Samsung Omnia II in-depth review

The boys over PhoneArena just posted an in-depth review of Samsung’s Omnia II smartphone. As usual the review is filled with lots of pictures of the phone a plenty of sample shots taken with it. Here’s their conclusion:

The Samsung Omnia II I8000 comes very close to nailing it, but there are a few things that really hold it back. First and foremost is the lag, especially on the homescreen. It is bad enough at times to ruin the entire user experience. Still, Samsung has done a great job of penetrating the Windows Mobile interface. The menus are a joy to use, and they go much deeper than any Windows Mobile overhaul we’ve seen. If they could take care of the front end as well as HTC has with TouchFLO 3D they might just have a true winner on their hands. As of now however, they have a great phone that needs some software optimization badly.

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Zune HD hands-on

Matt Rosoff from Cnet got a chance to play a bit with Microsoft’s Zune HD last week and posted his first thoughts. Here’s what he said about the new UI:

But the real innovation seems to be going on in user interface–how do you make a touch screen workable on such a small device? Here, Microsoft has done a solid job, taking the mixture of horizontal and vertical menus used on the current Zunes and adding particular tweaks for the touch screen. You can scroll horizontally or vertically simply by swiping your finger along, and there are multiple “ways in” to and “ways out” of the various menus and screens, which encourages exploration. When a song’s playing, you control the volume by touching the screen and hitting a little plus or minus button; numbers show you absolute volume. Clearly marked “exit” buttons are usually available to get you back to the previous menu, and a physical button below the screen (you can see the black trapezoid shape on the screenshots here) takes you back to the home menu page. There was a bit of a learning curve, but after a couple minutes I was impressed by how much functionality Microsoft was able to pack into such a small screen.

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Microsoft project “Omni” multi-platform music streaming rumor

Here’s some interesting rumor/info about Microsoft’s upcoming music streaming service which should be launched by the end of this year and it looks like Microsoft is planing to go head to head against Spotify.

Microsoft’s new streaming music service, codenamed “Omni”, is based on the Seeqpod engine integrated with Bing search & Live ID. It is a Silverlight RIA on Zune, WinMo, Xbox, Mac & PC.It’s tied into Zune store to facilitate purchases. Revenue comes from sales through the Zune store & ads (one 10-second spot every half-hour, approved by MSFT) during streaming. The service pushes a few sponsored songs & similar songs (possibly 1 full length song every half hour) through during a listening session. All the major labels are on board.

Looks like it will be part of Windows Mobile 7 given that it supposedly is a Silverlight RIA. For more WM 7 info click here.

Source: The Palace of Limacon

HTC Sense UI ported to Windows Mobile phone video

Once again the boys over at xda-devs have outdone themselves and have now managed to port the new Android Sense UI to the HTC Vogue (WM6.X). Below you’ll see a video walk-through of the current build:

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HTC Touch Pro 2 coming to Sprint

It is starting to look like HTC’s latest Windows Mobile phones is heading to nearly all north-american carriers this time. Sprint’s portal to the Nascar Sprint Cup is listing the HTC Rhodium (Pro 2) as a audio/video content compatible phone. Nothing more is know but lets hope that it has a 3.53 jack like the Telus version.

See here

Source: Engadget

Microsoft updates Office Communicator Mobile

The Office Communicator team pushed out a new version of the mobile client for Windows Mobile 6.X.
With this new version you can now join conferences with the single click of a button instead of using conference dial-ins and entry codes. An option to avoid roaming connections has been added and WM 6.5 support has also been implemented with a new home screen plugin  and the capability to make a call via work directly from the phone dialer (now users can dial extension numbers to call their colleagues)

Head over here to download it.

Samsung YEPP M1 PMP to have Tegra chipset ?

Samsung M1
Samsung has just launched a teaser site for their upcoming M1 PMP over here.The most interesting part is the mention of nVidia in what seems to be the specs list on the right. Is it the product Samsung talked about a few days ago ? We will have to wait until the 13th to know for sure if Samsung is planing to compete directly with Microsoft’s upcoming ZuneHD.

Source: DAPreview