they can now update it with some Digital Compass lovin’ too Head over here to check it out .

Source: GSMArena vie WMPoweruser

Bing iPhone and Mac SDK released

Microsoft just announced the release of the Bing iPhone and Mac open source SDK today. This will enable developers to integrated Bing search into their iPhone apps instead of Google or Yahoo.

The SDK provides:

* The ability to easily query Bing from within your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.

* Perform both synchronous and asynchronous queries.

* Search Bing for Web, Image, Video, News, and Phonebook results.

The SDK is available for download on CodePlex

Source: Bing Developer Blog

OneNote Mobile update coming alongside OneNote 2010 later this year

David Rasmussen of the Micrososft OneNote Team posted an update on his blog about the new OneNote 2010 release and noted that a new version OneMobile (on Windows Mobile) is on the way.

OneNote Mobile: A more complete OneNote version for Windows Mobile phones. Syncs whole notebooks. Syncs directly to the cloud. No need to tether your device. Richer editing support.

It will be interesting to see how those new Windows Mobile 6.5 & 7 devices with capacitive touch panels handled inking if they have no stylus (unless HTC does some magic)

Source: David Rasmusen via Twitter

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Nokia N900 to launch in Ocotober for €500, is Maemo 5 the way to go?


Nokia is on a roll this month, there’s no sign of them slowing as they have just officially announced their first Maemo 5 running device, the N900 which is said to be launched in October for €500. This time Nokia didn’t hold back on the CPU power, the N900 is Packing an ARM Cortex-A8 processor (OpenGL ES 2.0) with 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space expendable to 46GB with a MicroSD and all the connectivity options you could expect for such a beast (Wifi, BT, GPS etc) is sports a 3.5″ WVGA resistive touch screen, 1320mAh battery, and 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED flash. Oh and it also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard!.
Other than the resistive screen (why the hell didn’t they go for a capacitive panel !?) which in my opinion sucks big time the N900 looks like a winner. Now the most interesting part is that instead of running Symbian S60 it’s the first Nokia phone to have the Maemo 5 linux distro. HOw will this work on a “smartphone” device remains to be seen. The questions is, Is it a good idea to have to different smartphone OSes in your catalog Nokia? What’s up with Symbian ^4 ?
Looking at the videos below the UI does look really slick (doesn’t seem to have V-sync enabled thought)

Source: Nokia via Engadget

The Samsung Omnia II has a Digital Compass

Now here’s some goods news for the day. Samsung’s latest and greatest, the Omnia II, does have a digital compass even thought this hardware feature isn’t advertised or official exposed by Samsung. Windows Mobile can now finally get some real augmented reality apps. This is what the boys at Pocketnow found:

Source: Pocketnow

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Resco Photo Viewer Alpha for windows mobile Preview

Resco’s award winning Windows Mobile Photo Viewer is finally about to get a finger friendly update after many years. An Alpha version is available for download on Resco’s forums. After playing with it for a bit I took those screenshots to show you the new finger friendly menu system (with kinetic scrolling). Icons are big enough even on 2.8″ screens and everything is runs smoothly.
The only downside is the thumbnails loading which takes time (but might be faster on new Windows Mobile phones as I was using a old HTC Trinity). Photo editing,which is one of the main features of the application (it let’s you crop/resize/draw etc), isn’t available in the Alpha and the only real bug I found was that panning through a picture when zoomed-in didn’t work correctly.


some new features:
G-sensor support
Touch friendlyness
The folder shows the preview of the pictures inside it
100% zoom in and out using double clicking (zoom the double clicked area)
Thumbnail and list view and multiselection operations
Direct access to the camera
Upload to Facebook, Flickr

Try it for yourself here

Post in the comments section if you find any bugs.

UPDATE: The Beta is out

Source: Resco via PPCGeeks

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Motorola A3300C Windows Mobile phone coming to China Telecom

Even though Motorola is currently heavily focused on Android they still have some not-so-great-and-late Windows Mobile products to launch in Asia. The A3300c, pictured above, shoud be headed to China Telecom soon. The specs aren’t going to blow your mind though.It’s sports 3.2″ WQVGA display, a 5Mpx camera with LED flash, CDMA2000 3G, Wifi, aGPS connectivity,G-Sensor and Windows Mobile 6.X. the CPU is probably a Qualcomm MSM72XX.

Source: Sina via Engadget

Sprint Touch Pro2 to be released on September 8th, LG Monaco heading to AT&T in September?

Sprint TP2
A brave soul on the Sprintusers forumsposted a Sprint PDF showing the official release date of the Touch Pro2. Save your day and check your calendars cause September 8th it is! The Sprint pdf file also mentions the launch of the LG Monaco on AT&T in September (this would be a surprise though givin that the only info we have reagrding this phone is the AT&T leak @engadget a few months ago) and the HTC Warhawk (Diamond 2) in August (looks like it missed the date..)

Sprint guide

Grab the pdf here

Thanks Paul for the Tip

Skyfire Mobile browser gets updated to version 1.1

The most feature rich mobile browser just got a nice upgrade yesterday. Unlike IE Mobile, Safari Mobile & Opera Mobile, Skyfire uses a proxy server to compress the web pages before sending them to the mobile phones to increase speed and decrease loading times (like Opera Mini) it also enables the ability to play Flash, Silverlight & Quicktime content without slowdowns (because everything is done on SkyFire’s proxy servers only the final output is sent to you phone). Here are the release notes:

What’s new in 1.1?

•Improved page load times. For sites that take a long time to load, we updated our algorithm to bring you the content much quicker.
•Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian. This is a much faster and smoother experience now.
•Improved reconnect. Skyfire will show clearly when you can start interacting with the web page in case it previously timed out and disconnected (to save battery life).
•WML support. If you are browsing to mobile sites that use the old mobile WML markup, you can now view the content.
•Improved mobile website support. Mobile.* websites are now rendered automatically as mobile with the exception of since it is a PC site.
•Page up/down navigation via short-key: You can use now ‘2’ and ‘8’ to easily navigate one page up or down. Great for reading articles. Now the short-key for invoking the Superbar is ‘*’. Please note that on some devices with a non-standard keyboard layout, short-keys may behave differently since this is phone specific.
•Updated Plug-ins: For Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime we have the newest versions to give you more compatibility with more sites.

Fixes in this release

•Skyfire quits on startup on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. It affected a limited number of 6.0 and 6.1 devices as well. (Fixed Issue 7369)
•Multi-line text entry behavior on Symbian: This was an issue when you exited text entry mode with predictive text on, or used the navigation keys. (Fixed Issues 7149 & 7112)
•Superbar state on Symbian: Cancel button did not always exit from Superbar. (Fixed Issue 7156)
•Samsung Propel and Jack (AT&T): Could not uninstall Skyfire if the SIM card was missing. Fixed.

Known issues in this release

•Short-keys inconsistent on non-standard keyboard. On some keyboard layouts (half-qwerty, dual keyboards), the short-keys do not work as expected. (Issue 7498, 7408, 7581)

You can download the Windows Mobile and Symbian versions here

myPlayer let’s you watch Hulu , BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Phone

But there’s a catch..You’ll have to buy CorePlayer to use it. What myPlayer actualy does is give you a nice finger freindly UI to directly access Hulu, BBC iPlayer & hundres of live TV channels without having to open the browser. When a video or channel is seleted mPlayer will launch CorePlayer to play the content.The software is compatible with Windows Mobile 5/6.X touchscreen devices. Check out this hands on video of the software running on a Samsung Omnia II:

You can grab myPlayer over at XDA-Devs here

Source: Pocketnow

Motorola holding Android event on September 10, the last chance ?

Well, it looks like Motorola is about to show us the goods on September 10 in San Francisco and they better play their cards right this time. They are betting everything on Android hoping to stay relevant in the mobile space. BGR is sure that the Sholes is going to be unveiled during the event and hopes that the Blur and Morrison will be on site too. Hopefully Moto doesn’t screw up and brings us some good products.

Source: BGR

Samsung Omnia II is about to launch on Verizon soon!

People were disappointed following Sunday’s Verizon leak because the Omnia II was nowhere to be seen. Well, a teaser site is now online for all you Verizon guys to sign-up and get notified when the phone is going to be available.

The Samsung Omnia® II will revolutionize the way you text and email – faster and more accurately. Plus, it’s loaded with the latest in business and multimedia functionality. Coming soon exclusively at Verizon Wireless.

Head over here to sign-up.

Source: BGR