Zune HD retail box pictured

Looks like the first Zune HD retail box picture has surfaced on twitpic.
The Zune HD should be available on September 15.

Source: Twitpic via Engadget

TomTom coming to Android in the near future

After finally releasing the iPhone version earlier this week, TomTom execs confirmed that they are currently working on an Android version of the navigation application. According to Benoit Simery, Senior VP at TomTom who talked to pocket-Lint:

“We cannot ignore such a successful platform as Android. HTC is an important partner of ours and Android is becoming increasingly important too.”

“We spent so much time producing the iPhone software and we were later on the scene than we wanted but the standard of the service and the quality of the satnav is what was most important to us.”

“I do not question the opportunity that RIM might offer but we know that a satnav device needs to have a large touchscreen and voice commands to be able to work for turn-by-turn navigation. We come from a PDA background and we know what will work.”

TomTom has been partnering with HTC since the Compaq iPaq days on the Windows Mobile platform (when it was still called “PocketPC”) and is the default navigation application on HTC’s WinMo phones bought unlocked in many countries. Unfortunately BlackBerry users are out of luck for now, but this may change if the upcoming Storm 2 is a commercial success

Source: Pocket-Lint

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 review, is it really worth $349 ?

The K9 boys over at PhoneDog posted a 13 minutes long video review of T-Mobile’s HTC Touch Pro 2. Overall they really liked it even though Noah thinks that it’s not for everybody and mainly targeted at business user thanks all the contact and conferencing features. And the $349.99 with a 2 years on contract price doesn’t help it.
Check the whole thing:

Source: PhoneDog