Leaked HTC Leo / HD2 rom confirms the presence of a Digital Compass again

HTC Leo Compass
As we reported a few days ago the HTC HD2 aka Leo features a digital compass like all Android smartphones, the iPhone 3GS and the Samsung Omnia II. Today we’ve got another confirmation this time straight from the devices rom. Fards over at XDA notes:

but the latest 2 rom version have a totally new, not seen before, NOT test app digital compass..
This is written in LUA..
Its new, it’s not something that’s been on other devices.

alas it doesn’t seem to work on existing hardware (I’ve not got a leo to test with).

What the app does is allow you set a destination, then the compass points in that direction, based on where you are and your heading..
this is as far as I’ve gleaned from playing with it..

So there you have it, the HTC Leo / HD2 perfectly meets the Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1 specs.

Source: XDA via WMPoweruser