HTC HD2 screenshots show Digital Compass calibration & Wifi Router

Mobilitygeek in the forums posted a couple of HTC HD2 screenshots today. Among them is the Digital Compass calibration applictaion and the WiFi router menu. There’s still no sign of the USB-Host feature that was rumored earlier (and currently available on the Toshiba TG01).

Source: via WMPoweruser

HTC HD2 vs Samsung Omnia II size & UI comparison


AreaMobile posted a picture gallery comparison of the HTC HD2 versus the Samsung Omnia II. The first thing you will notice is that HTC’s device is significantly thinner that Samsung’s. The HD2 is obviously larger given the 4.3″ screen compared to the 3.7″ on the Omnia II. A couple of pictures also show the UI differences between the two Windows Phones.

See the whole gallery here

Source: AreaMobile

Acer Liquid hands-on video, shipping in early December

GPS&Co uploaded their hands-on video of Acer‘s first Android smartphone (powered by the SnapDragon SOC), the Liquid. Sadly, besides the the multimedia carousel on the left and the Browser favorites on the right their won’t be any major customization done to the Android UI by Acer. The white version will start shipping in early December in France and the red one in January. Both will have Android 1.6 on board are will get an update to 2.0 at a later date accroding to Acer. The price will by around €350.

Source: GPS&Co

Mobile Browser test: HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch vs iPhone 3GS

SoloPalamari just posted a quick browser comparison between the HTC HD2 (Opera Mobile 9.7) , Acer neoTouch (IE Mobile 6) & iPhone 3GS (Safari). Unfotunitely the test doesn’t really mean much because the Opera Turbo mode was enabled on the HTC HD2 (page are compressed on Opera’s proxy server to boost download speed) & the browser cache wasn’t cleared on all the phones.

Source: SoloPalmari

New Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 (Rachael) conceptual UI shown on video

A new video of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Xperia X3 (or X10 or Rachael) UI has leaked on YouTube today. The video is labeled as “conceptual” so it may or may not be the real UI found on the retail device which is going to be launched on November 3. Interestigly the screen resolution of the UI is 854×480 , Android 2.0 ?

The first UI video can be seen here

Source: YouTube via Engadget

HTC launches first TD-SCDMA Smartphone Dopod T8388 Qilin in China

The HTC Qilin we’ve heard about a couple of months ago is finnaly launching on China Mobile. The HTC Qilin is the first TD-SCDMA Windows Mobile 6.5 smatphone to be launched, because of this it’s sports a TI OMAP 3430 chipset (Qualcomm doesn’t currently have a TD-SCDMA SOC). THe device also supports China Mobile’s digital TV thanks to the integrated Tuner and Antena.

The Specs:

- CPU: TI OMAP3430 600 MHz
- 512 MB ROM / 256 MB RAM
- 3.6-inch WVGA touch screen (resistive)
- Windows Mobile 6.5
- WiFi
- 5 megapixel camera
- CMMB mobile TV
- Bluetooth

Source: via SlashPhone