HTC evaluating additional 3.5G chipset supplier….again

People seem to have short memories and are jumping all over the following Digitimes story as if HTC was dropping Qualcomm as their main chipset supplier. According to sources quoted by Digitimes, HTC is evaluating Broadcom has an additional 3.5G Chipset supplier (they already use Qualcomm and Ericsson):

HTC (High Tech Computer) is evaluating the possibility of adding Broadcom to its supplier list of 3.5G chipset solutions to fulfill its goal of introducing more entry-level and mid-range smartphones, according to market sources.

The evaluation is also part of HTC’s continuing strategy to reduce the risk of relying on a single supply source, said the sources, noting that HTC is dealing mainly with Qualcomm for the supply of 3.5G chipset solutions at present.

Although HTC has entered design-in process for the development of new handset models using Nvidia Tegra CPUs paired with 3.5G baseband chips coming from ST-Ericsson, no Tegra-based handsets have been shipped, the sources noted.

HTC is considering adopting Broadcom’s dual-core CPU solutions as the offerings are cost effective and also match HTC’s development strategy, said the sources.

Now, where is there even a mention of Qualcomm in there? Let’s remember a couple of things please. Qualcomm owns a stake of HTC since June 21 2001. HTC did exactly the same thing last year as reported by Digitimes:

High Tech Computer (HTC) is evaluating the possibility of adding a 3G chipset solution supplier in addition to Qualcomm so as to reduce the risk of relying on a single supply source, according to company CFO Hui-ming Cheng.

HTC was annoyed by recent media reports stating that concerns of a possible shortage of 3G chipsets at Qualcomm may affect HTC’s revenues in the first quarter of 2008 and that Qualcomm’s recent defeats in patent lawsuits against Broadcom has undermined the willingness of some telecom operators in North America to purchase Qualcomm-based handsets from HTC, said sources in Taiwan’s handset industry.

HTC wants to make money, Qualcomm’s upcoming Cortex8/9 (SnapDragon) chipsets are expensive for entry-level smartphones (HTC used TI’s OMAP 850 for this particular segment before) and are currently not TD-SCDMA (China’s 3G) compatible. Finally, relying on several supplier is common sense (you do know that HTC/Apple etc.. have several LCD suppliers for the same SKU for example). So I still don’t see how this is a sign of doom & gloom for Qualcomm. Folks, don’t let the MSM72XX hate blind you.

Source: Digitimes here & here

Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget anatomy: Performance and Battery Life

The Windows Mobile Team has just posted part 3 of their Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget anatomy article. This one takes a look at how to make them performant without draining too much battery.

This is part three of my Widget Anatomy series which which will explain the ins and outs of the Widget Framework that is shipping as part of Windows Mobile 6.5. In this installment I will discuss how to squeeze the last drop of performance out of the Widget framework to ensure all our Widgets are interactive, alive and fun to use while being good mobile citizens and not draining the user’s battery dry in the process.
So, just because we are among friends here I’ll share a little secret that showcases the biggest challenge to creating responsive Widgets. Here it goes… are you ready?… On Windows Mobile 6.5, JavaScript execution blocks the UI. This means that, whenever there is a script running nothing else can be processed in the widget which includes menu commands and keyboard or touch input processing. Also note that, during script execution the Widget can’t redraw – in other words, any screen updates done during the execution of the script will not be reflected on the screen until after the script finishes its execution

Read the whole thing here

Source: Windows Mobile Team Blog

HTC Leo coming out in Q4 2009, new pictures

According to industry sources quoted by Digitimes, HTC’s latest and greatest, the LEO also known as the HTC Touch HD2, is going to launch in Q4 2009 (Nov/Dec):

Acer and HTC (High Tech Computer) will launch their respective Qualcomm Snapdragon-based smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2009, pushing CPUs used in Taiwan’s handset-manufacturing industry into the 1GHz segment, according to industry sources.

in other HTC Leo related news, new pictures oft he device have surfaced on XDA-devs. Remember that the Rom is far from final, so don’t put too much faith into the info posted in this thread (claims that it doesn’t have a TV-Out or Digital Compass even though it was confirmed earlier):
Source: Digitimes & XDA

HTC’s Design future according to One & Co


Forbes has posted fairly interesting article about HTC‘s newly acquired One & Co design company and where they are headed in terms of hardwware deisgn in the future. Here’s few quotes:

Consistency is most important within a particular product line. HTC has two: Google Android and Windows Mobile phones. Its Windows Mobile devices come in dark, glossy finishes to appeal to a professional audience, while its Android phones often sport a playful “chin” or angled base. Those characteristics will stay separate, says Zellweger, meaning no chins for HTC Windows Mobile phones. (HTC’s newer Android phones like Sprint’s version of the Hero and the Tattoo have shed the chin as well, but Zellweger says the distinctive feature may return in future devices.)

One & Co’s sphere extends to marketing, which will ramp later this year with HTC’s first national consumer campaign. One & Co won’t design the actual ads, but it did mock up samples to convey the desired tone, which Zellweger describes as “more personality-driven.”

HTC plans to launch some new gadgets in early October. Spokesman Keith Nowak says rumors of a netbook are off base, but gadget blogs have uncovered images of some unreleased phones, including a Windows Mobile 6.5 device with a large touch screen.

Read the rest here

source: Forbes

Verizon Samsung Omnia II gets a design change


Looks like the OmniaPRO B7610 isn’t the only one get some design changes. According to a picture on Samsung’s NA site, the Omnia II is also getting rid of the cubic button and now looks somewhat like the Samsung Galaxy.

Source: Samsung via Engadget

HTC Magic shipping with Sense UI in Brazil

Magic Sense
More than a month after is was “announced” the HTC Magic is finally getting some Sense UI love, in Brazil. If you go to HTC’s Brazilian’s site you’ll see that the Magic is sporting the new Android UI. Is this a sign that HTC is finally going to officially release an update to all HTC Magic (non Google branded) phones worldwide ? Lets hope so.

Source: HTC via Phandroid

HTC releases Diamond2 HotFix

HTC just released a HotFix for the Diamond2 fixing a LED bug on the smartphone:

Hotfix for resolving LED not showing a green light when the battery is fully charged for HTC Touch Diamond2
Note: This hotfix only can be applied for ROM version between 1.36.XXX.X to 1.44.XXX.X and 1.66.XXX.X to 1.76.XXX.X

Grab it here

Source: HTC via XDA

New Samsung OmniaPRO B7610 design shown in promo video

Looks like the Samsung OmniaPro B7610 is getting a little facelift eventhough it hasn’t been released yet. As seen in the promo video below gone is the center button:

Source: unwired