Jabra working closely with RIM, HTC and Asus

Digitimes is reporting that well known Bleutooth headsets device maker Jabra is working closely with HTC, RIM, Asus to bundle BT headset with future phones for example.

GN has produced a Bluetooth headset for HTC for global sales on an OEM basis, and also cooperated with Dopod in the China market on bundled sales, Li noted.

In addition, GN and Asustek are cooperating in regional bundled sales with the scope of the cooperation extending from handsets to PC systems, Li added.

The penetration rate of Bluetooth headsets in the global headset market currently averages 9% worldwide, but is up to 20% in the US market, Li said citing data compiled by GN.

Hopefully this means that future smartphone have better bluetooth support as this is still a big problem on all platforms especially Windows Mobile depending on which BT Stack (MS or Broadcom) is on the device.

Source: Digitimes