Acer F1 coming on October 6


According to the retailer Clove, Acer’s SnapDragon (Qualcomm 8250B) F1 monster is supposedly coming out on October 6 alongside Windows Mobile 6.5. The good news is that’s it’s going to be somewhat cheaper than other phones at £295+VAT (around $480). Unfotunitely the UI doesn’t look that nice as you can see tthe the user manual that was leaked a couple weeks ago.

Source: Clove

The HTC Leo has a digital compass and TV-Out

Just like the Samsung Omnia 2, the HTC Leo is the second Windows Mobile device to feature a digital compass. This whill enable developers to develop augmented reality apps among other intersting things. It’s also intersting to note that the Leo seems to have the recomended specs for WM7, let’s wait and see if HTC offers a free upgrade with the OS is finally released in 2010. The device also feature a TV-out feature. Hopefully HTC will enable it in the retail version (like the Touch Pro and Touch Pro2)


HTC Touch Pro2 to launch as the AT&T Tilt 2 on October 6th

All you Windows Mobile fans on AT&T should get ready cause the HTC Touch Pro2 is launching on October 6 as the Tilt 2. It’s the day WM 6.5 is launching so it’s safe to say that it should be on board.

Update: The new target is apparently October 18th.

Source: BGR

Verizon to launch HTC Imagio (aka Whitestone) on October 6th, HTC Predator Android phone later

HTC Whistone

HTC Whistone

Looks like the HTC Imagio is the retail name ot the Whistone and it’s heading to Verizon this October 6th, the launch day of Windows Mobile 6.5 according to BGR.They also clamin that a new Android powered HTC smartphone named HTC Predator is supposed to launch later in October.

Source: BGR

HTC Touch Pro2 Hotfix released

HTC posted a Hotfix patch yesterday for the Touch Pro2 fixing a Caller ID bug:

This update for the HTC Touch Pro2 lets you, your friends and loved ones become closer, making receiving calls as personal as greeting them in person.
This update can only be applied to ROM version, otherwise the update will fail.

Head over here to download it.

source: HTC

HTC Leo video preview

THe AI.RS boys just uploaded their hands-on video of the HTC Leo running Windows Mobile 6.5. Check it out below:

Source: Youtube

HTC Tattoo hands-on video

htc tattoo didn’t only get a chance to handle the HTC Leo, they also just posted a short video hands-on of the low-end Android based HTC Tattoo formely known as the HTC Click.

Source: via Youtube

HTC Leo hands-on preview


The boys did it again. They’ve just posted a short preview of the HTC Leo, the first Windows Mobile device with a capacitive touch screen. Not much is said but you can see lots of photos of the device and a couple of UI screenshots. A video preview of the Qualcomm 8250B device is coming soon.

htc_leo_08 (Small)

htc_leo_screen_45 (Small)

Head over here to check it out.

Update: Check out the video preview here