New Zune HD video hands-on IE Mobile in Action!

The boys over at Crunchgear just uploaded a video of their hands-on with the Zune HD showing everything from the music to video player and even IE Mobile in action for the first time:

Really slick and smooth! Good job Redmond!

Source : Crunchgear

Microsoft’s Project Pink to be unvieled on september 9 ?

Here’s some intersting info/rumor. Some people are expecting Microsoft to announced some big entertainment and media products/services around September 8/9 which is supposed to be the launch day of the Zune HD and CEDIA Expo. The Zune HD launch is nearly 100% confirmed but there seems to be alot of other things coming our way at the same time. My understanding is that the Pink project is the integration of many actual Microsoft services and brands into one big entertainment & media service (Zune+WinMo+MediaCenter+Xbox). What it basically means is that for example, a Windows Mobile phone (or should I say Windows Phone) will be able to access the Zune Marketplace (music, apps, videos), sync content directly with Win7 Media center etc. Lituus got word that :

Zune HD & Zune Software v4 coming September 9, 2009.
Media Center integration announcements for cable, satellite, and IPTV feeds coming September 9th.
Media Center & WinMo 6.5 synergy with Zune coming September 9th.
WLMM v7 demo coming September 9th, expected demo of exporting to unnamed portable devices.
My source guarantees that a final version it will definitely be available before Win7 GA.
Live Mesh/Sync/Devices (whatever the branding) v1 is coming soon (dude wouldn’t give me a date), in more places than you can imagine. Applets are coming to Marketplace.

Everything seems to be falling in place. Personaly I’m not so sure about the WinMo 6.5 and Zune synergy thing, I may be surprised though. Remember that ad agency McCann Erickson is already working on the Pink campaing. Windows Mobile 7 and SilverLight Mobile won’t be talked about until PDC09 (I heard the same thing a couple of months ago)

Source: Engadget & Limacon

BlackBerry Storm 2 pictured, WiFi on board

New pictures of RIM’s Storm 2 have been leaked today. Unlike the original Storm the new one has WiFi support as seen in one of the pics below. Design is in line with it’s predecessor, the only notable change we can see is the 4 buttons which have been replaced 4 capacitive controls.


Zune HD browser hands-on

Yup another Zune HD hands-on. This time centered around the IE Mobile browser. Cnet‘s Donald Bell posted a couple of picture of the browser in action.

That last shot shows off another feature Microsoft has been keeping under wraps–Bing. Yep, the Zune HD’s Web browser includes a search button for instant queries using the Bing search engine. Granted, it’s not an earth-shattering or completely unexpected announcement, but it’s one more detail for all the Zune fans and haters to sink their teeth into.

Bing search

Head over here to see more shots

New Zune HD hands-on with browser shots!

Yahoo Tech just posted a new Zune HD hands-on with a couple of pictures showing the interface and for the first time the IE Mobile browser in action! Here’s what is said about it:

I also gave the Zune HD’s much-vaunted Web browser a brief spin, and I liked what I saw. Based on the Windows Mobile version of Internet Explorer (not my favorite mobile browser, mind you), the Zune’s full-screen browser handled full HTML pages—including the tricky Yahoo! Tech home page—with ease, and you can zoom in and out of Web pages using two-finger multitouch gestures, such as “pinching.”

Looks like Microsoft has a winner! Windows Mobile 7 can’t come soon engough..

Go check the full preview here

Zune HD prices leaked

More Zune HD news for you today. This time it’s the price of the 16Gb & 32Gb versions of the player.
Gizmodo got their hands on what looks like pictures of Best Buy inventory system showing that:
ZuneHD 16Gb: 220$
ZuneHD 32Gb: 290$

Doesn’t look too expensive to me.

UPDATE: Amazon just leaked the prices too :


Source: Gizmodo