HTC HD2 OpenGL ES Stress Test

I told you was doing it big today! Julian just posted a video of the HTC HD2 going against the original HTC Touch HD in an OpenGL ES stress test:

Unfortunately we can’t see the results, but according to him the HD2 numbers are 10X higher than the HD. He will re-shoot the test later on and save the result to share them with us. Hopefully this will shut down all those “HTC HD2 doesn’t have drivers” rumors.

Source: thanks for the tip Julian

A few more HTC HD2 multi-touch videos

The boy at are on a roll today. Three more videos showing the pinch-zooming gesture on the HTC HD2 have been uploaded:

HTC HD2 vs HTC Touch HD in Opera Mobile:

HTC HD2 vs HTC Hero:

HTC HD2 pinch-zooming in TouchFlo and third-party apps:


More HTC HD2 pictures & size comparison

Arne over at the unwired has just posted a coupl of pictures of the HTC HD2 against other similar devices like the Toshiba TG01 & Samsung Omnia II.

Source: the:unwired

The HTC HD2 appears on T-Mobile UK again…sort of

We already knew that T-Mobile UK was getting the HTC HD2 in a couple of days/weks. But here’s rather confusing page straight from their website..
HD2 Tmobile


Source: T-Mobile UK via WMPoweruser

System-wide multi-touch support on the HTC HD2 ?

It look like HTC did some fancy trick to make multi-touch available on a whole lot of Windows Mobile applications (that don’t natively support it) as seen in the video below showing some HTC HD2 pinch-zooming action in the Pocket Informant application. We’ve already seen the same thing in a previous video (here) where pinch-zooming was working in IGO Navigator. I’m guessing that it’s a frame buffer trick as it is similar to the way pinch-zooming is achieved in the video app of the HD2.

Longer video with more apps (Opera Mobile ,mail etc..):

Looks like HTC’s mail applications uses Opera Mobile‘s engine to render the mail and enable pinch-zooming.

Update: More videos here

Source: YouTube & YouTube via

The Acer Liquid’s SnapDragon chipset will only be clocked at 768Mhz

Acer Liquid 768mhz
Contrary to what we thought, accoding to the presentation slide above,Acer’s first Android smartphone will only be clocked at 768Mhz instead of the default 1Ghz clock speed of the SnapDragon chipset. Strangely Acer neTouch is clocked @ 1Ghz same for the Toshiba TG01 and HTC HD2. I wonder why the Liquid is clocked lower..

Source: Revioo

Motorola Droid headed to Europe as the Milestone with Mutli-Touch but not Google Navigation

Motorola Milestone
Motorola Germany as announced the GSM version of Motorola Droid, which will be named the Motorola Milestone, on O2 and Vodafone. Unlike the US version this one will support pinch-zooming in several applications (Browser, photo album etc..) The device will also feature the MOTONAV navigation applications instead of the newly launched Google Navigation (this shouldn’t come as a surprise given the Google NAV is currently only a US service). Conclusion: The US gets Google Navigation and Europe gets Multi-Touch support.

A previous video posted here also demonstrated multi-touch zooming in the browser (scroll down to the last one).

Source: Motorola Germany via BGR & Engadget

Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23502 video tour

Brandon from Pocketnow has just uploaded a short video of the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 build that has been leaked, the 23502. Nothing has really changed since the last one besides improved speed and what seems like a bug (there’s no more page bouce back when scrolling).

Source: Pocketnow

Another Motorola Droid review

Chuong from Pocketnow posted his full review of Motorola Droid‘s smartphone yesterday. His starts with a full hardware tour that you can see here:

He then takes a look at the phone’s camera which he finds disappointing (like in the previous review). Photos taken on an iPhone look better and the video quality is severely lacking IMO (Slightly worst than a Samsung Omnia II):

The highlight of the device is the Voice command feature coupled with the new Google Navigation app:

Google Navigation:

Android 2.0 may not offer all the power and robustness that pro Windows Mobile users have grown accustomed to, but for many people the platform does its purpose–and does it well in offering a refined, cohesive user interface that blends the hardware and software together in an elegant package. It is more open than the iPhone as a platform, combines the best from Windows Mobile, the Palm Pre (Synergy), and connected features from the MOTO BLUR and the HTC customizations on the Hero to enable native Exchange support. The device is the right step in Android’s evolution and offers a more cohesive UI and user experience compared to the aging Windows Mobile platform. Android is definitely designed for touch and you can see that throughout the entire OS.

The device is one of the best on the market today. Strong software, potent hardware that makes Android zippy and not feel sluggish, and great marketing buzz from Verizon and Motorola will probably make this one of the more successful products on the market today. Welcome back, Motorola, to the big leagues. This is definitely Motorola’s come back phone, Verizon’s iPhone and Pre competitor, and Google’s emergence into a basic corporate-capable operating system.

-Multiple Exchange accounts supported
-Gorgeous FWVGA cinematic 16:9 display
-Large display at 3.7 inches doesn’t feel too big thanks to the widescreen format
-Loud speakers
-Google Maps with Navigation offers free turn by turn voice guidance for GPS navigation
-Faster browser than on previous generations of Android OS
-Contacts well integrated with communications (like Palm Synergy)
-Google Voice support is awesome!
-Google Voice Search for Internet searching and GPS navigation so you don’t have to type
-Touch friendly capacitive touchscreen is bright even in direct sunlight

-GMail and Email apps can be confusing, should integrate into one app
-No Exchange email searching
-Enterprise support
-Some apps may not be compatible
-Requires a GMail account for full features to be operational
-Camera photo quality could be better

Read the full review here