How is Nokia’s Ovi Store going to be integrated into the Microsoft Marketplace?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since the Microsoft & Nokia partnership was announced. The press release stated that “Nokia’s content and application store would be integrated with Microsoft Marketplace for a more compelling consumer experience.” I quickly assumed that this would simply mean that Nokia will have its own section the Windows Phone Marketplace similar to other OEMs and that the Ovi Store which contains Symbian applications will be slowly fazed out in the coming years once Nokia finally ships only Windows Phone based smartphones.
Sounds logical, right? Why would the current Ovi Store be integrated into the Microsoft Marketplace given that it’s only filled with content and applications that are not compatible with Microsoft’s products? Well, I tried to dig around and came across ad Microsoft Job ad that mentions the following:

The Commerce Services development team in Windows Phone Services will develop the service software to power the shared application marketplace for Nokia and Microsoft alliance. You will explore, prototype and design the integration between two marketplaces. Your job will entail creating a consistent set of APIs, workflow systems, and data systems. You will partner with end-user experience teams to deliver seamless developer and end-user experience. You will get exposure to worldwide developer demands hungry to create 1000s of applications for the application marketplaces. Take this job and make history with your awesome contributions.

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Silverlight headed to the Xbox. But Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about it yet

Something weird just happened on Microsoft’s Careers website today. The company has posted a couple of new job ads related to Silverlight earlier this morning. Nothing out of the extraordinary right? Well, when I saw them (tweeted here) nothing catched my eye but apparently there was another version that was later corrected up on the site a few minutes earlier which mentions that Silvlerlight coming to Xbox in the next wave (update?). Microsoft supposedly later corrected the original and erased all mentions of the console. Read the two versions after the break:

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Windows Phone Services: The key to Microsoft’s success in the mobile market?

I was looking at Microsoft‘s Jobs ads today and noticed a couple new openings in the E&D division related to a newly formed Windows Phone team called: Windows Phone Services. Here’s the description:

The WPS team is a newly formed team within Windows Phone Engineering focused on delivery of innovative services that light up Windows Phones. We are passionate about delivering world-class services to our users and partners. We take a long term view of engineering, and invest in software engineering quality and productivity along with service delivery consistency and scalability.

What kind of services are they talking about? The first thing that comes to mind is services similar to myPhone, Bing or the Marketplace, but there are already development teams dedicated to both of these services. Another piece of info can be found in a second Job posting:

The Windows Phone Services(WPS) is in charge of the next generation connected mobile services for Windows Phones. We’re going head to head with iPhone, Android and other key players in mobile – we’re all in to win and mobile services is will take us there. We’re on the cusp of a big release with Windows Phone 7 and planning for next release is well under way. This is an exciting time to join a stellar team with a big charter and make a difference that will echo through the world.

As you can see in the quote above Microsoft thinks that these new “next generation” services are going to help them go against the competition and one of the most intersting info is also the mention that the work/planning of the next Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8?) is already well underway.

Here’s another quote describing the Windows Phone Services:

The Windows Phone Service team is at the frontier of Microsoft’s effort to fight back and dominate the mobile market. Our goal is to create unprecedented mobile user experience powered by innovative services. We are passionate about delivering world-class services to our users and partners. We take a long term view of engineering, and invest in soft engineering quality and productivity along with service delivery consistency and scalability.

And a last one:

This team will develop the services to work with mobile operators to advance our commerce offerings. You will offer independent thinking and develop high quality services to work with worldwide network of mobile operators. You also will be exposed to the challenging opportunities that are part of being in a highly competitive industry for the phone services. You will create the software that your mom, grandma, friends, and the 5-year old niece will use and appreciate.

Now the question is: Will Microsoft talk about these services anytime soon and are some of them already included in Windows Phone 7? One thing is for sure though; Microsoft isn’t getting out of the mobile market any-time soon.

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Confirmation: Xbox Live coming to Windows Mobile, LG still on board

As we have seen a few weeks ago, Microsoft is definitely working on making Windows Mobile a gaming platform. I just found out 2 interesting job ads:

Principal Program Manager – LIVE Engagement Job

Xbox LIVE involves a lot more than building software. It’s about changing the way people have fun, interact and live. Help us create and deliver the most advanced online entertainment service on the planet. At Xbox LIVE, we’re accelerating the trend towards connected, social interactive entertainment by designing incredibly rich, multi-platform game and community experiences. We’re connecting players via the LIVE services on new devices beyond the console. We need a Principle Program Manager who can help drive the platform and bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to Windows Mobile. This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences “LIVE Enabled” through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences.

Software Test Engineer

We need great people to bring our big vision to life. Are you a gamer? Do you want to work on the fun stuff? Do you think mobile gaming and always connected internet has the potential to change the way people play games? If so then the Mobile Entertainment is where you need to be.

We are looking for a Software Development Engineer in Test who knows what it means to develop high quality software in a challenging, complex eco-system. As an SDET on our team you will have the opportunity to work in a team of very talented engineers that solve difficult problems every day. The focus area of this team is our full end-to-end gaming experience, and it’s our teams challenge to ensure the highest level of quality and fun in all aspects of that experience.

The other piece of news is that Microsoft is still working closely with LG on future Windows Mobile 7 devices (there is a Microsoft-LG team) .

SENIOR Software Development Engineer

As part of the fast growing Mobile Device Strategy and Commercialization (MDSC) division in Windows Mobile, we are working on the coolest Windows Phones on the planet! This role is part of a dedicated team within MDSC working directly with a top Korean cellular phone manufacturer, who has made a large commitment to Windows Mobile.

We are looking for a strong and experienced developer to help the OEM to design and develop applications that make their devices stand out in the marketplace. You will also help them to bring new phones to market. As you work on these cool new devices, you will be in a unique position to evaluate and provide feedback on the Windows Mobile platform that will lead to higher device stability and quality. Close collaboration with internal terms and external OEM partners will be essential for success in this role.

Can’t wait to see what Microsoft is cooking with Windows Mobile 7.

Zune Marketplace coming to Windows Mobile

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft is working on integrating the Zune services into Windows Mobile and this following Job ad kind of confirms that Microsoft is planning to bring the Zune Marketplace to WinMo (and Europe), the only remaining question is, When ?

The Entertainment & Devices Division (“E&D”) is seeking an experienced business development professional to drive European content licensing in digital music. This is an exciting opportunity to make a high-impact contribution as part of a rapidly growing business in digital entertainment. The position will support E&D divisions including Zune, Xbox and Windows Mobile.

Read the full ad here

Is this part of Project Pink ?

Microsoft has a special Windows Mobile LG Team

Remenber that Microsoft/LG deal signed back in Feabruary at MWC ? Well it looks like things are getting serious in Redmond. As I’ve found out in a Job ad, Microsoft has a Windows Mobile LGE Commercialization team:

At Mobile World Congress this year Microsoft and LG Electronics announced an alliance making Windows Mobile the primary Smartphone platform for LG Electronics. The WM LGE Commercialization team is looking for a talented technical instructional designer with knowledge in design and delivery of Windows Mobile technical training. You will be responsible for supporting the strategic plan, creating, evaluating, and sometimes delivering the LGE specific Windows Mobile new hire and ongoing training programs.
You will work with the training team, internal developer, and external groups to develop the LGE engineers on-boarding and future training programs. The training topics will include; Windows Mobile Software Development, Engineering Processes, Developer Tools, Debugging, etc. All training must be mapped and measured against the defined success metrics that will result in achieving our aggressive business objectives.

The full ad here

Last I heard is LG is working on smartphones using nVidia’s Tegra SoC.

Also check out this “confirmation” that Zune Marketplace is coming to Windows Mobile.

More Windows Mobile 7 Team jobs

Here’s a little follow up the previous job postings. This time Microsoft is seeking for internal tester for the Windows Mobile 7 browser and search teams:

The Windows Mobile 7 Search team is looking for a strong and experienced Software Development Engineer in Test to join the team developing our next generation of Search for mobile devices. There will be significant cross group interactions with the Bing team, so you should have experience with working cross team on complex engineering initiatives. This position requires a strong passion for testing and a deep technical problem solving skills.

The Windows Mobile 7 Browser team is looking for a strong an experienced software test lead to own the team testing our next generation mobile internet developer tools and the underling document object models supporting those tools. You will be responsible for a team of test engineers building and testing the next generation IE mobile programming interfaces and tools. There will be significant interactions with the Desktop IE team and so you should have experience with working cross team on complex engineering initiatives. This position requires a strong passion for testing and a “love the customer” attitude to deliver a high quality developer tools.

An MSN team job ad also hints at Windows Mobile 7:

You are joining the effort in its early stage. Your job includes defining the vision for the long run as well as the focus for the first deliverable. You own all major aspects of the first version, but you draw on the experience of a solid PM team that has shipped many products on many platforms, and work with a very experienced dev team dedicated to this product. You also drive relationships with partner teams such as Seadragon and Photosynth in Live, Virtual Earth in MSN and various image and voice recognition technology partners in research, as well as teams in MSN and Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft is building custom Windows Mobile 7 UIs for mobile operators

Following the success of the T-Mobile Shadow which had a custom build T-Mobile UI made by Microsoft, Redmond is planning to do the same with Windows Mobile 7 next year. Here’s what I found in a job description on Microsoft’s careers site:

The final responsibility of our group will be working with mobile operators to deliver a unique windows mobile experience that seamlessly integrates the mobile operator’s services (such as voicemail services, video-on-demand services, and navigation services for instance). Microsoft experimented with this back in 2007 with the introduction of the T-Mobile Shadow (). That was a great success and with WM7 we will be expanding this effort to more operators. Because of this we will be working heavily on creating custom user interfaces, so passion around UI and graphics programming is a must.

Read the whole thing here

Microsoft building new Messaging foundation into Windows Mobile 7

More Windows Mobile 7 hints are coming our way these past days. This time I found an intersting job ad on Microsoft’s careers web site. It looks like the boys in Redmond are building from scratch a new messaging foundation into Windows Mobile 7 and beyond. Whatever that means I don’t know but if I had to guess I’ll would say that it’s probably related to social-media integration into WM7 and some Live Mesh too…
Here’s the full job description:

We’re looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test Lead to lead the WM7 messaging team. The team is building the messaging foundation for the next generation of mobile computing; we want to make communication on your phone easy, engaging and personal. You would be working with cutting edge technology with regard to UX design, and UI automation.

The team is focused on delivering a great consumer experience, and is constantly looking for ways to improve our ability to bring great experiences to market faster. We’ve recently invested in Model Based testing, and are also committed to exploratory testing (using ‘session based testing’ methodologies) to complement our existing test method and tool palette.

We’re building a team for the long term, and are looking for leadership that brings out the best in people; we think there is a lot to learn from test teams in the past; we’ve built out a model and vision for the test team which is built for the long term growth of the group and the test discipline. We need you to help us build out that vision.


Microsoft is looking for a Software Engineer to build a general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones


A recent job ad posted on July 22 reveals that Microsoft is looking for a Principal Dev Lead to build a “general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones” here’s the full job description:

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 700202 5597
Product: Windows Mobile Devices
Division: Entertainment & Devices Division
Would you like to make a critical contribution to mobile computing? Do you enjoy building and leading strong teams? Do you have a passion for graphics and graphical user interfaces?

The Windows Mobile Software team is looking for an extremely senior development lead to manage a small team of highly motivated engineers and deliver a robust, performant, general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones.

In addition to general development leadership responsibilities, the successful applicant will be able to design, communicate and navigate a roadmap for mobile graphics support in current and future Windows Phone operating systems.

Relevant skill-sets include: People Management and Team Building, Operating System API and Runtime development, Command of 2D and 3D Graphics APIs (D3D, OpenGL, DirectDraw, GDI) , Real-Time Rendering/Shading, Window System and Compositor design, Command of performance considerations over various ALU/ bus/GPU topologies.

B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience plus multiple years as a successful line manager or higher required. Familiarity with at least one family of Windows system architecture (3x, NT, CE) preferred

Does it have anything to do with XNA games on ZuneHD/Windows Mobile 7 ? Who knows..

Check it out here