New Nokia N900 Maemo 5 UI promo video

A new promo video showing Nokia’s N900 Maemo 5 OS in action has surfaced on youtube today. It does look really nice (although you must remember that it’s a promo vid and that the actual device won’t be as smooth/fast). I just which the N900 had a capacitive touch screen and not a resistive one…oh well..

Source: Nokia Conversations

Dell Mini 3i hands-on pictures

The boys at Sina did it again and this time posted a full hands-on gallery of Dell’s China Mobile smartphone the Mini 3i. This time we have a closer look at the oPhone Android based OS and UI. Hit up the source link to check the whole gallery.

Source: Sina via Engadget

Mobile 3D City (Paris 3D) iPhone application review

Ok guys, I just finished reviewing an interesting iPhone app called Mobile 3D City (Paris 3D) and did a walk-through video that you can watch below (keep in mind that’s it’s my first ever video review..that’s why it may sound funny..)

Mobile 3D City is sort of a cross between Google Maps and a tourist guide. It does have a quite a few features like GPS support, bookmarks, POIs etc but it isn’t really meant to go against GM. The biggest feature is the 3D modelization of the whole city of Paris. Every building in the city is modeled and textured which is really neat. You can navigate by rotating the camera, tilting, zooming-in/out. There are some drawbacks though, like the slow framerate  when there are lots of buildings being rendered on the screen (on an iPhone 3G, it should be faster on a 3GS) and also the fact that it’s nearly impossible to use the app with one hand. You will always need two fingers on the screen to pan around/rotate etc. Also, only the city of Paris is available with only 2000 POIs (more will be added in future updates). One more thing to note is that all the data is stored on the phone so there’s no need to stream anything over Wifi or cellular network (the app is 450Mb).
Currently only available on the iPhone, NewScape Technology is also developing Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian S60 versions. An update which should fix some bugs and add new features and POIs (a lot more hopefully) is planned soon. Check out the video and don’t hesitate to ask me some questions in the comments section.

The App is available now on the iTunes App Store for $8.99/€6.99 here

Zune Marketplace coming to Windows Mobile

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft is working on integrating the Zune services into Windows Mobile and this following Job ad kind of confirms that Microsoft is planning to bring the Zune Marketplace to WinMo (and Europe), the only remaining question is, When ?

The Entertainment & Devices Division (“E&D”) is seeking an experienced business development professional to drive European content licensing in digital music. This is an exciting opportunity to make a high-impact contribution as part of a rapidly growing business in digital entertainment. The position will support E&D divisions including Zune, Xbox and Windows Mobile.

Read the full ad here

Is this part of Project Pink ?

Microsoft has a special Windows Mobile LG Team

Remenber that Microsoft/LG deal signed back in Feabruary at MWC ? Well it looks like things are getting serious in Redmond. As I’ve found out in a Job ad, Microsoft has a Windows Mobile LGE Commercialization team:

At Mobile World Congress this year Microsoft and LG Electronics announced an alliance making Windows Mobile the primary Smartphone platform for LG Electronics. The WM LGE Commercialization team is looking for a talented technical instructional designer with knowledge in design and delivery of Windows Mobile technical training. You will be responsible for supporting the strategic plan, creating, evaluating, and sometimes delivering the LGE specific Windows Mobile new hire and ongoing training programs.
You will work with the training team, internal developer, and external groups to develop the LGE engineers on-boarding and future training programs. The training topics will include; Windows Mobile Software Development, Engineering Processes, Developer Tools, Debugging, etc. All training must be mapped and measured against the defined success metrics that will result in achieving our aggressive business objectives.

The full ad here

Last I heard is LG is working on smartphones using nVidia’s Tegra SoC.

Also check out this “confirmation” that Zune Marketplace is coming to Windows Mobile.