New official HTC HD2 rom released (1.72)

HTC has just released a new ROM for the HTC HD2 bringing it up to version 1.72. THis new ROM is currently only available in Hong Kong (in WWE and CN version) but will probably come out everywhere shortly. Unfortunately HTC didn’t provide any change-log other than the usual “Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this upgrade delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.” which doesn’t make sense given that the famous SMS bug was fixed in the previous ROM (1.66). You can go here to download the file.

Via: XDA-Devs

T-Mobile HTC HD2 video review

WireFly just uploaded a quick video review of the T-Mobile US version of the HTC HD2. Nothing really new given that this device has been out for more than 6 months all over the world now. You can check out my review here.

T-Mobile HTC HD2 unboxing video

Hot on the heels of the unboxing gallery comes the unboxing video of the soon to be release US version of the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile:

I find it interesting to see that a protective rubber case is supplied in the box. Unfortunitely this won’t protect the massive 4.3 screen.

Via: TMoNews & Pocketnow

US T-Mobile HTC HD2 unboxed

The BGR boys got a chance to unbox the the US T-Mobile version of the HTC HD2 ahead of the March 16 launch event. Nothing new we haven’t seen before other than the fact that the T-Mobile box does look a lot nicer than the international one.

Source: BGR

T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 launch event taking place in NY on March 16th

T-Mobile US just sent invites to a couple of US websites for their HTC HD2 launch event taking place in New York city on March 16th. What everybody wants to know is if the handset will be upgradeable to WP7 especially given the date of this event (it’s taking place right after the start of Microsoft’s MIX event in Las Vegas). Let’s all wait and see (and try not to get our hopes up..). According to which has an app on the HD2, the official launch date is March 23rd.

Source: Engdaget

T-mobile US HTC HD2 spotted in the wild

Looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to launch the HTC HD2 in a few days. The latest rumored date is still March 24th (some people are claiming March 17th now). This US version of the HD2 packs more ROM than the international version (1Gb vs 512Mb), a 16GB Micro-SD card (with the 2 transformers movies on there) and an update Sense UI with an integrated eBook reader and Document viewer. But the most important question right now is: Will it be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series? Don’t foget to check out my HTC HD2 review.

Source TMonews via Engadget

HTC HD2 Disassembly & Assembly videos

Two internal (official) HTC videos have just popped up on Youtube for our viewing pleasure. The first on es a disassembly video of the HTC HD2:

The Second is the assembly video of the same HTC HD2:

Grab a drink and enjoy the 14 minutes show.

Source: Youtube via Pocketnow

Adobe announces AIR for Mobile and shows Flash on the HTC HD2

Today Adobe is announcing the launch of AIR on mobile platforms, first coming to Android then followed by Windows Mobile, WebOS and Symbian. AIR is Adobe’s equivalent to Microsoft’s Silverlight. It basically enables you to code once for all platforms (same as Silverlight). Here’s a video of AIR on the Motorola Droid:

They’ve also demoed Flash 10.1 for the first time on the HTC HD2:

As you can see the version of IE Mobile shown in this video also support multi-touch pinch-to-zoom (something that isn’t enabled in any HD2 ROM yet)

Finaly here’s a video of Adobe’s SKylight on the HTC HD2:

Source: Adobe

T-Mobile US HTC HD2 news coming soon

According to T-Mobile US’ Twitter account we should expect to hear some news about the upcoming release date of the HTC HD2 pretty soon:

The lastest info hints at a March release date.

SOurce: Twitter

HTC HD2 launching March 24 in the US

According to a leaked T-MobileUS slide the HTC HD2is set to be launched on March 24th (along side the Motorola Zeppelin/ CLIQ XT & HTC MyTouch Fender edition the same month). Given the late release date and the probable announcement of Windows Mobile 7 in the coming weeks do you think that HTC will provide a WM7 update for the device later this year?

Source: PPCGeeks via TMOnews

HTC HD2 headed to Orange UK?

Is the HTC HD2finally headed to Orange UK? That’s what we are assuming now that the handset has popped up on the carrier’s support site. But we will have to wait until an official announcement is made…

Source: Orange via Coolsmartphone

Official HTC HD2 extended battery pictures

Here are the first live pictures of the HTC HD2 extended battery. As you can see the real thing looks exactly like the previous render we’ve seen not long ago.

Battery Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 3.7V
Manufacturer code: BA E400

The price is £41.11 ($64)

Source: via Coolsmartphone

More confirmation that all HTC HD2s have 576Mb of Ram

Picture courtesy of Brandi

As I’ve reported a couple days ago it seems all HTC HD2‘s being sold have 576Mb of Ram and not 448MB like it’s officially reported by HTC. The trick is to flash the device with a combination of the leaked 2.02 test Rom and Radio Rom. For more info and proof you can head over to this XDA thread where many user have been testing this and posting confirmations that it indeed true.

Source: XDA

HTC HD2 1.66 Rom now available globaly. Fixes majority of the bugs

The 1.66 Rom for the HTC HD2 that was released last week on HTC’s South Asia site is now available globally so you can now head over to your localised support page and download it (if you have an non-branded retail HD2). I’ve been using it for more than five days and can happily report that the majority of the bugs I’ve talked about earlier are now fixed. No more SMS-stuck in the outbox, pinch-to-zoom no works all the time same for the volume overlay etc (they were all related to each other it seems).

Source: HTC support

Do all HTC HD2s have 576Mb of Ram ?

 It was discovered yesterday that the T-Mobile US version of the handset will have 576Mb of Ram & 1gb of Rom compared to the 448Mb of Ram & 512 Mb or Rom available on the HD2s currently sold worldwide. Some posters over at the Chinese XDA forums have reported a couple of days ago (before the T-Mobile US info came out) that their HD2s are now reporting 576Mb of Ram after being flashed with some unreleased Radio Rom ( . Check out the screenshots above to see what I’m talking about. There’s also a video (here) showing the system information. This could mean that all HTC HD2 do have more ram than initially advertised (remember that the pre-release Roms only reported 320MB, the official “448Mb” was only reported when the devices were flashed with the retail Rom, so anything is possible..). Hopefully HTC will say something soon..

Source: XDA-china via XDA

HTC HD2 Debug Tools available

Thanks to the good folks at XDA-Devs (SjG & Xmoo) you can now try the HTC & Qualcomm debug tools for the HTC HD2 (these are applications used to test the different functionalities of the handset, like GPS, FM-Transmitter, TV-Out, Digital Compass , sensors etc..). They are not really useful to us, but if you really want to try them out just click here. FYI, the TV-out and FM-Transmitter features are reported as not implemented yet (in the rom?).

Source: HTC Debug Tools via XDA

US T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 to have more Ram & Rom than original version

Looks like European and Asian/Pacific HTC HD2 owners are getting the “shaft” this time around. According to the specs sheet of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 which is set to be launched in the US in a couple of weeks the device will feature 1Gb of Rom & 576Mb of Ram compared to the 512 Mb of Rom & 448 Mb of Ram on the current HD2 available now. Don’t be surprised if HTC/Microsoft claims that this newer version is the only one to be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7later this year even though the “Original” meets the WM7 Chassis 1 specs

Update: There’s a slight probability that all HTC HD2s have 576Mb of Ram

Update2: Reader Oliwer just told that he contacted HTC’s German support about this and asked them if he could return his un-opened HTC HD2 untill he can get the one with more memory and got told that this version of the HTC HD2 will only be available in the US.

Source: HTC via xda-devs

New HTC HD2 ROM released: 1.66.707.1

HTC has just released a new Rom for the HTC HD2 but it currently only available on the South-Asia support site. Not much is known about it yet other than:

Improved Functions:

Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.

I’m not holding my breath here, especially given that it has already been demonstrated that the bug doesn’t only affect the SMS function of the device (see here please). I will update this post ass soon a the ROM is made available in other parts of the world.

Source: HTC

Official HTC HD2 extended battery comes with a kickstand

The picture above is a render of the official extended battery (HTC-EBATHD2) for the HTC HD2. Frankly it doesn’t look that bad and as you can see the new cover integrates a kickstand (useful if you like watching movies). The only downside is the actual price, according to online retailer Clove this thing will set you back £58 ($93!) when it is finally available next month.

Source: Clove & AreaMobile via WMPoweruser