Windows 7 first TV ad is up, airs on TV tonight

Microsoft’s massive Windows 7 ad campaign is starting tonight during CW’s prime-time premiere of “Vampire Diaries.” and here’s the first one:


Source: Youtube

Update: Here’s more info

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 review


PhoneArena just reviewed Garmin-Asus’ delayed but finally out, Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone, the M20,and it doesn’t look good…

The Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20 is a decent navigation system and relatively acceptable Windows Mobile smartphone. Still, we would go for Asus-made phone and pure sat-nav system by Garmin rather than a cross of these two. The menu lagging, puny camera, lack of video capabilities and poor in-call quality make the phone unusable on daily basis except for navigation. At the same time, the Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20 delivers the functionality of a mainstream navigational system, while being more expensive than most of them, not to mention the Nokia 6710 Navigator and HTC Touch Cruise are superior and by far. Our only hope now lies with the nuvifone G60 that also got announced at MWC 2009 and looks more promising than the M20.

Check the full review here

UPDATE: Asus informed me that the phone used for the review isn’t a production sample (probably has an early ROM). Some of the problems metioned in the preview should be fixed in the commmercialized version.

Source: PhoneArena via WMPoweruser

Resco Photo Viewer 7 Beta is out

Remember Resco’s Photo Viewer I talked about nearly 2 weeks ago ? Well it’s now officially available in Beta:

We are glad to announce you, that after the Alpha stage we are releasing the BETA version of the Resco Photo Viewer, that implements all the functionality that makes the Photo Viewer complet. We hope you will help us make the new version of the Photo Viewer the best viewer on the market and that you will enjoy it.

What is new from the last version 6.33:

The application is completely touch friendly
In the folder view you are able to see three thumbnails of the pictures in the folder
You can view the GPS position from the picture in google maps or using your browser
You can add your actual GPS position to a picture
Send to SMS, MMS, E-mail
Upload to Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, Twitter
Select album where to upload, add comment and GPS position
Edit Mode in view
Contrast and Gamma adjusment
Adding Notes from a dialog
View Notes and GPS from Exif (or add to Exif if not present)

Options dialog:

Start In Folder
Auto-Hide Scroller
Auto-Hide Tools
Document Mode (for comics and fax reading)
Send\Upload Settings (preddefined send size and other settings …)
Associate All Formats
View Mode (Details, Icons, Icons + Names, Icons + Details)
Show/Hile Notes option
Show Next/Prev Buttons

The new BETA version can be downloaded from here:

Exe installation file
Cab installation file

Source: Resco via XDA-Devs

Microsoft’s Zune HD not coming out in Europe ?

According to Microsoft France’s head of E&D division, François Ruault, The Zune HD isn’t planed to be commercialized in France ! What the heck is wrong with Microsoft !? Either this guy is wrong, in this case his boss Robie Bach should slap him for talking nonsense, or the boys in Redmond just lost their minds. FYI the Zune HD should be available on September 15th in the US. Here’s the quote in french:

Nous n’avons aucun plan concernant la sortie du Zune HD en France. Ce baladeur numérique restant pour le moment un produit à destination du marché américain. Je ne dis pas que le Zune HD ne sortira jamais chez nous, mais pour le moment, nous n’avons aucune intention de le commercialiser (…) Toutefois, je tiens à préciser que de multiples développements technologiques réalisés autour de la plateforme Zune servent des produits eux disponibles en France et partout dans le monde. C’est notamment le cas des technologies de streaming audio et vidéo qui sont utilisées par les équipes techniques du Xbox Live pour proposer ce genre de contenus à nos utilisateurs de Xbox 360 connectés”

Source: translation

Verizon’s HTC Touch Pro2 is official and priced at $199

As it was rumored/leaked last week Verizon’s HTC Touch Pro2 is going to be priced at $199 with a 2 years contract:

•The HTC Touch Pro2 will be available for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement on a voice plan with an e-mail feature or e-mail plan. Customers will receive the rebate in the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as cash anywhere debit cards are accepted.

•Beginning Friday, customers can order the HTC Touch Pro2 online at, in business sales channels and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. For additional information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

This Touch Pro2 is also a world phone (it’s WCDMA and has GSM SIM card slot) like Sprint‘s version.

Source: Verizon

Spotify coming to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry


I’m a bit late on this one..Thanks to all the iPhone & Android versions coverage on the web and also the Symbian version demoed it looks like this quote from Daniel Ek, Spotify’s founder & CEO, went unnoticed (at least by me anyway):

“Quite shortly you’ll see something on Symbian [a mobile phone operating system used on many devices, such as Nokias]. We’re also looking at BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile, so we’re definitely investing quite a lot in to getting Spotify more mobile. The iPhone and Android are two great platforms, but we want Spotify available on as many of the big platforms as possible.”

So there you have it BlackBerry and Windows Mobile versions are on the way…

Source: Daily

Windows Mobile to get more frequent updates in the future

Long Zhenggot a chance to talk a bit with Microsoft’s Loke Ui Tan during TechEd Australiayesterday and ask him some Windows Phones questions. Nothing really new was said, just confirmation of what we already know, like the fact that the WinMo Team knows that the current OS is getting old:

Firstly, one of the most reassuring things is that not only do they genuinely acknowledge and understand the shortcomings of the Windows Mobile platform today but they are committed to updating the platform more frequently presumably on an annual cycle or sooner.

and that OTA updates are being worked on :

Acknowledging current barriers with the process of upgrading Windows Mobile today, its also confirmed that the Windows Mobile team are indeed working towards modifying the system architecture to enable delivery of OS updates without affecting and requiring the phone ROM – effectively cutting out the OEMs, telcos that currently (and unnecessary) slows down the update cycle.

Finally, Loke Ui (like James McCarthy yesterday,and Robbie Bach a few weeks ago) confirmed that MS is working closely with ODM/OEMs on Windows Mobile 7:

Whilst the diversity of Windows phones will continue to be a hallmark of the platform, there will however be more strict and higher hardware testing standards going forward for phones to be validated as “Windows phones”. This is aimed to improve the baseline experience for all Windows phones.

Source: Istartedsomething