New BlackBerry Storm 2 hands-on video

Here’s another blurry video of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 running firmware version 5.0.0161 which seems to support WiFi and be a bit faster that the previous roms we witnessed before.

Source: CrackBerry

Samsung InstinctQ pictured for the first time

Phandroid posted the first ever pictures of Samsung’s second Android smartphone (the first being the Galaxy i7500). It also looks like it’s the second Android phone sporting a qwerty keyboard. Not much is known other than it probably has an AMOLED display like all of Samsung latest phones. It is rumored to come out on Sprint’s network around October 11.

Source: Phandroid

Samsung Omnia II heading to Germany in October

Samsung’s latest and greatest Omnia II should be available in Germany for €649 unlocked in October and on the T-Mobile network (price isn’t known yet). Word is that it should be loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5 by default.

Source: via WMPoweruser

Windows Live Movie Maker 14 is out


Not really mobile related but I just wanted to share this. We can now finally say that Windows Live Wave 3 has finally been fully rolled out. Windows Live Movie Maker 14 wasn’t part of Redmond’s Wave 3 (only an early beta version was available) because of the fact that it just wasn’t finished. Thankfully for Microsoft it’s now here before the launch of Windows 7. Lots of new features are included, like direct to YouTube upload, support fro HD videos up to 1080p and a smarter storyboard. Head over here to download it the final version (14.0.8091.0730).


For more info head over here

Another HTC TouchFlo 3D 2.6 video

The gals over at Pocketnow have posted a follow up their previous video. This time showing us the new photo album and music player.

Nothing really new compared to yesterday (although this time it’s running on a Diamond2 and not a HTC Touch HD like the German video)

 Source: Pocketnow

Garmin-Asus M20 Nuvifone launched in Taiwan


The Windows Mobile 6.1 M20 Nuvifone from Garmin-Asus has been launched today the local Taiwanese carrier Chunghwa. Sporting a VGA display, 3Mpx cam and Garming GPS navigation app all wrapped in a custom UI it’s unfortunately it’s too little too late in my opinion. Chunghwa is launching the iPhone 3Gs and HTC Hero in the coming days. Good job on the major delay screw up Garmin-Asus.

Source: CENS via Engadget

Windows Mobile 7 pushed to Q4 2010 & second version of Windows Mobile 6.5 in February 2010 ?


Well, this is what Digitimes is actually reporting. They claim to have a source at a handset maker in Taiwan who is stating that Windows Mobile 6.5 is launching on October 1, followed by a more finger optimized version in February 2010 and then Windows Mobile 7 in Q4 2010. They are also saying that Windows Mobile 6.5 will go down in price and be aimed at the low end android market ,while Windows Mobile 7 will compete against the iPhone.

Microsoft plans to adopt a dual platform strategy to promote its Windows Mobile OS (operating system) so as to take aims at both Android- and iPhone-based platforms, according to sources at Taiwan handset makers.

Microsoft is expected to officially launch Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 1, 2009 and add an upgrade version with a touch interface in February 2010, the sources indicated citing Microsoft roadmap.

Microsoft will not phase out Windows Mobile 6.5 from the market but will lower the OS price, when it launches Windows Mobile 7 scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2010, the sources added.

The dual-platform strategy will allow Microsoft to compete with Android-based platform using Windows Mobile 6.5 and also compete with iPhones leveraging Windows Mobile 7, the sources asserted.

I’m doubting the accuracy of the timeline (not the fact that 6.5 & 7 are going to coexist) givin how Windows Mobile 7 is strongly rumored to be on track for a November RTM and also the Feb 2010 launch of a finger optimized 6.5 sounds fishy. As we have seen on the news implementations (HTCMagnifier, etc..) are already on board of the the latest HTC roms. Anything is possible though and Digitimes might be right..

Source: DigiTimes

LG BL40 New Chocolate video hands-on

The lucky chaps over at got a chance to handle LG’s latest premium phone for a little while. The LG BL40 still looks strange, thanks to the really wide 4-inch 21:9 display. They blessed us with a painfully out-of-focus video that you can watch below:

Source: via Engadget