HTC Whitestone and Mega pictured for the first time

WMexperts got heir hands on what looks like final renderings of the upcoming HTC Whitestone which should come to Verizon this fall and the low-end HTC Mega.

HTC Whistone

HTC Whistone

Qualcomm 7600 @ 528MHz
3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen
5-megapixel autofocus camera/Anti-handshaking
gpsOne (aGPS and full GPS)
GSM/CDMA World phone

Contrary to what is said at WMExperts, the Whitestone is not the Touch Diamond 2. This phone has a 3.6″ screen and as you can see on the render, has a buton at the center with a little TV on it. This buton is either dedicated to launch a Verizon V-Cast application to watch TV or an other TV related services (it may have a DBV-T tuner). The phone also has a kickstand on the back side as seen on this early render:

The second phone is the HTC Mega which should take the place of the current HTC Viva in HTC’s product line. It will run the new updated HTC TouchFlo2D.


Qualcomm 7225@ 528 MHz
2.8-inch QVGA (240×320)
3-megapixel fixed-focus camera

Source: WMExperts

Better video of the Zune HD UI in action

Here’s another video shot during the GDGT event in SF a few days ago. This time we can really see the UI running smoothly on the superb AMOLED screen:

Microsoft is building custom Windows Mobile 7 UIs for mobile operators

Following the success of the T-Mobile Shadow which had a custom build T-Mobile UI made by Microsoft, Redmond is planning to do the same with Windows Mobile 7 next year. Here’s what I found in a job description on Microsoft’s careers site:

The final responsibility of our group will be working with mobile operators to deliver a unique windows mobile experience that seamlessly integrates the mobile operator’s services (such as voicemail services, video-on-demand services, and navigation services for instance). Microsoft experimented with this back in 2007 with the introduction of the T-Mobile Shadow (). That was a great success and with WM7 we will be expanding this effort to more operators. Because of this we will be working heavily on creating custom user interfaces, so passion around UI and graphics programming is a must.

Read the whole thing here

T-Mobile Touch Pro2 price revealed



Engadget got tipped on the upcoming price of the HTC Touch Pro2 which should be available on T-Mobile the august 12th. It should cost you 299 on a 2 year contract and 599 free from contract.

Source: Engadget

Official Facebook app coming soon to Android images leaked

Looks like we are really get close to the release of the official Facebook application for Android. LeakDroid found three screenshots that I’m posying below.No release date is known but it shouldn’t be too long IMO.

It definitaly looks better than the official facebook app on Windows Mobile.

Source: LeakDroid