Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 picture samples

Techblog.grjust posted the rest of their ongoing Xperia X10 preview. This time they posted a couple of sample picture taken with the phone’s 8.1Mpix camera. As you can see the quality is really good. What’s interesting though is that some samples exhibits the opposite of what we have been seeing on the HTC HD2. Unlike pictures from HTC’s device the center of the picture doesnt suffer from any pink/purple tint, but you’ll notice that the edge of the pictures do have some purple/pink tinting.


Confirmation that HTC’s capacitive stylus is the Dagi Stylus ?

HTC capacitive stylus
It’s looks like the picture we posted yesterday may have been the real thing if online retailer Devicewire is to be believed. They’ve posted the picture above which looks similar to the Dagi Stylus we’ve seen demo’d here. But note the fine print “NB: Image For Display Purpose Only”, so the final product may look diffrent (hopefully). According to the pre-order page the Stylus should arrive on January 18th and is priced at £16.99.

Source: Devicewire