HTC Leo renders confirmed real by leaked Rom

Looks like those funky looking HTC Leo renders may be real. Pocketnow just posted a video of a leaked Leo rom running on a Diamond 2 showing a boot-up animation asking the user to open the phone and insert a sim in it (notice the phone looks exactly like the renders).

We are still waiting for the specs confirmation now. Hopefully it will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 7.

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung Mobile Innovator to allow third party Widget development

Starting today, developers will be able to access a new website dedicated to Samsung’s TouchWiz Widget development for Windows Mobile and feature phones. Similar to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets development can be done using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This will make cross platform development painless and fast.

Unlike complex native languages widget development utilises the comparably simple web authoring technologies HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Once developed they can be run on any Samsung device running the TouchWiz UI, and indeed, with some minor adjustments any platform or device featuring a web run-time engine. This could be a mobile device from another manufacturer, a PC or even an appliance such as a Samsung Series-7 television.

The new TouchWiz portal site will feature tools & SDKs, Discussion boards, articles and emulators.

Source: Samsung via Techmeme

HTC Click and Mega to be launched in Q4 2009

The Economic Daily News (citing Merill Lynch) is reporting that the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Mega and the Android based HTC Click are going to be launch this fall.

The FOB prices of both HTC Mega and Click will be tagged at around US$300 a unit which will help strengthen HTC’s competitiveness in the mid-range segment, the paper cited Merrill Lynch analyst Laura Chen as indicating.

HTC is expecting to see its revenues and shipments grow 11% and 19% in Q4 09 thanks to the launch of these two phones. but things aren’t looking nice in Europe where HTC is expects a decline of 20% as demand for its high-end smartphones (Diamond 2, Hero, Magic, Touch Pro2) is unlikely to improve.

Source: Digitimes

Dell Mini 3i smartphone officially out in China

It’s been long road full of obstacles, but Dell finally managed to launch their Mini 3i OMS smartphone in China. It’s no wonder why mobile operators didn’t want this product. The Specs are just appalling. Only 2G support, no Wifi, OMS os (a custom Android version made by China Mobile), 950mh battery, 3.5″ screen (but we don’t know if it’s capacitive, and it’s rumored to only support 16bit colors).

For more shots and (translated) info click here

Source: Mobile.163 via Cloned in China via Engadget

TomTom finally available on the iPhone, is it a rip-off ?

TomTom has been officially released today on the AppStore for the following prices :

TomTom Iphoneprice

I may seem expensive and it is! But remember that it’s priced exactly the same on Windows Mobile phones. For example the European map pack cost €99 on the iPhone and €99 on Windows Mobile. Tomtom isn’t ripping off iPhone users, the price has always been the same on Windows Mobile. People just thought that because Apps on the AppStore are for the most part a lot cheaper than WinMo apps Tomtom was going to lower their prices.

Here’s a hands-on video :

Source: iTunes link via Engadget