Windows Marketplace for Mobile is now available on WM6.0/6.1

Marketplace for mobile 6
As promised
Microsoft has now made the Windows Marketplace for Mobile availalbe to all Windows Mobile 6.X devices. Just head over to the download page and grab the installer here. Or browse to on you WinMo device.

Source: Microsoft

Opera Mobile 10 beta update released

Opera Mobile 10
Looks like I (& many others I guess) missed this one a few days ago. Opera has released an updated version of the Opera Mobile 10 Beta browser for Symbian phones. This updates includes the following fixes/features:

The multi-language build includes a font package covering several Asian languages.

In addition to this, both builds contain some minor fixes:

- Font handling fix
- Cache size is calculated at a different point in the loading process
- Reduced frequency of error messages when out of memory occurs
- RTSP support is added to enable videos on

Known issues:

- If RealPlayer is the default media player, you will need to set the access point in RealPlayer to the same access point Opera is using.
- The multi-language build does not cover all character sets. Please take a look at this forum comment for more details.
- Soft keyboard is shown even though hard keyboard is slid out and in use.
- Only partial IME support.
- Occasional freezes under stress conditions.
- Opera Link is not included in the beta.

For more information about this new build go to Opera Mobile’s blog here

You can download the browser here

Enable Pinch-Zooming in every app on the HTC HD2 with Zoomer

HTC HD2 zoomer
In case you didn’t know, HTC only enabled pinch-zooming in a small number of applications on HTC HD2 in the retail ROM (unlike pre-release ROMs which had this feature enabled for every app). A simple Registry editing lets you restore this gesture to the apps you wish and to make it even simpler, Mobilitynews made a small app that lets you browse your device and add the apps you want without coming close to the REG.

Download it here

Source: Mobilitynews Thanks for the tip Igor

Android 2.0 Source Code available

Android eclair
A few weeks after releasing the SDK the Android 2.0 source code has finally been pushed out last night through the Android Open Source Project site. It is also reported that the infamous Android Modder Cyanogen has already gotten the lastest 2.0 code running on an HTC G1.

Source: Android Open Source Project via MobileCrunch

Push it to the limit: Nokia N900 extreme multi-tasking video

N900 multitask
Here’s a Nokia N900 stress test video similar to the HTC HD2 video posted a few days ago demonstrating the multi-tasking capabilities of the device. You’ll see the N900 running 12 apps at the same time (all with the music player running in the background) without crashing or lagging too much. It will be interesting to see how Apple will implement real multi-tasking in the future iPhones (or iPhone update) if they finally decide to do it.

Source: YouTube

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 expected to launch in February 2010

Xperia X10 Feb 2010
According to Sony Ericsson’s UK website the much anticipated Xperia X10 is expected to launch in February 2010. If I didn’t see this video I would have called BS on this one. But now that SE seems to have fixed the serious performance problems we saw during the first hands-on at the launch event I wouldn’t be surprised if company’s first Android device is right on schedule.

Source: Sony Ericsson UK via Engadget