Opera says that the next generation of mobile browsing is coming soon

Not much is known besides this teaser page:
OperaNext (Small)

and this message posted on Twitter yesterday:

Coming very soon: The next generation in mobile browsing. http://www.opera.com/next/

It can be related to the announcement of Opera Mini 5, maybe the non-beta version of Opera Mobile 9.7 or Opera Mobile for Android.

Source: Opera via Twitter

Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23047 shown on video

The boys from Procketnow just posted a short video showing the changes made to the latest 23047 Windows Mobile 6.5 build leaked yesterday. Nothing really exciting besides the big (ugly) icons at the button.

Spirce: Pocketnow

Zune HD promotional videos show glimpse of 3D gaming and new Zune 4.0 Software

Here are 2 short Zune HD promotional videos posted on Buy.com showing us for the first time some 3D gaming goodness and a small glimpse of the new Zune software launching alongside the player in 3 days (only in the US). It’s good to see Microsoft doing great things with nVidia’s Tegra chipset.

You can hit this link to check out couple more videos.

Source: Buy.comvia Engadget