Swype & Samsung Mobile set new texting world record

Samsung just released this new tv ad for the Omnia II showing Swype intern, Franklin Page, setting a new Guinness World Recording in Texting. The ad was filmed earlier this month in New York, where Page set the Guinness World Record for the fastest text message on a touch-screen mobile phone.

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.” in 35.54 seconds

Ironicaly the Omnia II’s resistive touchscreen is one of the worst I have ever used. If you wish to try the Swype on-screen keyboard head over here for the Windows Mobile version and here for Android.

Source: Youtube & Seattle Times

Google Nexus One vs Samsung Omnia II: Camera quality

Here’s an interesting comparizon between the Google Nexus One and the Samung Omnia II. CareAce compared the camera on the two devices. In the first video below you will how the Camera software works on the Omnia II and the Nexus One:

They also posted a couple of pictures taken with the two handset and 2 video samples. Just head over here to check them all out.

In general, the Omnia II produces a brighter and warmer color scheme, while the Nexus One’s image are relatively clearer and sharper.

Source: CareAce

Verizon Omnia II (SCH-i920) update released

Verizon released a new upadte for their Samsung Omnia II (SCH-920) Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone last week. Users are reporting slightly improved performance in the TouchWiz UI (less lag). To upgrade your device just head over to Verizon’s support page here. But don’t use Windows 7! The phone can only be upgrade from XP or Vista PCs!

Source: Samsung via CareAce via Pocketnow

Samsung Omnia II review and teardown video

Here’s another Verizon Samsung Omnia II (i920) courtesy of Engadget. As it was stated beofre in previous reviews; Samsung’s TouchWiz 2 UI isn’t really the best around especially on Windows Mobile:

True, the Windows Mobile experience varies from phone to phone — so it’s not like we didn’t expect TouchWiz to be all over this thing. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to play with various iterations of Samsung’s beloved UI over the course of the year, from the odd dumphone to the Android-powered Behold II, and the implementation has been at best unremarkable, at worst a major inconvenience. With the Samsung Ultra Touch we encountered a more-than-capable phone that did little to excite us, but would be more than suitable for the target demographic. With the Behold II, we were taken aback: a more than capable OS was rendered less-than-useful by pervasive (and at times ill-considered) skinning. Sadly, it seems that the downward spiral has continued apace with the marriage of TouchWiz 2 and WinMo 6.5.

Read the whole thing here

TechBlog.gr has also posted a short teardown video of the device:

One more video of HTC’s Sense UI running on the Samsung Omnia II

Here’s a new video of a Samsung Omnia II cooked ROM that features HTC’s Sense UI. As you can see performance isn’t that good right now and a couple of features are not yet working:

You can check out the first video here

Source: HDBlog.it

Swype keyboard extracted from Omnia II, try it now

It was just a matter of days before somebody extracts the Swype input keyboard found on Verizon‘s Omnia II. You can now downoload it and try it on your Windows Mobile smartphone, just make sure to backup your device in case something goes wrong. Grab the CAB file here

Source: Modaco via Pocketnow

Verizon Samsung Omnia II reviewed

Omnia II review
PhoneArena just published their review of Verizon‘s Samsung Omnia II (i920) which was released last week. As it’s usually the case with them, they’ve posted a whole lot of pictures of the device, samples etc.. Here’s what they concluded:

So does the Samsung Omnia II i920 deliver? Yes and no. In one aspect, the device is a major upgrade from the original Omnia i910, as it comes with a large AMOLED display, Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro, TouchWiz 2.0, and faster processor. But at the same time other smartphones have been released, such as the HTC Imagio, DROID ERIS, and Motorola DROID, all of which have significantly changed the landscape. Because of this, we feel the Omnia II is a few months late on the scene and doesn’t impress the power-user as much as it would have earlier this summer. This doesn’t take away from the features the device offers, which are many, but the Imagio provides a faster Windows Mobile experience with less lag, while the Android devices are generating a larger following each day. With all of this in mind, we believe the Samsung Omnia II i920 is for the die-hard Windows Mobile user or for the consumer that either needs or is required to have a WinMo device because of their job and to run specific applications on. At this point, the average smartphone user has a selection of better and easier devices to choose from, which isn’t the Samsung Omnia II i920.

That’s what I’ve been saying all along. The release of the Omnia II is a little too late unfortunitely. Head over here to read the full review.

Source: PhoneArena

Video: HTC Sense UI on the Samsung Omnia II

Looks like Samsung Omnia II owner are in for a treat. As you can see in the video below, HTC‘s Sense UI has been ported to the Omnia II. Not everything seems to work in the current build thought. Head over here to get the lastest on the developement progress.

Source: Modaco via Pocketnow

Verizon Samsung Omnia II video review

Chuand over at Pocketnow posted his video review of Samsung’s newly released Omnia II on Verizon:

So what do you guys think of it? Is the Verizon Omnia II an intersting device now that the Motorola Droid is also available? One of the best feature on this device is the visual task-switcher, one has to wonder why HTC doesn’t have one to.

Source: Pocketnow

Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II on video

The Samsung Omnia II is only coming out on Verizon today but it looks like some guys were able to get their hands on a little early:

As I said last time, I think that it’s a bit too late now that the Motorola Droid is out. But if you like resistive touchscreen and Windows Mobile..and TouchWIZ. The hardware re-design those look really nice though.

Source: YouTube via WMPoweruser

Samsung 3W (SPH-M8400) WiBro smartphone launched in South Korea

The Samsung 3W (SPH-M8400 or KT Show) which is a slightly re-designed Omnia II with Wibro (WiMAX) support is now officially out in South Korea. The device is currently only shipping to corporate users but should be available to consumers in mid-December. Specs are nearly identical to the Omnia II with the added WiBro & T-DBM Digital Mobile TV support. It does look like the device is running Windows Mobile 6.1 instead of 6.5 though.

Via: SamsungHub

Xperia X10 vs HTC HD2 vs iPhone vs Omnia II

That’s right, it’s battle time!. The Greek boys at TechBlog.gr posted a size comparison video and picture gallery of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 vs the HTC HD2, iPhone 3Gs, Omnia II.

Makes you realize how big the HD2 screen his IMO.

Update: Check out their full hands-on video here

Source: Techblog.gr

Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II Swype keyboard vs iPhone

Here’s a video showcasing the new Swype on-screen keyboard of the Verizon Omnia II versus the on-screen keyboard of the iPhone:

Swype was developed by the inventor to the T9 predictive texting used on billions of phones worldwide. As you can see in the video you no longer have to press every letter on the keyboard and just Swype your finger from one letter to another, making it faster than conventional type. Currently only available on Windows Mobile (on the Verizon Omnia 2), Swype will launch on an Android smartphone son.

Source: Techcrunch

Verizon officially announces the Samsung Omnia II for $200 on December 2

We already knew it was coming and it’s now offically announced by Verizon. The Samsung Omnia II is set to be avaialbe on December 2 for $200 with contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. As I said earlier, now that the higher speced Motorola Droid is out and at the same price, who would want to get an Omnia II ?

Source: Verizon via Engadget

Verizon Samsung Omnia II spotted in the wild

Not much info, just two blurry pictures of Verizon‘s Omnia II which is finally being released December 2. Notice the slightly re-designed buttons we have seen earlier.

Source: PhoneArena

Samsung Omnia II landing on Verizon December 2

The Samsung Omnia II is finally coming to Verizon on December 2 and with Windows Mobile 6.5 not 6.1 like it was rumored before. The device will be priced at $199.99 on contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. It remains to bee seen if it is going to be successful now that the Motorola Droid is out. It’s a little bit too late unfortunately IMO.

Source: Engadget

TouchFLO 3D ported to the Samsung Omnia II

Looks like Samsung is getting some love this time (you know it’s always about HTC when it comes to WinMo tweaking). HTC’s TouchFLO 3D UI has been ported to the Samsung Omnia II (and Omnia Pro), unfortunately it’s the old 1.3 version which came out a year agon on the Touch HD.

All the info can be found here

While we are on the TouchFLO 3D subject, the latest 2.5 version has been ported to VGA resolution device like the HTC Diamond and Touch Pro. Head over here to get all the juicy bits.


Via: WMPoweruser

HTC HD2 vs Samsung Omnia II size & UI comparison


AreaMobile posted a picture gallery comparison of the HTC HD2 versus the Samsung Omnia II. The first thing you will notice is that HTC’s device is significantly thinner that Samsung’s. The HD2 is obviously larger given the 4.3″ screen compared to the 3.7″ on the Omnia II. A couple of pictures also show the UI differences between the two Windows Phones.

See the whole gallery here

Source: AreaMobile

Samsung Developer Challenge 2009 announced with $100,000 to win

Samsung Developer Challenge 2009
Well, it looks like Samsung is really serious about their Windows Mobile application store. They’ve just launched a developer chanllenge where the winners can win up to $100,000 (the lowest is $2000). The best thing is that the target device is the Samsung Omnia II so we can hopefully expect some nice application (maybe augmented reality apps?).

Chekc it out here

Source: Samsung via CareAce & WMPoweruser