Short HTC Touch2 preview

Them Italian boys at Solopalmari did a short preview of HTC’s low-end entry-level Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, the HTC Touch2. A longer preview/review is expected soon.

Source: Soloplamari vie WMPoweruser

Another HTC Leo hands-on, will be named HTC Touch HD2

Looks like the HTC Leo is on some worldwide journey. From Poland to Belgrade and now in Greece. got a little hands-on with the beast. It looks like the device they had in hand runs a newer version of the Rom dated 31/08/09 (compared to the one had which was dated 13/08/09) but an older build of WM 6.5 (5.2.21849). They noted that the usb connector is now micro-usb (all previous HTC phones to date have mini-usb connectors) and the battery is rated at 1200Mha. Another intersting tidbit is that when you access the Bleutooth settings the phone is detected as the HTC HD2 (Device ID).
Hey HTC if you read this, I’m willing to leak some shots too if you send me one of those beast! ;)



Samsung OmniaPRO B7330 Preview

B7330phone (Small)
PhoneArena salpped a quick preview of Samsung’s recently announced Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone the OmniaPRO B7330 . The B7330 is a full qwerty device (like the HTC Snap and Blackberries) which feature a 2.62 320×320 non-touch screen. Samsung did a nice job skinning the UI from what we can see in the preview.

Source: PhoneArena