Google Chrome OS Shown on video, Source Code available

Chrome OS
The Chrome OS keynote is currently underway but Google already posted a couple of videos of the Linux-distro on YouTube. From the looks of it Chrome OS looks exactly like the Chrome web browser. You access different parts of the “OS” through tabs at the top of the screen. There will only web-apps and no native apps which in my opnion sucks quite a bit. Google is said to be working on making web-apps access the GPU for faster performances. Google also only want’s to support SSD drives (WTF?) and certain Wifi cards. So far it doesn’t really impress me at all.

Chrome OS Overview:

Chrome OS UI:

Chrome OS Fast Boot:

Chrome OS Security:

Chrome OS Open Source:

There’s no Beta released today, but the Source Code has been made available here

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 hands-on round-up

Engadget and Gizmodo posted their hads-on preview of Sony Ericsson’s XperiaX10, the comany’s first Android smartphone. Eventhough the phone was running a lot more smoothly than the first time we saw it the device didn’t seemto impress them:


Timescape is an integrated view for social networking and messaging, with an “infinite view” to see all types of communications for a particular person, while Mediascape is a more tame media app with a modicum of internet and social integration. It all seems very logically placed, and we like the fact that SE hasn’t really sacrificed the Android experience — you can still do Gmail and the Android Market and so forth, with very familiar UIs — but it’s going to have to be a lot more bulletproof before it hits the market if Sony Ericsson really expects us to use this day to day. Oh, also: the soft keyboard is terrible. We hear they’re working on it, but boy does it need work.


For the most part, I think the Nexus interface works (even as crashy as it was today on these pre-production phones). It’s easy enough to navigate, it stands out against the other custom Android interfaces with lots of bright colors and transparencies and it’s not bad too look at. More than that, you only use it as much as you want. (Some people might want a more complete Android UI overhaul, and that Nexus doesn’t quite deliver.) I don’t see how Sony Ericsson is going to get developers to put out apps just for Nexus, though I’m not sure how much that matters. It’s an example of Android’s potential in the hands of phonemakers who actually know how to design interfaces.

Don’t forget to check the first pictures and video sample taken with the X10 here

Source: Engadget & Gizmodo

Samsung officially confirms that they are dumping Symbian ?

Well it looks like it’s now sort-of official. According to Jean-Philippe Illarine, Marketing Director at Samsung Mobile France, the South-Korea giant is no longer going to produce Symbian based phones. When asked about the future roadmap:

« aucun terminal Symbian à date dans la liste des prochains smartphones à venir »

« Notre roadmap de produits pour le premier trimestre 2010 ne comporte pas de smartphone Symbian »

There are no Symbian device in Samsung’s Q1/Q2 2010 roadmap so far.

There are 3 Android devices planned for an early 2010 (February) release thought.
When asked if Samsung was going to leave the Symbian Foudation, he answered that it’s to earl to say and that theses kind of decision are made at the Korean HQ.

Source: Mobinaute

Windows Mobile 7 shown under NDA today ?


Looks like a bunch of lucky guys got a chance to look at Microsoft‘s upcoming and higly anticipated mobile OS today during the Mobius conference in Seatle. The majority of the event is under strict NDA, but our Italian pals at SoloPalmari posted some early impressions (poorly translated by Google):

Revolutionary, no need to take away: the next version of Windows Mobile, as shown by the leaks and the first screenshots of the new system, the Web will soon be spring, we are faced with an upheaval of the logic of interaction and not just a substantial revision of the interface. The concept of “applications”, as the programs continue to live their important identities, will bend to the principle of “user experience”.

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