Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 to be available this November in France

We reported yesterday hat the X2 was going to be priced around €600 without a contract, unfortunately it looks like it’s true. According to Mobinaute who got to talk with Sony Ericsson in France, the Xperia X3 should be available there in November for €600 without contract.

Sony Ericsson précise que le Xperia X2 sera commercialisé en France en novembre avec un système Windows Mobile 6.5 pour un prix de 600 euros hors subvention opérateur.

Source: Mobinaute

Windows Mobile 7′s 1000 strong team


Windows Mobile 7is late, really late. But in the shadows of Redmond, Ballmer is forming an army of sla….developers to finish the mobile OS in time for 2010 (you never could be delayed again to 2011..) More seriously, according to Paul Spain who attended TechEd in New Zealand last week:

One of the interesting facts that was announced during TechEd this week in New Zealand was that there now is a team of 1000 people working on Windows Mobile 7. That’s a fairly sizable team and suggests to me that Microsoft are really going to pull something solid out of the bag for this release next year.

One can only hope that it is going to be worth it…

Source: GeekZone via twitter

Windows Mobile 7 to natively feature Social Networks integration


Look at what I just found in a Microsoft Job ad:

“Social Networks” and “Mobile Phones” are two rapidly evolving socio-cultural phenomena that deeply impact the way in which people interact with each other. How would you like to be at the confluence of these phenomena – not as an observer but as someone who is defining the course?

The Windows Mobile 7 Communications group is building experiences on the phone that present your content – friends, pictures, messages, events – to you in immersive and engaging ways. Our vision is to bring social networks to life by integrating them into the core experience of the phone. For example imagine seeing all the newsfeeds from all the networks you care about in a single hub on the phone. Or imagine the phone instantly telling you what your friend is doing and where he is when you get a call from him.
To realize this vision and build these experiences it’s important to have a solid, well-thought out foundation. This is where the “Models” team comes in. This team owns the storage platform and the developer story for all the social content on the phone – friends, photos, newsfeeds, messages, events, etc. Our aim is to build a “Mobile Social Platform” that provides rich APIs to both internal and external applications and to not only enable but also inspire them to build compelling social experiences.

We are looking for a driven, self-starting and a highly technical program manager who can design this platform. We expect the PM to be able to quickly ramp up to the existing technology – the storage platform (Unified Store)and the APIs (POOM, SODA). Since there are several WM7 teams developing social experiences, the PM will work with these partner teams, understand their requirements and translate them into features for the Models team. The PM should be able to evaluate and consider technical details such as how best to store the data, how to expose it apps, and what the performance trade-off of the various options are as he/she is designing the feature.
The vision of WM7 and especially the Communications team is ambitious. We are not building yet another cool phone; but one that is truly personal and relevant. Yes – the competition is stiff; but it’s exceeded only by our desire to win. Come help us build this build this epic phone.

Sounds a lot like Motorola BLUR and Plam’s Synergy, no ? I also think that it is now safe to say that Windows Mobile 7 isn’t coming out until Q4 2010 as rummored a few days ago, especially after reading this:

We’ve just begun drawing the first lines of the “Mobile Social Platform”; we are looking for a PM who can envision the future requirements and paint the grand picture.

Unless MS is planning to ship WM7 and then add new features later on with OTA updates.

Source: Microsoft

Samsung set to re-launch Omnia series phones with Windows Mobile 6.5

Samsung B7330

Samsung B7330

Samsung is announcing today that they are re-launching all their Omnie series phones (the OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7320, OmniaPRO B7330, OmniaLITE (B7300), Omnia II (i8000)) with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board. No word on the original Omnia i900 which is rumored to get an official WM6.5 update.

The Omnia Series will feature five devices: the OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7320, OmniaPRO B7330, OmniaLITE (B7300), as well as the already announced Omnia II (I8000) with an updated Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system. Samsung will release the series later this year and announce a set of customized strategies to differentiate and expand sales of each model by appealing to a broad spectrum of user groups.

Within the OmniaPRO lineup, the OmniaPRO B7610 is the premium device, featuring a high-resolution 3.5 inch AMOLED display and QWERTY keyboard. The OmniaPRO B7320 and OmniaPRO B7330 will target businessmen with a QWERTY keyboard and email/wireless internet capabilities. The OmniaPRO B7330 will feature HSDPA 7.2 Mps, HSUPA 2.0 Mps and Windows Mobile® 6.5, providing the most versatile option for emailing and wireless internet use. Rounding out the new series, the OmniaLITE will have a user-friendly interface and various multimedia functions for younger users.

Nice to see Samsung supporting Windows Mobile like that.

You can checkk the full press release here

Source: Samsung