HTC Magic shipping with Sense UI in Brazil

Magic Sense
More than a month after is was “announced” the HTC Magic is finally getting some Sense UI love, in Brazil. If you go to HTC’s Brazilian’s site you’ll see that the Magic is sporting the new Android UI. Is this a sign that HTC is finally going to officially release an update to all HTC Magic (non Google branded) phones worldwide ? Lets hope so.

Source: HTC via Phandroid

Sense UI officially coming to HTC Magic

HTC Magic user rejoice! It looks like HTC has officially announced that the Magic will get the new Sense UI (introduced on the Hero) this october. Here’s what HTC said to Eprice (translated):

In addition, if you bought the Magic before the users do not envy or anger, HTC today also announced that the Magic the previous user, you can in early October to between 10/31 to HTC official website for free download new software, updated to Sense The new interface, we can imagine, in the Magic update, and to narrow the gap between the two has been a big step.

Only the non-google branded HTC magic will be able to get the update due to lincensing issues with Google.

Source: Eprice via Gizmodo