Full upcoming Verizon handsets roadmap leaked

Once again the BGR boys got the hands on some exclusive carrier news. This time it is Verizon‘s upcoming handsets’ release dates and prices. Here’s the full breakdown:

- Samsung Rogue: Aug / $370
- Nokia Twist 7705: Sept / $230
- Samsung Intensity: Sept / $160
- LG Chocolate Touch: Oct / $230
- Motorola Sholes: OCT / TBD
- HTC Razzle/Blitz 2: Oct / TBD (low cost Qwerty device)
- BlackBerry Storm 2: Oct / TBD
- BlackBerry Curve 2: Nov / TBD

There’s no mention of the Samsung Omnia II unfortunately.

Source: BGR

New HTC Mega picture and specs

Ai.rs is on a roll these days. They’ve just posted a new render/picture of the HTC Mega, the company’s upcoming low-end Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone and the specifications of the device. It the same old Qualcomm MSM72XX chipset seen on old HTC devices since the Diamond. The QVGA screen resolution is also disappointing.

source: AI.rs

New BlackBerry Storm 2 hardware tour on video

Here’s what looks like the best BlackBerry Storm 2 video so far. The highlight of the video is the how the new screen technology differs from the one on the previous Storm. this time RIM used piezoelectric tech which looks really amazing. RIM’s seems to be really involved in advancing touchscreen technology lately as seen with this patent application. The video also confirms that WiFi is on board this time. The Storm 2 should be headed to Verizon this fall.

Now only Windows Mobile phones are left with sucky resistive touch panels. This should change this fall with HTC’s upcoming Leo and Firestone capacitive smartphones. HTC has also filed a patent for a magnetic stylus compatible with capacitive touch panels.

Source: Engadget

Zune HD apps and SDK info

It’s going to be a slow news day I guess. Everybody seems to be going gaga over a Zune HD hands-on video (Shot @ Best Buy) showing the “Apps” sub-menu in the Marketplace as if we didn’t already know the the player will have third-party apps/games. The guy who shot the video also claims that the microsoft rep confirm that an SDK will also be launch in the near future. If all goes as planned, apps coded for the Zune HD should also work on future Windows Mobile 7 phones. Here’s the video.

Source: Qik via Engadget