Windows Mobile 7 Office Mobile UI shows up on Microsoft’s site

Grab it while it’s hot because Microsoft is probably going to pull this down ASAP. Remember those WM7 Office Mobile 7 UI shots discovered by MSFTKitchen a while back ? Well one of them just appeared on the official Office Mobile 2010 website for some unkown reason:

WM7 Office UI
Strange indeed…

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Windows Mobile 7 to be discussed/unveiled at MIX 2010

According to Microsoft’s Office VP Kurt Delbene (during his speech at PDC a few minutes ago), Windows Mobile 7 will be discussed (announced/unveiled?) during MIX 2010 which starts March 15 2010. What’s interesting is that MIX is primarily aimed a web developers/designers and centered around SilverLight/Expression Studio etc.. Like I said before: SilverLight is going to play a big role in WM7.

That’s all for now.

Source: Microsoft PDC 09

12 pages long HTC HD2 review

gsmarena_001 HD2
GSMArena just posted the final review of the retail HTC HD2. As it’s usualy the case their review is full of picture samples screenshots etc..
Here’s their conclusion:

HTC HD2 has it all to be a winner – groundbreaking hardware, inventive software, high performance and solid design. HTC have struck the right balance with the HD2 and they are certainly giving the competition a run for their money.

Thanks to the capacitive screen the HTC Sense delivers almost unsurpassed Windows Mobile experience complete with multi-touch gestures. It seems the Snapdragon platform is what the now aged Windows Mobile platform was meant to run on. If only we had that kind of hardware and software a couple of years ago, nobody would have even considered the iPhone seriously.

But we didn’t and we don’t suppose Snapdragons are going to become mainstream any time soon. So from a broader perspective, Windows Mobile is still just another runner-up in the run for the ultimate all-touch smartphone. The impressive user-experience on the HD2 is hardly indicative for the OS by itself.

So if you get our drift, it’s not Microsoft, but HTC that deserves the user experience award for the HTC HD2. Their Sense UI and TouchFLO 3D have blended exquisitely well delivering an unmatched social networking integration (save perhaps for the HTC Hero) and touch experience easily equaling that of the iPhone.

But even though it’s such a powerful package, the HD2 has it flaws too. The camera is below par, video recording is kinda poor, the limited internal storage is a real bugger and the its sheer size does push the limits of user comfort. That last thing will perhaps be a deal breaker for many users.

What is more, the HD2, just like its predecessor, does not justify its HD moniker. It doesn’t capture HD videos (but we knew that beforehand) and worse yet, it cannot even play any right. Samsung Omnia HD does these things with a substantially lower clocked CPU, so we guess Snapdragon doesn’t equal HD automatically either.

But still Snapdragons are still quite rare on the phone market and until more of those appear next year, the Toshiba TG01 and the Acer neoTouch will always remain two opponents the HD2 should consider. Both of them feature less UI customizations, resistive touchscreens and less RAM. But what works in their favor is they both are nearly 200 euro cheaper than the HD2 with its 550 euro price tag. That alone makes them worth checking out. But as we said, HTC have done a tremendous job of making Windows Mobile more usable and the added value of their product is well worth the extra bucks.

Looks like the boys at GSMArena didn’t get the memo about CorePlayer not supporting hardware acceleration on HTC devices (only Overlay support). They should have tried to play a wmv-hd trailer in the default HTC Album or WMP (they support HW accell for MP4 & WMV files) to see if it plays smoothly.
The camera does look bad though. As we have seen earlier the purple-tint/spot is still present. Major fail on HTC’s part here IMO.

Source: GSMAerna via WMPoweruser

Office Mobile 2010 Beta available on Windows Mobile

Office Mobile 2010 Beta
Microsoft just released the Office Mobile 2010 Beta on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile a few minutes.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 brings the powerful Microsoft Office 2010 tools you use every day at work, home, or school, to the screen of your Windows phone with rich interfaces especially designed for small devices.
By installing this application, you agree that:
* This Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta will be disabled on April 5th, 2010.
* Prior versions of Microsoft Office Mobile that were installed after the phone was purchased will be uninstalled. You will need to re-install that software according to the instructions of your original purchase. If Microsoft Office Mobile came pre-installed on your phone, it will not be affected.
* The WINDOWS MARKETPLACE FOR MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGREEMENT applies to your use of this beta application.

View and edit your Microsoft® Office® documents with confidence.
Stay connected to work from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Stay connected to work from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Use PowerPoint Mobile as a presentation aid.
Application Requirements: Touch
Released: 11/14/2009
Version: 1.0
Size: 4634 KB

I wonder if it only works on WM6.5 device.

Office Mobile 2010 Beta1
More info here

Rumor: Google Phone coming early next year ?

File this under rumor, according to Techcrunch Google is planing on releasing their own Google Phone early next (running Android obviously). It’s not known yet who is actualy building the phone, HTC would be the most logical choise, but Mike Arrigton clains that his sources are saying that it may be Samsung or LG. This rumor makes me think of the Zune phone/Pink stories we’ve been hearing these past months. For my part I can’t really see the point here, other than pissing off OEMs why would Google do this? Why build your own branded device when you have so many OEMs on board ? Take this rumor with a HUGE grain of salt..

Source: Techcrunch

Nokia N900 officially available in the US today for $649

US Nokia fans can rejoice, the N900 is now officially available in Nokia‘s flagship stores for $649 or on Amzon for $549. The Maemo 5 smartphone is the one the best phones currently available on the market and features what is said to be the best mobile browser, you check out all the N900 coverage here.

Nokia today announced that the highly anticipated Nokia N900 is now on sale in the United States and shipping to consumers who jumped on the opportunity to be among the first to pre-order the Maemo-powered mobile computer. With the Linux-based Maemo platform and with multiple ways to connect to the Internet, the Nokia N900 enables users to be online as it happens with a powerful computer in the palm of their hands.

“Consumers from every segment of the population are looking for more out of their mobile device – more power, more ability, more connectivity. The Nokia N900 ushers in a new era with a very powerful mobile computer,” said Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President, Retail Sales, Nokia. “With an open source operating system, incorporated technology like an OMAP processor, and real time web widgets, the Nokia N900 delivers the experience of a pocketable computer that has the information you’re looking for right there waiting for you thanks to the ability to be connected just about anywhere.”

With the Linux-based Maemo operating platform, 32GB of storage and multiple options of connectivity including access for 3G data networks, consumers no longer need to leave everything that makes them them – their email, favorite websites, social communities, images, music – anywhere but on their Nokia N900. With the Nokia N900, you don’t have to worry about missing that next great moment.

Additionally, with the ability to multitask several applications or web browsers at once, the Nokia N900 allows for users to eliminate boredom wherever they go. Surfing several web pages while listening to music while talking on instant message with friends – all at the same time – couldn’t be easier.

Maemo software is based on an open source platform and allows for a variety of different applications to be developed – from home brew to commercial and everything in between; such as podcasting, Twitter and instant messaging applications. Consumers and developers can join the conversation with other members and Nokia employees by visiting

With a web browser based on Mozilla technology, the Nokia N900 allows consumers to access a world wide web that is more computer-like than before. Consumers can view their favorite websites, use drop down menus, watch Flash videos and access the web on a mobile device screen thanks to support for Adobe Flash 9.4 and gesture support within the Nokia N900 web browser.

The Nokia N900 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard and enables consumers the ability to personalize up to four different home screens as they wish. One can be work related with a calendar widget and contacts application while another can be favorite bookmarked web pages while yet another can be set to show popularsocial networks.

The Nokia N900 retains Nokia’s legacy of high quality imaging with a five megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash along the ability to share those images and videos straight from your device to services such as Ovi Share. With Ovi services like Maps and Files, the Nokia N900 allows users access to their Ovi account right from their device.

The Nokia N900 is available in a black finish and will retail for USD 649 through Nokia Flagship stores in New York and Chicago, and various independent retailers and e-tailers including For more information and high resolution images, please visit

Source: Nokia

When is HTC finally going to drop Windows Mobile ?

WPhone2no (Custom)
Here are two provocative and pessimistic questions I keep asking myself lately: Will HTC drop Windows Mobile soon? Why do they continue to support WinMo? Frankly if you think about it for a bit there’s no reason for them to stick with Microsoft OSes now that Android has matured.

First, let’s take a look at the hardware. HTC’s Android & WinMo phones are essentially the same (same SOC, same camera, same amount of ram etc..), besides the screen resolution and touch-panel technology (capacitive/resistive) you get the same device. Things are going to get even closer when the rumored HTC Dragon/Passion launches (the rumored “Android HD2″).

Now let’s look at the software. Take an Android and a WinMo phone (the HD2 for example) and place them next to each other. Do you see any similarity? Yup, they look nearly identical thanks to HTC’s SenseUI. Even more interesting is the fact that the two Oses have exactly the same feature set,only that Android does nearly everything smoother/in a more elegant and consistent way. I’m not going to talk about the appstore, which is currently a complete joke on Windows Mobile (374 apps available in the US and here’s a funny one: less that 40 apps in France! wth?). Some people are going to pull the “Android/iPhone suck at IT/Business” card on me. Well, maybe so, bu last time I checked 90% of the time people buy phones not IT and BlackBerry has been bitch-slapping WinMo left and right this past year so this is becoming a non issue even more so now that every mobile OS support Exchange and Office (via third-party apps).
What’s worse is that people hate WinMo so much that even great phones get trashed. I mean, what’s the point here? Why would HTC keep supporting a platform that only gets them bad press even though they bust their asses to tweak it like crazy and develop one of the best smartphone ever (the HTC HD2)? Why not release the HTC Dragon/Passion only instead of “wasting” money and time on the HD2 only to get comments like “Put Android on it” “If only it had Android” ? When I go to a retail store 90% of the time I’m going to be told to avoid Window Mobile phones. I even heard this straight from the mouth of Samsung and HTC reps during a Window Mobile event a few months ago! Come on, this is sad. Stop beating a dead horse and let it rest in peace. The icing on the cake: Android is free, Windows Mobile cost around $15 per license..

It seems like everything associated to WinMo is a joke. Look at LG for example, they are developing Android devices (and are rumored to build Google’s own Phone) even though they signed a deal with Microsoft to make WinMo their smartphone OS of choice. Sony Ericsson is dumping WinMo, Motorola who got burned by the constant WM7 delays ditched the OS and is finally back in the game thanks to the Motorola Droid (and Motorola CliQ). I’m not even going to talk about the horror that is WinMo’s marketing (did you see the TV ads?).

But what about Windows Mobile 7? Frankly given Android’s current momentum with OEMs and carriers, WM7 is going to have a really hard time saving Microsoft‘s mobile strategy. I can’t see how an OS that had such a troubled development cycle is going to be revolutionary. I said revolutionary because this is what it will have to be to win back marketshare. Microsoft blew it big time and handed everything to Google because of WM7′s constant design changes and delays. Google is pumping out updates on a regular basis and by the time WM7 gets released in Q3/4 2010 I fear that it will be too late. Did I also mention the iPhone? I better not…

So what are your thoughts? Why should HTC stick with Windows Mobile?

Opera Mobile 10 Beta available on Windows Mobile

Opera Mobile 10 winmo
Hey look what we got here, Opera Mobile 10 is now available on Windows Mobile devices. After being releasedon Symbian phones a few days ago it’s now WinMo’s turn:

Head over here to download it.

Source: Opera via Twitter