Nokia drops Symbian from N Series after Nokia N8, Meego to replace it

According to Cnet Australia, the company has apparently decided that the Nokia N8 will be the last N Series handset to run the Symbian operating system and that all future N devices will be based on the Meego OS (formerly known as Maemo… Can’t say I”m surprised especially after seeing how the Finish giant has a hard time modernizing it’s symbian OS (especially in terms of UI performances and UX). Symbian ^3 and Symbian^4 arnet”t completely out of the door thought. Nokia plans to use it on more mass market (mid-end) devices.

According to the Nokia peeps we spoke to, the N8 will be the last N-series to run on Nokia’s Symbian platform; all N-Series from here on will run MeeGo. This leaves Symbian (in its current version 3 and the future version 4) on Nokia’s X- and E-series devices, with the budget-conscious C-series making use of the existing Series 40 platform. The N9 will be the first MeeGo device, but with the N8 shipping at the end of Q3 or early Q4 it’s hard to say whether the N9 will see the inside of phone stores before the end of the year.

Source: Cnet

Android 2.1 on the Nokia N900


After the proof of concept video of Android on the N900 we saw a couple months ago some folks decided to start the NITDroid project to get Android 2.1 fully functional on Nokia’s N900 and N800 Maemo5 devices. The video shows the device booting up the Android OS and general functionality currently up an running. Foo more info head over to the Nitdroid page here.

Source: NITDroid & MaemoTalk

Nokia & Intel announce MeeGo Mobile OS

Nokia and Intel have just announced that the Maemo and Moblin OS are now merging and becomming MeeGo. The keynote is still underway so I will post more about that later on. You can now go to to get some more information. Release date is set at Q2 2010. Qt will be used to develop on Meego.

Firefox Mobile for Maemo5 (Nokia N900) now available

Following the RC1 release less than a month ago here comes the final bersion of Firefox mobile for Nokia’s Maemo platform (Nokia N900). Just like its bigger brother the mobile version of Firefox supports add-ons like like AdBlock Plus, URL Fixer, TwitterBar (there are currently more than 40 Firefox add-ons available for mobile).

- Awesome Bar – Go to your favorite sites in just a couple of keystrokes with intelligent and personalized searching

- Weave Sync – Sync your Firefox tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between your desktop and mobile device for a seamless browsing experience

- Add-ons – Customize your Firefox by adding small pieces of functionality, like games and news readers, that help make the mobile Web browser your own

- Location-Aware Browsing – Get maps and information relevant to your location
Tabbed browsing – View open tabs as thumbnails to easily identify and select the Web page you’d like to go to next

- Safe Browsing – Get an Instant Web Site ID and easily access and edit security settings
Available in more than 30 languages and counting

Head over here for more info. You can download firefox mobile for the N900 here.

Source: Mozilla Blog

Second Nokia N900 OTA update released

Hot on the heels of the minor update released two days ago here comes the first major software update for the Nokia N900. The 2.2009.51-1 firmware is around 90MB and can be download OTA or on your PC (then use Nokia’s Software Updater to install it on the device). Here’s what’s new:

First up is support for the Swiss keymat variant with hardware and virtual keyboard layouts supporting the combination of German, Italian and English characters. We’ll also see full compatibility with certain SIM cards from network operator 3. Although only a small number of SIM cards were impacted at the time, this release means the N900 is now fully compatible with 3 SIM cards.

Mail for Exchange also sees an update which will it allow it to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This should bring the possibility of Exchange integration to a much broader group of users.

Ovi Maps also gets the update treatment, with improvements made to search performance and route calculation. Beyond these major changes come a range of smaller usability improvements which have been worked into the release and are based on the excellent user feedback the team have received (keep it coming).

Source: Nokia

Enable Portrait mode in the Nokia N900 browser

So far only two application on the Nokia N900 can run in portrait mode: the phone dialer and the photo album (unless you encounter this software glitch). Things have changed thanks to who found out how to enable it in the browser. To enable portrait mode just launch the browser and press CTRL-SHIFT-O on the keyboard:

The feature will stilll be enbabled even after rebooting the device, just press the three keys again to disable it.

Source: TheNokiaBlog

Nokia’s OVI store is now live on the N900

Nokia’s OVI Store (the company’s application store) is now availalbe on the N900 Maemo5 smartphone following yesterday’s OTA update. Users can now access it through the browser or directly in Maemo 5 (you’ll launch the same OVI store app in either casses) and download application directly to their N900.

Source: Nokia Coversations

First Nokia N900 OTA update pushed out

N900 users should expect to see a small update being pushed to their devices in the next 24 hours according to Nokia. The update is meant to prepare the N900 for the opening othe the Maemo Ovi Store (some users are already reporting that the store is up and running..).

Source: Nokia Conversations

Home Run Baseball OpenGL ES game on the Nokia N900 video

Here’s a short hands-on video of an upcoming OpenGL ES game on the Maemo 5 powered Nokia N900:

The game isn’t out yet but should be available through Nokia‘s OVI store in the coming month. Hopefully the slightly sluggish performance seen in the video will be fixed by then .

source: FoneArena

Firefox for Maemo RC1 released

To start of the new year Mozilla just released the RC1 of Firefox for Meamo so all you lucky N900 (& N810) user cantry it out. You can check out the changelog here.

To help bring in the new year, Mozilla has released the first release candidate of Firefox for Maemo. If you’ve already got beta 5 installed on your N900 or N810, you will be receiving a software update shortly. Otherwise, if you’re viewing this on your device, you can install it from here.

As always, we’ve provided unbranded Fennec desktop builds on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can use these if you don’t have a Maemo device or to aid in addon-on development.

We’ve improved text rendering, added new hooks for add-on developers, and continued to polish the application. We’ve addressed many N900 specific issues, including installing to /opt and the fixing the symbol picker.

Head over to to download it.

Source: Mozilla Blog via IntoMobile

Nokia promises improved user experience on Symbian & first Maemo 6 device in 2010

Nokia is finally waking up it seems, according to the press release of today’s Nokia Capital Market’s Day, the N°1 phone company is set to deliver a whole lot of good stuff next year:

Nokia Devices & Services operational priorities
In addition to providing its key financial targets, Nokia also outlined key Devices & Services operational priorities for 2010. These are:
- Improve our user experience;
- Re-engineer our Symbian user interface; deliver a major product milestone before mid-year 2010, and another major product milestone before the end of 2010;
- Deliver our first Maemo 6-powered mobile computer, with an iconic user experience, in the second half of 2010;
- Significantly increase the proportion of touch and/or QWERTY devices in our smartphone portfolio;
- Scale up our Services business by expanding geographically and in partnership with more operators;
- Provide third party developers with better tools to create applications and content for our Ovi ecosystem;
- Further optimize the industry’s lowest cost end-to-end business model in Mobile Phones; and
- Continue to build on our affordable and localized services offerings for emerging market consumers.

So we can basically expect two major updates to Symbian next year (the first around mid-2010 and the second at the end of the year) which is a good thing and quite similar to what Microsoft is doing with WM 6.5 and WM7. The other interesting part is that they are planning to ship the first Maemo 6 device next year, but there’s no mention of other Meamo 5 devices. The question is, Will the N900 be the only Meamo 5 device? Is Nokia only planning one Meamo device for 2010?

Source: Nokia

Software glitch enables protrait mode on Nokia N900

As you probably already know, the Nokia N900 supports portrait mode only in two applications, the phone dialer and the photo album. Nokia already announced that an upcoming update to Maemo 5 should enable this rendering mode across more parts of the OS. In the mean time it seems that a software glitch actually makes it possible to uses the phone in portrait according to the following video posted by Guyver on the forums.

I probably cant recreate it again, but i just tilted the phone to launch the phone app then slide up the screen and closed the phone app.


Nokia N900 unboxing video and pictures

N900 unboxing
MyNokiaBlog has uploaded the following detailed unboxing video of the Nokia N900, he’s also posted a fairly extensive picture gallery of the device and all the accessories include in the retail packaging.

Looks sexy and responsive, Maemo 5 looks like a winner IMO. Can’t wait to get my hands on it (if it ever comes out at a decent price).

Source: My Nokia Blog

Nokia N900 FM transmitter demo

The Nokia N900 is currently one of the most feature rich smartphone on the market (and a multi-tasking monster) and here’s a short video that proves it.Tthe Maemo 5 team did a video demonstrating the FM tranmitter which enables you to listen to music played on your N900 directly in you car without hooking it up.

Source: YouTube

More Nokia N900 multi-tasking madness: 28 apps running

Remember the previous video of the Nokia N900 running 12 applications at the same-time without breaking a sweat ? Well check this new one out, this time the devices is cruising with 28 apps running simultaneously:

Wow, do we have a smartphone multi-tasking record here ? Maemo 5 seems to have some pretty good memeory management.

Source: My-Symbian

Nokia N900 officially available in the US today for $649

US Nokia fans can rejoice, the N900 is now officially available in Nokia‘s flagship stores for $649 or on Amzon for $549. The Maemo 5 smartphone is the one the best phones currently available on the market and features what is said to be the best mobile browser, you check out all the N900 coverage here.

Nokia today announced that the highly anticipated Nokia N900 is now on sale in the United States and shipping to consumers who jumped on the opportunity to be among the first to pre-order the Maemo-powered mobile computer. With the Linux-based Maemo platform and with multiple ways to connect to the Internet, the Nokia N900 enables users to be online as it happens with a powerful computer in the palm of their hands.

“Consumers from every segment of the population are looking for more out of their mobile device – more power, more ability, more connectivity. The Nokia N900 ushers in a new era with a very powerful mobile computer,” said Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President, Retail Sales, Nokia. “With an open source operating system, incorporated technology like an OMAP processor, and real time web widgets, the Nokia N900 delivers the experience of a pocketable computer that has the information you’re looking for right there waiting for you thanks to the ability to be connected just about anywhere.”

With the Linux-based Maemo operating platform, 32GB of storage and multiple options of connectivity including access for 3G data networks, consumers no longer need to leave everything that makes them them – their email, favorite websites, social communities, images, music – anywhere but on their Nokia N900. With the Nokia N900, you don’t have to worry about missing that next great moment.

Additionally, with the ability to multitask several applications or web browsers at once, the Nokia N900 allows for users to eliminate boredom wherever they go. Surfing several web pages while listening to music while talking on instant message with friends – all at the same time – couldn’t be easier.

Maemo software is based on an open source platform and allows for a variety of different applications to be developed – from home brew to commercial and everything in between; such as podcasting, Twitter and instant messaging applications. Consumers and developers can join the conversation with other members and Nokia employees by visiting

With a web browser based on Mozilla technology, the Nokia N900 allows consumers to access a world wide web that is more computer-like than before. Consumers can view their favorite websites, use drop down menus, watch Flash videos and access the web on a mobile device screen thanks to support for Adobe Flash 9.4 and gesture support within the Nokia N900 web browser.

The Nokia N900 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard and enables consumers the ability to personalize up to four different home screens as they wish. One can be work related with a calendar widget and contacts application while another can be favorite bookmarked web pages while yet another can be set to show popularsocial networks.

The Nokia N900 retains Nokia’s legacy of high quality imaging with a five megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash along the ability to share those images and videos straight from your device to services such as Ovi Share. With Ovi services like Maps and Files, the Nokia N900 allows users access to their Ovi account right from their device.

The Nokia N900 is available in a black finish and will retail for USD 649 through Nokia Flagship stores in New York and Chicago, and various independent retailers and e-tailers including For more information and high resolution images, please visit

Source: Nokia

Nokia N900 reviewed and loved

N900 review french
Here’s a French review of Nokia‘s latest Maemo 5 smartphone the N900. I must say that I learned something new, I didn’t know that the volume buttons can be used to zoom-in & out in the browser and the photo album, nice touch IMO. Here’s the video walkthrough:

I can’t stop being impressed by this device everytime I see it in action. You can check out the whole review here (translation). According to reviewer the only negative points of this phone are the poor battery performance & weight.

Source: Mobinaute

Push it to the limit: Nokia N900 extreme multi-tasking video

N900 multitask
Here’s a Nokia N900 stress test video similar to the HTC HD2 video posted a few days ago demonstrating the multi-tasking capabilities of the device. You’ll see the N900 running 12 apps at the same time (all with the music player running in the background) without crashing or lagging too much. It will be interesting to see how Apple will implement real multi-tasking in the future iPhones (or iPhone update) if they finally decide to do it.

Source: YouTube

The Nokia N900 is officially shipping today

The long awaited Nokia N900 is officially starting to ship now in and should land in Europe, Middle-East, Russia & North America in a couple of days. The N900 is Nokia’s first Maemo 5 (linux) based smartphone and in my opinion one of the their most exciting devices in a while. Click here to check out our coverage.

Source: Reuters via Conversations Nokia