Leaked HTC Leo / HD2 rom confirms the presence of a Digital Compass again

HTC Leo Compass
As we reported a few days ago the HTC HD2 aka Leo features a digital compass like all Android smartphones, the iPhone 3GS and the Samsung Omnia II. Today we’ve got another confirmation this time straight from the devices rom. Fards over at XDA notes:

but the latest 2 rom version have a totally new, not seen before, NOT test app digital compass..
This is written in LUA..
Its new, it’s not something that’s been on other devices.

alas it doesn’t seem to work on existing hardware (I’ve not got a leo to test with).

What the app does is allow you set a destination, then the compass points in that direction, based on where you are and your heading..
this is as far as I’ve gleaned from playing with it..

So there you have it, the HTC Leo / HD2 perfectly meets the Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1 specs.

Source: XDA via WMPoweruser

More Microsoft Courier details and speculations

Gizmodo just posted some new info they’ve got about Microsoft’s booklet/tablet prototype the Courier. They’ve posted a second video showing the Courier being used as a journal/scrapbook.

The heart of Courier appears to what’s called the “infinite journal,” which is what it sounds like: A journal/scrapbook that is endless, bound only by storage constraints (presumably). Hopefully they will call it something less awkward. The journal can actually be published online, and it’s shown here as able to be downloaded in three formats: a Courier file, Powerpoint or PDF. There’s also a library that looks a lot like Delicious Library, where things like subscriptions, notebooks and apps, are stored.

The video demonstrates the abilitiy ot cut/copy/pastefrom any part of a webpage in the browser and drag it to the second screen/page which acts are your scrapbook. This functionalilty is already availalbe in InkSeine but in a less polished way. Another nice feature is the ability to share your presentations/scrapbooks with anyboy via the internet.

It feels more evolved and fined, and less convoluted, suggesting it’s more recent.

Uh? The first video was basically a polished demo of InkSeine (which has been available for more than a year) while the second video is all about using the tablet as a scrapbook. I don’t see how this means that the Courier is only a scrapbook tablet now. So If I make a 2mins video demoing Excel on a PC it would instantly mean that a PC is only used to create spreadsheets? Nice logic boys.

According someone who tipped Mary Jo Foley, the courier prototype is supposedly running Windows 7. I would bet on some form of Windows CE 7/WM7 though. Her tipster is also saying that Microsoft is going to biuld the device and attempting to launch it in Mid-2010. Wait & see..

Source: Gizmodo & MJF

HTC releases Android 1.6 (Donut) Rom for developers

A couple of days beodre we see the first Android 1.6 phones hit the market HTC posted the first official Donut Rom for all you Android dev (you need to have an Android Dev Phone or any other cracked/unlocked HTC android device).

The system images provided on this page are designed only for installation on devices that meet the following requirements:

•HTC Dream hardware platform only
•Device must have the original factory bootloader (hboot 0.95.3000) or a development bootloader that supports fastboot
You cannot flash these system images to other hardware platforms or to a version of HTC Dream hardware that doesn’t have an original factory bootloader, unless the device bootloader supports fastboot (fastboot is described in the next section). Additionally, you cannot flash these images to a retail devices such as the T-Mobile G1 because the images do not have the appropriate cryptographic signatures.

Head over here for more info and download links

Source: HTC

HTC Desire Android phone hits the FCC & gets WiFi certification

Looks like Verizon is getting ready to launch a couple of Android devices in Q4 2009. Following the Motorola Tao aka Sholes is the HTC Desire who justed passed the FCC and WiFi certification:

Source: FCC & WiFi certification

Jabra working closely with RIM, HTC and Asus

Digitimes is reporting that well known Bleutooth headsets device maker Jabra is working closely with HTC, RIM, Asus to bundle BT headset with future phones for example.

GN has produced a Bluetooth headset for HTC for global sales on an OEM basis, and also cooperated with Dopod in the China market on bundled sales, Li noted.

In addition, GN and Asustek are cooperating in regional bundled sales with the scope of the cooperation extending from handsets to PC systems, Li added.

The penetration rate of Bluetooth headsets in the global headset market currently averages 9% worldwide, but is up to 20% in the US market, Li said citing data compiled by GN.

Hopefully this means that future smartphone have better bluetooth support as this is still a big problem on all platforms especially Windows Mobile depending on which BT Stack (MS or Broadcom) is on the device.

Source: Digitimes

T-Mobile Pulse launching on October 12 in the Netherlands

According to T-Mobile’s NL site the Pulse (Huawei TouchPhone 8220) Android smartphone is launching there on October 12. Strange that we haven’t seen any pre/review besides Engadget’s quick hands-on during IFA a couple weeks ago. Here’s the full specs list:

* Dimensions: 112 x 56.2 x 14.4 mm
* Weight: 135 grams
* Talk time: up to 480 minutes
* Standby time: up to 750 hours
* Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS / HSDPA to 7.2mbps/GSM/GPRS
* Screen: TFT Touch Screen with 65,000 colors
* Camera: 5.0 megapixel
* Processor: Qualcomm MSM 7200A 528 MHz
* E-mail
* Internal Memory: 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
* Games
* Hands-free speakerphone
* HTML browser
* MP3 ringtones
* MP3 Player
* Polyphonic ringtones
* Integrated GPS receiver
* Video / Audio player
* Extensive calendar
* Vibra
* USB connection

Source T-Mobile.nl via Phandroid

HTC Imagio picture and info

Here comes the first ever real picture of the Verizon bound, HTC Imagio aka Whitestone aka XV6975 runing Windows Mobile 6.5. The the page of the users manual (posted below) also confirms what I have guessed a few weeks ago. The button with a TV icon is meant to launch Verizon’s V Cast Mobile TV (which uses Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology).
No word yet on the pricing and official availability date though.

imagiovcast (Small)

Source: PhoneArena