Acer Liquid in-depth preview

Arne from the:unwired just posted an in-depth preview of the Acer Liquid Android smartphone. As we recently found out the Liquid has a SnapDragon chipset clocked at 768Mhz (instead of the default 1ghz) probably to have longer battery life. Arne notes that even-though he used a pre-release samplethe user experience was enjoyable, the device felt fast and din’t suffer from any major bug. He also takes a look at the tweaks Acer brought to the Android 1.6 (nothing major, just some added apps).

Also I was impressed by the tools and utilities Acer added. While keeping the Android flavor, Acer did a good job in enhancing Google’s Android platform wherever necessary. Sure, it’s not yet perfect, I would like to see an improved soft-keyboard as well as a kind of smart-dialing application for faster contacts access, but the multimedia and social networking integration makes the Acer Liquid a real fun device, which stays connected to your social networks. Now, all it needs is a Twitter client/integration also and it would be my perfect social media phone.

However, Acer also took care that it connects to Microsoft’s Exchange environment. While there’s no local sync option to Outlook, thanks to RoadSync, it easily connect to any Exchange server and therefore provides real-time push-mail, calendar and contacts synchronization, outside the Google-world.

Read the whole preview here

The Acer Liquid’s SnapDragon chipset will only be clocked at 768Mhz

Acer Liquid 768mhz
Contrary to what we thought, accoding to the presentation slide above,Acer’s first Android smartphone will only be clocked at 768Mhz instead of the default 1Ghz clock speed of the SnapDragon chipset. Strangely Acer neTouch is clocked @ 1Ghz same for the Toshiba TG01 and HTC HD2. I wonder why the Liquid is clocked lower..

Source: Revioo

Acer Liquid hands-on video, shipping in early December

GPS&Co uploaded their hands-on video of Acer‘s first Android smartphone (powered by the SnapDragon SOC), the Liquid. Sadly, besides the the multimedia carousel on the left and the Browser favorites on the right their won’t be any major customization done to the Android UI by Acer. The white version will start shipping in early December in France and the red one in January. Both will have Android 1.6 on board are will get an update to 2.0 at a later date accroding to Acer. The price will by around €350.

Source: GPS&Co

Acer Liquid hands-on video

Here’s a short hands-on video (in french) of Acer’s first Android phone the Liquid. You’ll able to see some of the UI tweaks that Acer did Android (not much thought and what is seen doesn’t look that good) but remember that the hardware and software aren’t finalized yet. The other piece of info is that the clock speed of the SnapDragon chip isn’t known yet and may not run at 1Ghz like the Acer neoTouch / F1, Toshiba TG01 and HTC HD2.

Source: Dailymotion

Frist pictures of the Acer Liquid Android smartphone

Here are the first hands-on pictures of Acer‘s newly announced Liquid which runs Android 1.6. As I expected the device is just a Acer neoThouch / F1 with a capacitive screen and Android instead of Windows Mobile 6.5. Though it isn’t surprising given the reports of Acer shifting to Android.

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Acer Liquid Android phone announced, SnapDragon and WVGA on board!

Wow, this came out of nowhere! Acer just announced the first SnapDragon powered Android smartphone with a WVGA capacitive touchscreen! The phone also runs Donut (Android 1.6). Here’s the full PR:

2009-10-14 -
The Future has arrived with Acer Liquid
Acer introduces its new smartphone “Liquid” series: the world’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor based and world’s first Android™ 1.6 high definition smartphone, combining cutting-edge technologies, software innovation and an ultra-fluid user interface to create an all-new mobile experience. It is the ideal solution for users demanding the best from their devices, and in particular outstanding multimedia, web browsing, social media integration and video streaming. It also brings smartphone product design forward with its unique and modern style.

Finally something different
Acer Liquid is the first Wide-VGA smartphone in the market benefiting from the latest release of the Android™ 1.6 Operating System (aka Donut) and the first Android™ smartphone in the market equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor.

This platform brings to market unique benefits for the end users and paves the way for a new wave of innovations from the developer community:

- With its High Definition capacitive touch screen (Wide VGA), Acer Liquid offers today an unparalleled experience when watching pictures or videos. But it also holds a promise for the future: the promise of an abundance of new applications on Android™ Smart Handhelds – games, professional applications and web applets that will enrich the end user experience. Now developers can be assured that their investment will build upon a standard resolution for the years to come;
?Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor, Acer Liquid provides instant access to web pages, smooth streaming of videos or music , and instant response from popular mail, maps and search applications. The high-speed processing capability and high-speed internet access (HSPA) of Snapdragon™ brings to life the Android™ experience: no idle-time, almost instant uploads of web pages and downloads of rich multimedia contents. The developer community can now take full advantage of these capabilities to bring to market innovative applications that demand raw computing power and superior handling of 3D graphics.

Unique software enhancements
Acer Liquid also bolsters a set of unique features developed by Acer and its partners:

- Improved power management to help achieve longer battery autonomy for intense users;
- A new user interface with easy access to entertainment and web bookmarks;
- An optimized camera with geo-tagging, ISO, self-timer options and accelerated auto-focus performance;
- Exclusive Spinlets™ application providing free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family through web-posting or e-mail;
- Smart integration of Facebook™, Twitter™, Youtube™, Picasa™ and Flickr™ in the address book, with realtime notification of status or content updates.
A refreshing alternative to square shapes
With ellipse curves, a choice of red, white and black colors, and a slim body shape, Liquid will please style-seeking consumers. Designed for ergonomy, Liquid fits well in the hand, and displays a smooth finish. The fluidity of its curves gives the Acer Liquid its unique character and unconventional style.

More info to come

Source: Acer

HTC releases Android 1.6 (Donut) Rom for developers

A couple of days beodre we see the first Android 1.6 phones hit the market HTC posted the first official Donut Rom for all you Android dev (you need to have an Android Dev Phone or any other cracked/unlocked HTC android device).

The system images provided on this page are designed only for installation on devices that meet the following requirements:

•HTC Dream hardware platform only
•Device must have the original factory bootloader (hboot 0.95.3000) or a development bootloader that supports fastboot
You cannot flash these system images to other hardware platforms or to a version of HTC Dream hardware that doesn’t have an original factory bootloader, unless the device bootloader supports fastboot (fastboot is described in the next section). Additionally, you cannot flash these images to a retail devices such as the T-Mobile G1 because the images do not have the appropriate cryptographic signatures.

Head over here for more info and download links

Source: HTC

Android 1.6 SDK released, packed with new features


The Google boys just announced the availability of the Android 1.6 SDK aka Donut. This new version is packed with new features like framework-level support for additional screen resolutions, like QVGA and WVGA, new telephony APIs to support CDMA, gesture APIs, a text-to-speech engine, and the ability to integrate with Quick Search Box. Phones running Android 1.6 are expected as early as October. Could this be the Motorola CLIQ and HTC Hero on Sprint ?

You can find more info here

Source: Android dev Blog

HTC Click pictures and hands-on video

Tinhte.Com just posted a little hands-on video of the HTC Click, their upcoming low-end smartphone running Android. Nothing really exciting to see unfortunately, the unit is running Donut and really looks like a low end phone ( it looks like the 3 years old HTC Trinity).

Source: via SlashGear