T-Mobile Touch Pro2 reviewed

WMExperts just did a review of T-Mobile’s newly released HTC Touch Pro2. Lots of details and info there. Here’s what they think of the device’s screen:

As mentioned earlier, the 3.6-inch, 480×800 screen dominates the face of the Touch Pro 2 and makes the Fuze/Touch Pro’s 2.8-inch screen look puny. The screen’s color, clarity and resolution were nice, but not “knock your socks off” nice. It’s not enough to make you run screaming from the showroom floor, but I expected something more along the lines of how the European Touch Diamond 2′s screen (which was fantastic).

The screen was responsive to the touch but seemed to need to warm up first. Hey, it’s a resistive screen. The phone is packaged with a screen protector, and it’s possible that a little residue was left on the screen, slowing down the responsiveness. After a little use, the touchscreen zipped along nicely. I did find that things worked a little better when you turned off the haptic feedback setting (phone vibrates with each screen touch).

Read the full review here

Creative Zii EGG hands-on videos

Those who have odered Creative’s ZiiEGG have started to receive them this week so we are going to see lots of info popping-up in the coming weeks. Here are 2 videos of the device in action.The first one shows the Zii booting up (the Plaszma OS) then playing some music then some HD video, and in the second one a version of Opera Mobile is used to browse the web (slowly..):

Source: DAP Review