Windows Mobile 7 already in Beta and OS Features confirmed ?

UXEvangelsit just found out some interesting info about Windows Mobile 7. This LinkedIn profile of a Motorola employee shows:

“Runtime Environment: Windows Mobile 7.0 (Beta)”

A couple more LinkedIn profiles hint at the Windows Mobile 7 feature set:

Developer for the WM7 Handwriting Recognition system. Source

I am responsible for designing and developing the Multimedia subsystem development for Tegra (APX2500) on Windows platforms including latest OS Windows Mobile 7. Source

Planned, designed, architected and implemented MEMS sensor capabilities in Windows Mobile 7-based platform, including accelerometer and compass. Source

Owned the testing of the Nickname Cache feature and Windows Live ID feature implemented by the Exchange Mobile Client team to be included in the Windows Mobile 7 release. Source

Sr. SW Dev. Engineer – Symbian S60 & WM7 (2008 to 2009), System Integration & “Bring Up” Flow, using diff. Design Platforms (Linux/Java, Symbian/S60 and WM6/WM7) Source

Responsible for the integration of BCM4325 wlan chip on Caesar Platform (OMAP3430) on WM7 as a native host driver. Source

Oversaw development of the Rich Video Call(AT&T Video Share) UI, session control, and porting of the IP Multimedia Subsystem stack to Windows Mobile 7. Source

Working on creating and maintining automation software used for automated testing of ActiveSync in Windows Mobile 7. Source

(Premium Mobile Experience Group) RIL, GPS, WiFi, and USB on Windows Mobile 7. Source

Managed Test Automation for Windows Mobile 7 Outlook Mobile syncing. Source

Low level programming (database/sync management) for Outlook in Win Mobile 7.

Windows Mobile 7 Board Support Package for Freescale chipset. Bootloader development, NAND and OneNAND Flash Memory drivers. Source

Development of Test automation for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Mobile 7, the next generation of Mobile Operating System. Source

Last assignment was as consulting Dev PM/Lead on the Windows Mobile Platform Team (MESE Dogfood). Working to help make Windows Mobile 7 rock on Motorola and Samsung devices. Source

Develop Windows Mobile 7 BSP for Freescale ICs. Source

Collect requirements from internal teams and create a long term deployment plan for Windows Mobile 7 Labs. Design and direct the creation of self servicing lab spaces for three Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Oversee the public launch of one of the Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Source

Windows Mobile 7 integration on TI chipset platform. Source

Now, I’m leading a team, responsibility for Qualcomm platform and Windows Mobile 7. Source

Working on the (then) next generation Windows Mobile 7 Messaging Application. Focusing on Messaging functionality and interface. Source

As a researcher, gathered requirements from the project team and formed the test task list and test document of WM7 IME, Live
Video Search, and Mobile Search usability test.

Microsoft UX Team Project Manager for the Mobile Insights Panel
• Drove progress for this $2 million instrumented mobile phone research project to collect user activity data from 400+ users to improve the Windows Mobile software experience.
• Worked with the Windows Mobile team to create special data collection software for the MIP devices. The WM team is looking to include parts of this software in the production release of WM 7.


Creating feature prototypes for Windows Mobile 7 in Silverlight. Source

It’s speculated that some WM7 will be revealed during PDC09 in a few weeks.

It looks like WinMo 7 has already been 6 years in the making!
LinkedIn profile:

Product / Interaction Designer, Illustrator
2004 – 2005 (1 year)
Illustration for user research and internal communication materials
communication applications for Windows Mobile 7 (blue sky exploration)

Source: UXEvangelist here

Toshiba re-launching the TG01 with Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 6

One more WM 6.5 announcenment for the day, this time it’s Toshiba’s SnapDragon monster smartphone who’s getting a little re-launch on October 6 and will officialy become a Windows Phone thanks to Windows Mobile 6.5. I wonder if Toshiba’s UI will still be on board though.


· Windows Mobile® 6.5 update propels the Toshiba TG01 to full Windows phone® status
· Intuitive Windows Mobile® 6.5 platform complements impressive hardware specification, with full support for Windows Marketplace for Mobile
· Superb 4.1” Wide-VGA high-resolution screen combines with Snapdragon™ processor to deliver a premium multimedia experience in a super slim 9.9mm package

Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, Mobile Communications Division, today announced the launch of the TG01 Windows® phone, a variant of its groundbreaking TG01 featuring the new Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system.

The arrival of Windows Mobile® 6.5 and Toshiba’s immediate adoption of the platform for the TG01 sees the handset become a fully-certified Windows® phone; the updated TG01 Windows® phone will start to appear in stores across Europe from 6th October 2009. Toshiba customers who have previously purchased the TG01 will also be entitled to an upgrade to the new Windows Mobile® 6.5, free of charge.

The launch of the TG01 Windows® phone means users will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Windows Mobile® 6.5, including a new Home screen and a finger-friendly start menu. Designed to offer fun and interactive navigation between applications, Windows Mobile® 6.5 provides users with faster access to the handset’s plethora of features.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile enables users to download and install Windows Mobile® applications, including Games, Social Networking functions and office-tools, meaning each handset can be personalised to suit the tastes and needs of each individual user. Support for the latest version of Internet Explorer® makes it faster and easier to browse the Internet, and the free Microsoft My Phone enables users to protect their phone by backing up data and securely share photos with families and friends across PC, phone and the web-based platforms.

The TG01 Windows® phone also comes with the high-power Snapdragon™ 1GHz processor, as found on the Toshiba TG01, to deliver smooth video playback, super-fast gaming and detail-rich browsing. The same superb, high-resolution 4.1” Wide-VGA (800 x 480) touchscreen is also present, with on-board Coreplayer providing support for a wide variety of video formats.

Despite all this power, the TG01 Windows® phone comes in the same sleek 9.9mm body as the previously-launched Toshiba TG01. It also features the same rich multimedia features, but with the added benefit of the new Windows® phone experience provided by the Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system.

Expandable SDHC memory up to 32GB provides the facility for users to keep a large multimedia library on the move if required, with an 8GB microSD card bundled as standard, enabling users to store multimedia content and take advantage of the the handset’s cinematic mobile performance out of the box. Integrated GPS and A-GPS technology allows the TG01 Windows® phone to double up as a satellite navigation system, providing rich graphics and detail.

“Windows® phones bring together the best of the Web, the PC and the phone so you can connect instantly to the people and information you care about, no matter where you are,” said from Stephanie Ferguson, general manager, product management, Microsoft Corp. “The new TG01 Windows® phone provides a great end-to-end experience that spans your entire life, at work and at home.”

“Our new TG01 Windows® phone is quite simply the next step in cutting edge mobile technology. We’ve been thrilled with the market’s response to the TG01 handset so far and worked closely with Microsoft to launch one of the first Windows® phones to the market. Toshiba is constantly striving to deliver the very best mobile experience and we are excited what this new Windows® phone update will bring our customers, with an improved user interface and access to a multitude of applications through Windows Marketplace.“ said Hidehito Koka, Deputy Managing Director, Toshiba Information Systems UK Ltd, Mobile Communications Division

An update to the new Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system for existing owners of TG01 will be available for download from Toshiba’s website:

Source: SlashGear

Toshiba JournE Touch MultiMedia Tablet


Stay Tuned for more…looks like it’s running Windows CE 6. nVidia Tegra or Qualcomm SnapDragon ? It’s got a 7″ resisitive WVGA (800×600) touch-screen, HDMI-out in the dock, USB, XDHC card slot, 1Gb of on board memroy and cost €249..

Here’s a Q&A video:

Sprint officially announces re-designed HTC Hero, launching October 11 for $179

It’s now really official. Sprint unvieled a re-designed (no chin) HTC Hero which is goin to be availble on October 11 for $179. You can read the press release here and pre-register your phone here. You can alos grab the whole PDF doc here. Looks like HTC is releay serious about the US market (and Android!)

Source: Sprint via Engadget

T-Mobile Pulse Android phone heading to T-Mobile UK in October


Remeber the T-Mobile Pulse Android phone that hit the FCC a couple days ago ? Well T-Mobile UK just announced that are getting it this October. Here’s the Press Release:

Available from October, the T-Mobile Pulse is the first Android handset available on a pay-as-you-go tariff, the company said, and is intended to be a more affordable mass-market device than the earlier G1 and G2 Touch models.

The Pulse has a large 3.5in touch screen plus a mini trackball for navigation, and weighs about 130g. It supports HSDPA/HSUPA and Wi-Fi network connections, plus Bluetooth, and has built-in GPS capability. The phone is manufactured exclusively for T-Mobile by telecoms firm Huawei.

But its most significant features, according to T-Mobile, are a new user interface called Canvas, and the ability to download applications straight from the Android Market.

“With Canvas, you have the space and freedom to customise your home screen, just like a PC desktop. Your photos and email can be just a click away,” said Nicola Shenton, head of handset and device marketing at T-Mobile UK.

Shenton predicted strong future growth in Android-based devices, because the platform is so flexible and delivers an experience not currently available on other platforms.

“We predict there will be 18 to 20 Android devices by the end of this year, and by 2013 we expect it will outstrip all other devices, including Apple’s iPhone, because of the openness of the platform,” she said.

However, Shenton added that T-Mobile is not planning to abandon other platforms just yet, but that Android is expected to slowly eat away their market share.

Applications are now driving the market forward, according to Shenton, who pointed to increased take-up of quality paid-for applications and business-focused software from Android Market.

In addition to the usual Android applications such as Google Mail and Google Maps, T-Mobile has pre-loaded the Pulse with RoadSync from Dataviz, which lets users synchronise email with Microsoft Exchange servers, plus a trial version of the Documents To Go application suite and the TeleNav navigation tool.

The Pulse has a 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera, 2GB of internal memory, plus a micro SD card slot for adding storage. The handset has a quoted battery life of 300 hours on standby and 210 minutes of talktime.

Pricing for the Pulse is £179.99 on pay-as-you-go, but the handset will also be available on monthly contracts, T-Mobile said.

Source: Leakdroid & Techcrunch

LG GM750 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone launching on Vodafone on October 6

More LG news for the day. This time it’s Microsoft and Vodafone announcing that the LG GM750 (known as the GM730 in asia) running Windows Mobile 6.5 is coming to Europe through Vodafone’s network on October 6. Here’s the press release:

LONDON, BERKSHIRE, UK, and REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 3, 2009 — Vodafone and LG Electronics today announced the launch of the LG GM750, a new Windows® phone based on Windows Mobile 6.5 available Oct. 6. Fully loaded with fun, easy-to-use features and services that help people take control of their lives thanks to fast Internet browsing, access to personal and work e-mail accounts, and calendar synchronization, the GM750 packs a lot into its sleek, slim form.

With LG’s S-Class user-interface, and fast Internet browsing via Vodafone’s high-speed mobile broadband network or Wi-Fi, information is always at the user’s fingertips. Its large 3-inch full touch screen makes it easy to navigate while browsing the Internet, writing text messages and memos, or getting directions with its in-built GPS navigation function.

The intuitive user interface on Windows Mobile 6.5 is easily customizable so Vodafone customers can personalize their phone to their own particular style. Using third-party applications, customers can change the look and feel with a personal background or designer themes and personalize the home screen so the information they need, such as weather reports, the latest traffic information or stock prices, is always easy to find. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync e-mail ensures you never need miss an e-mail again, be it from your personal or work account. As one of a new generation of Windows phones, the GM750 Smartphone is poised to take advantage of future Vodafone services.

In addition to Internet and e-mail connectivity, consumers will be able to download applications directly to their phone via Windows Marketplace for Mobile, automatically back up and synch photos, music and texts to their PC using the free My Phone service, plus use Windows Live to check Hotmail or IM with friends on the PC or Xbox video game system. With a 5-megapixel camera as well, with the GM750 customers will have all the tools, features and widgets they’ll need to get the most fun from life, and never miss or forget a special moment.

“We’re excited to be bringing a new Windows phone with Vodafone high-speed mobile services to our customers through the exclusive LG GM750 Smartphone,” said Patrick Chomet, group global director of Terminals for Vodafone. “This stylish, touch-screen Smartphone will have great appeal to both consumer and business customers, and ensures Vodafone delivers on its promise to constantly bring customers new services and greater choice.”

“A significant group of consumers demand mobile phones with the most advanced features and services to help them do their job and stay in contact with friends and family on one easy-to-use device. They need the technology and services to access e-mail, the Internet and the ability to download widgets, applications and fun tools without complexity,” said Harrison Lee, senior vice president Europe at LG Electronics Mobile. “The combination of Vodafone’s services, Windows Mobile 6.5 platform and our S-Class UI, technology and design expertise, makes the GM750 the mobile package consumers with busy lives have been waiting for.”

“Vodafone, LG and Microsoft share a focus on delivering great customer experiences, and the LG GM750 is powerful example of how customers benefit when industry leaders rally around a common goal,” said Todd Peters, corporate vice president, Microsoft Corp. “This new Windows phone benefits from our work with LG to deeply integrate the phone’s software and hardware as well as our continued work with Vodafone to make Windows phones broadly available on Vodafone’s high-speed network.”

The LG GM750 will be available in stores initially in seven countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK and also in France through SFR, with further countries following soon after.

Source: Microsoft & Vodafone

HTC Hero officially announced on Sprint

A message announcing that the HTC Hero is coming to Sprint was posted today on the developer network site. No word on the date and price though. Sprint is also holding an Open Developer Conference on October 26 with Android hands-on sessions (among other Mobile OSes).

Source: Sprint via Leakdroid

LG set to launch 3 new Windows Mobile phones this year and 10 more in 2010

LG GW550
Looks like Microsoft’s and LG’s teams are hard at work. LG just announced that they are going to launch 3 new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones in the coming weeks. A full touchscreen device, a touch slider with QWERTY keyboard device (LG Monaco?) and finally a non-touchscreen bar-type QWERTY device, the GW550 (pictured above). 10 more devices are planned to launch in 2010 ( probably with Windows Mobile 7 on some of them).

Here’s the full Press Release:

Seoul (Korea Newswire) September 3, 2009 — LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, today announced the imminent launch of three new Windows phones in the next few weeks, delivering on LG’s commitment to further grow its share of the global smartphone market. The three devices will kick off LG’s most aggressive smartphone strategy to date, which will ultimately result in a total of 13 new LG-branded Windows® phones launched globally before the end of 2010.

The three latest additions to LG’s expanding smartphone line-up and the first to include the new Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system include a full touchscreen device, a touch slider with QWERTY keyboard and a QWERTY bar-type handset. The three phones will be aimed at different segments of the market ranging from premium to affordable smartphones. The phones will be introduced initially for early adopter customers in Europe, the United States and Asia before being made available globally.

Designed with usability in mind, LG’s latest smartphone offerings will highlight the touch-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface of Windows Mobile 6.5 which delivers an easier and faster smartphone experience for users. These Windows® phones will be supported by LG’s own distinctive S-Class User Interface, which offers a unique 3D experience that works with Microsoft’s familiar operating system.

“This initial launch is a strong testament that LG is committed to offering a spectrum of choices for our broad range of customers,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Our work with Microsoft on mobile devices reflects our strategy of offering the best in both hardware and software in all our smartphones.”

The latest version of Windows Mobile includes an upgraded Internet Explorer Mobile browser with a new engine and a customized version of Adobe Flash Lite for accessing sites previously unable to render properly on a handheld. Windows Mobile® 6.5 will also include free access to Microsoft’s My Phone service where customers can perform automatic backups of photos, music, contacts and text messages from their handheld to the web for easy access any time.

“With familiar software like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Media Player and Windows Live, these phones will give people the confidence to get things done with the software they would normally expect from their PCs,” said Todd Peters, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corp. “LG’s portfolio of stylish Windows smartphones gives people the ability to choose the model that best suits their style and budget.”

Source: Newswire via Engadget