Samsung i5700 Galaxy Lite video hands-on

The ninjas over at managed to get some hands-on action with Samsungs new Android smartphone the I5700 Galaxy Lite. Lite, because it’s the little brother of the already available I7500 Galaxy. The I5700 will have 1gb of onboard memory, a 3.2Mpix camera (but o flash) and the same AMOLED touch screeen. This phone will go head-to-head against HTC’s Tattoo.

Source: AI.RS

Qik for Windows Mobile updated with new UI, improved sharing and better performance

Here’s some good news for all you WinMo users out there. Qik For Windows Mobile (touch phones) has finally been updated with some cool stuff:

Windows Mobile Qikkers out there – we have a new version (4.21) now available with a cool new look, much improved sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and better performance and frames per second, especially on the Samsung Omnia series phones. It also provides an easy way to upload existing videos on your phone to and share it to other networks.

Head over here for more info

Source: Qik

HTC Tattoo has a Resistive touch screen unlike all other Android phones

Here’s some lame news, according to HTC’s “chief innovation officer” Horace Luke, the newly announced HTC Tattoo has a resitive touch screen and not a capacitive one like all the other Android phones released so far. This was probably done to keep cost down. It still sucks though.

Le Tattoo est pourtant moins confortable à utiliser que le Hero du fait d’un écran de petite taille (2,8 pouces). Est-il multipoint ?
Sur le Tattoo, nous utilisons un écran QVGA 2,8 pouces. Nous voulions vraiment offrir un design différent de celui du Hero pour qu’il ressemble plus à un téléphone mobile classique qu’à un véritable smartphone. En revanche, contrairement au Hero, le Tattoo utilise un écran résistif non multipoint. Nous avons fait des essais et nous nous sommes rendus compte que cette technologie n’est pas assez pratique à utiliser avec un écran de cette taille.

Bold part translation: The Tattoo has a non-multi-touch resistive screen

Source: Mobinaute

HTC Hero Firmware update available, Sense UI Lag is a thing of the past

The new Firmware is (un)officially available today for all you Hero users. As shown a few weeks ago the devices is finally lag free and seems to run like it should. HTC also added touch focus to the camera app and updated the Radio.


Head over here to grab it

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HTC Tattoo low-cost Android phone announced

htc tattoo
As we reported earlier, HTC is focusing on low-end devices in Q4 2009, so after the Touch 2 last week here comes the Tattoo (formely known as the Click) which is just a Touch 2 with Android instead of Windows Mobile. The specs are nearly indentical (though it has a capacitive screen unlike the Touch 2). Man, I hate does QVGA devices with fixed focus cameras (!). HTC’s been shipping the same phone under different names for nearly year (HTC Vogue, HTC Cruise etc..) only changing the software. It should be available at the end of the month in some countries (with Bouygues Telecom in France for example).

The HTC Tattoo product page

Source: HTC

Upcoming Nokia N97 Firmware 2.0 shown on video, packed with new features

Despite lackluster reviews from blogers and hatred all over the web, Nokia isn’t ready to abandon the N97 and I applaud them for this. got a chance to get some Firmware 2.0 walk-through and shot a 7 minutes video for all of us. Looks like Nokia did a pretty good job all around by adding kinetic scrolling across the OS, new widgets, better album art/info in the media player among other new features. Best of all, the firmware is actually smaller that the present one so you’ll get even more free memory.

Source: Symbianworld via Engadget