Microsoft announces Bing Visual Search

Bing visual searchRumors were running wild this weekend after Microsoft’s private show last week where some new Bing 2.0 features were shown. Today Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft is announcing a new features called Visual Search which uses SilverLight to let you navigate through your search results etc.. Users who go to will be able to see about 50 initial “classes” or galleries (pets, celebrities, handbags, shoes etc..), which they’ll be able to browse.

100 heroes and villains
Billboard’s past albums
Billboard’s past songs
Film legends
Greatest movies
Movies in theaters
Popular books
Popular celebrities
Popular DVDs
Popular TV shows
Pulitzer winning fiction
Top albums
Top songs

Famous People
FBI’s most wanted
Popular celebrities
US politicians
US presidents
US vice presidents
World leaders

Dog breeds
Periodic table
Travel destinations
US politicians
US presidents
US states
US vice presidents
World leaders
Yoga poses

Cell phones
Digital cameras
New cars
Popular books
Popular DVDs
Portable GPS
Pulitzer winning fiction
Top albums
Top iPhone apps

MLB players
MLB teams
NASCAR drivers
NBA players
NBA teams
NFL players
NFL teams
NHL players
NHL teams
UFC fighters

It should be up and running in a couple of minutes: here

HTC Leo Pictured for the first time! Specs confirmed

That’s right, HTC’s future Windows Mobile beast, the Leo, is in the wild! A ninja posted some pictures on the forums. This thing is HUGE! It’s running Windows Mobile 6.5 and has a 1Ghz SnapDragon in there too….The lack of ZoomBar and Stylus hints at the presence of a capacitive touch screen.

Source: via

Steve Ballmer really hates the iPhone, threatens to ban it from Microsoft’s Campus

Take this with a grain of salt, but according to an anonymous Microsoft developers who’s been posting on Reddit, Steve Ballmer really hates to see MS employees with iPhones on the campus and has threatened to ban the iPhone from syncing with MS’s mail servers:

I use a windows mobile smartphone because we got some discounts on them. I like it for exchange support and such, but i’m not completely happy with it. Blackberries are “allowed” but you can’t sync to our mail servers. iPhone can sync to our mail servers, although Balmer has threatened to disable it because he hates seeing iPhones on campus :-)

Well I can’t blame Steve for doing this. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes several times these past months/years , MS employees flashing their iPhones during MS Techdays (and other Microsoft developer/IT events). Even worse and totally unacceptable, members of the Windows Mobile team who didn’t even know how to use a WinMo device (I’m not making this up, believe me). Now if everybody at Microsoft was forced to use a Windows Mobile device (as their work phone) they would probably realise how far behind it has fallen and do everything they can to fix this (hello WM7..). After what happened last week I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

iPhone OS 3.1 enables video editing on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

It looks like totally borking MS Exchange 2007 support isn’t the only new “semi hidden” feature of the new OS 3.1. According to this Gioga23 post (I didn’t update to 3.1 yet to try it) the new OS update brings video editing to the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. To check it out you’ll have to receive a video through an email, save it in your camera roll and then open it. You’ll then notice that the video editing/trimming bar is now available on top like on the 3GS! Looks like the iPod Touch was really getting a camera…
Check this video below:

Source: gioga23

Lucky Zune fan gets his Zune HD early

First Zune
Loveandhatejw over at ZuneBoards posted a picture of himself (that haircut is a mess lol) and the black Zune HD he grabbed at Best Buy. Unfortunately the player his unusable without the Zune 4.0 software which is supposed to unlock the device.

Yea well I picked mine up from a buddy at best buy today. It’s useless
out of the box but here is my pic with it from webcam. Sorry for crappyy q
uality in advance. I may or may not upload more pics.

Got the software?
Out of the box no software is included.

Two days is a long wait, how’d you get yours?
There’s was someone I new at best buy, they have helped me before.

Update: Looks like he isn’t the only one:


Source: ZuneBoards

Samsung’s application store available for the Omnia and Omnia HD

Samsung has officially launched their application store today on 2 phones, the Windows Mobile Omnia (I900) and the Symbian S60 OmniaHD (i9000). According to Samsung there should be around 300 apps already available now.

A new on-device application store is now available in the UK, France and Italy, with more than 30 countries including
Germany and Spain to follow. Initially, the store will be accessible to Omnia users and later to other models such as
Omnia II (Model Name: I8000) and OmniaLITE (Model Name: B7300) users.

The Samsung Application Store allow users to browse a variety of applications including games, references, social
networking services, e-books and health-related tools (e.g pedometer, eyesight test, etc) that are easily downloaded with
one click.

Head over here to download the files.

Windows Mobile 6.5 user will also have the Windows Marketplace for Mobile on October 6.

Source: Samsung

LG announces the GW620 Android smartphone

The LG Etna which was spotted a few days ago is now finally announced as the GW620. LG’s first Android based smartphone doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table compared to HTC’s Hero and the newly announced Motorola CLIQ. LG really needs to step up their game when it comes to smartphones. First they should make up their mind about the OSes they want to focus on, then stop announcing half-assed phones like the GM750 (it has the same specs as the one year old Samsung Omnia!)

Source: LG

Opera Mini 5 coming soon

Operamini (Small)
Opera finally announced via Twiiter what’s “coming next” and it’s Opera Mini 5!

Before the weekend a teaser on appeared. It was claiming that “The next generation in mobile browsing” is coming very soon. The product is Opera Mini 5 and a beta is coming very, very soon. Good times, good times…

Can’t wait to try it out. Now hopefully will finally get a non-Beta version of Opera Mobile 9.7 in the near future.

Source: Opera

TweetDeck eventually coming to all mobile platforms (Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry)

Currently only available on Apple’s iPhone, the awesome Twitter client, TweetDeck, may be headed to other mobile OSes in the futur according to a post in their support forums:

Is TweetDeck available for mobile?
Submitted Sep 01 by richard

TweetDeck is currently available for the iPhone. You can download it from the AppStore or go here

We are determined to eventually see TweetDeck available for other mobile platforms, such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Android, but there are no timelines for these as yet.

Source: TweetDeck thanks for the tip Tnuc