First Nokia E72 review

As usual the boys over at Mobile-Review are the first to get their hands on Nokia’s latest Qwerty smartphone the E72. The successor to the best selling and highly regarded E71 doesn’t seem much different from the outside besides the slight redesign of the back, 5Mpix camera and 3.5mm jack. The reviewer noted that the handset felt snappier than the E71 thanks to the new ARM11 600Mhz cpu and the upgrade RAM and had around 20% battery life. This phone is a must have IMO, I just hope that Symbian^4 will have totaly revamped UI comared to S60.

You can read the whole review here

Source: NokiaExperts

Twitter is down because of DoS attack

twitter_logoYup, Twitter’s been down for more than an hour. It looks like it’s being hit by a serious DoS attack.

I’ll update this post as soon as more info is available.

Update: Looks like Twitter is back up!
Update2: Down again..

Windows Mobile 6.5 emulator images and SDK released

Thanks to Omniafans who have spotted that Microsoft released the WM 6.5 SDK nearly a month ago on the low (but my guess is that it was already available to registered msdn devs and only been up for the public recently). Here’s what the whole package includes:

Emulator Images, Gesture APIs, and Samples for Windows Mobile 6.5
The Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6.5. This document contains important information about this package. For general information about writing software for Windows Mobile, please see the Windows Mobile Developer Center. The Windows Mobile 6 SDK must also be installed in order to use any of the Windows Mobile 6.5 Gesture API or samples. Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit comes with the following Emulator Images:
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Square Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional QVGA Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional WQVGA Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional VGA Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional WVGA Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Square Emulator
Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard QVGA Emulator
Available locales:
0804 CHS Chinese Simplified
0409 USA English
0407 GER German
040c FRA French
0410 ITA Italian
0c0a ESN Spanish
0411 JPN Japanese

A new set of APIs is being introduced that will enable application developers to take advantage of the new Windows Mobile 6.5 touch gesture framework. The gesture APIs allow an application to handle touch gesture input and provide a visually consistent experience with the rest of the device UI. Note that the gesture APIs are only available on the Windows Mobile Classic and Professional SKUs.

Grab it here

Opera Mobile coming to Android

Not much is known besides this quote from Opera’s CEO Jon von Tetzchner ( :

“Yes, we are working on an Android version,”

Opera Mobile is without a doubt the bast browser on Windows Mobile (it’s the default browser on all HTC phones) and is quite good on S60 too. Now Opera Mobile’s market share in the mobile space is still not set in stone given the the fact that Microsoft is finally waking up in regards to IE Mobile I doubt the the boys in Redmond will let ODM/OEM ship Windows Mobile 7 phones with Opera set as default and also the arrival of Symbian^4 next year. Going for Android is a logical step for Opera, but will it pay off?

Nokia to kill S60 UI compatibility with Symbian^4


TamsS60 got a chance to sit down with Symbian Foundation’s David Wood to talk about the future release of Symbian^4. What came out of this Q&A is that ^4 UI will be Qt (Orbit) based and that will become the preferred programming environment for many parts of S60 app development. The plan is that the current “S60 Avkon” APIs for the UIs of applications will be phased out. Here’s quote from the article:

Will the Symbian UI be changed significantly in the future? Will this endanger binary compatibility?
There will be significant changes – both incremental and (in the case of the transition to Symbian^4) revolutionary. There will be a large break in binary compatibility with Symbian^4 (emphasis by editor). Such a step is not taken lightly, but it seems to be the emerging view of the Symbian community that the large benefits of this break will outweigh the undeniable drawbacks.

D.Wood added that S60 devs shouldn’t worry for the near future as S60 will continue: there are huge amounts of non-UI APIs, which will be available to developers from S^4 onwards.

Read here and here

Qik on Android gets updated with speed sharing & video editing

The popular mobile video sharing sharing service Qik just rolled out an update to the Android version of the application. This new version brings two new features to the table, on-device video editing a speed sharing to simplify video sharing with your contacts.

The Qik Speed Sharing bar makes it fast and easy to let friends know you’re live or send a recorded video.
You can now create shortcuts to select friends or family members from your phone contact list and place those shortcuts on the Speed Sharing bar that appears in the bottom of the screen. These can be either SMS or email contact details. The text messages are sent through Qik servers, saving you any possible charges from your mobile provider on SMS. The Speed Sharing area also displays those networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, for which the user has enabled sharing.

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How to use custom icons in Windows Mobile 6.5

The Windows Mobile team added a new article on their blog,this time helping application developers to use custom PNG icons for the apps in WM6.5. Icons in Windows Mobile has always been tricky because of the many devices and different screen resolutions on the market.

If you plan to distribute your application via Windows Marketplace for Mobile (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t) the requirements document requires that you use a 45 x 45, 60 x 60, or 90 x 90 Start screen icon for your application. This post will cover how to use PNG files as icons in the Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Start screen. For information on creating PNG icons, see my previous post on Creating
Custom Icons for Windows Mobile 6.5.

Read the full artcile here

LG BL40 hands-on preview


The lucky russian boys over at Mobile@Mail.Ru got a chance to play with LG’s latest and coolest gadget, the BL40. A big part of the preview focus on the new implementation of the S-Class UI in regards to the 21:9 screen on the phone. It seems like LG did a good job in this case and really polished the user experience this time around. Another interesting info is the price, 800$ without a contract..ouch.

Read the whole preview here

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