Dell Mini 3i unboxed, ugly capacitive stylus included


Contrary to what we thought Dell’s first Android smartphone is only being launched today in China. As it’s usually the case when a products launch, unboxings pop-up all over the net. Interestingly the Dell Mini 3i ships with a stylus compatible with capacitive touch-panels. It’s similar to the 3rd party iPhone stylus available on the market and is IMO not the precise given the size of the tip. Hopefully HTC will come out with their own tech shortly.


Dell Mini 3ix Android phone hits the FCC

It looks like the Dell Mini 3ix is about to be released in the US. The Company’s first Android phone that launched in China a couple of weeks ago has just passed the FCC regulatory approval. It’s noted that the 3G bands are compatible with AT&T.

Source: FCC via UnwiredView

Dell Mini 3i coming to the US ?

dell mini3

According to CrunchGear Dell is planing to bring Android (oPhone) based Mini3i to the US:

The phone, presumably still in its Chinese trade dress, felt “cheap and plasticky, like the Pre,” according our tipster. He believes it will be upgraded for the American market.

The phone has better hardware than the Chinese version and a slightly better camera – probably 5-megapixel over the Chinese 3-megapixel. It is slimmer than the iPhone and the interface mimics, as seen from this photo, the iPhone’s icon-based launcher UI.

Interestingly, Dell is splintering the Android stack and shipping the phone with modified or missing Android libraries, making it a bit harder to program. The tipster reported that some apps won’t work on this version.

Don’t know about you, but to me this has “FAIL” written all over it. Unless the phone is spectacular I don’t see Dell gaining anything from this (bringing it to the US).

Source: CrunchGear

Dell Mini 3i hands-on pictures

The boys at Sina did it again and this time posted a full hands-on gallery of Dell’s China Mobile smartphone the Mini 3i. This time we have a closer look at the oPhone Android based OS and UI. Hit up the source link to check the whole gallery.

Source: Sina via Engadget

Dell Mini 3i smartphone officially out in China

It’s been long road full of obstacles, but Dell finally managed to launch their Mini 3i OMS smartphone in China. It’s no wonder why mobile operators didn’t want this product. The Specs are just appalling. Only 2G support, no Wifi, OMS os (a custom Android version made by China Mobile), 950mh battery, 3.5″ screen (but we don’t know if it’s capacitive, and it’s rumored to only support 16bit colors).

For more shots and (translated) info click here

Source: Mobile.163 via Cloned in China via Engadget