One more Samsung OmniaPro B7610 review

Tracy & Matt just posted their review of Samsung’s Omnia Pro aka B7610. THhe OmniaPro is basically the Omnia II with a sliding keyboard,all other specs are nearly identical (the AMOLED screen is slightly smaller).

So is the Samsung OmniaPro B7610 a decent device? Hell yeah. I found very few things I didn’t like about it. Its a good all rounder with the added bonus of the slide out keyboard. Is it as good as the HTC Touch Pro2? I would say they are pretty much equal. The keyboard on the HTC TP2 is very slightly better but apart from that its a real close call. The camera on the Samsung is better than on the HTC so that may be a deciding factor. Keyboard aside I think deciding which to get may come down to the user interface. If you like TouchWiz and its other options then go for the Samsung. If you prefer TouchFlo 3D on the HTC then that’s the one to get.

You can read it all here

Source: Tracy & Matt

Samsung B7610 OmniaPro reviewed

OmniaPro in hand
The boys at Pocketnow just posted their full review of Samsung’s B7610 OmniaPro a few minutes ago. It doesn’t seem like this device is ever going to make it out of Europe/Asia, so US folks will have to import it. Here are two videos of the device in action:

HomeScreen UI

Software Tour:

For many, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 isn’t an option because it’s only available at a high unlocked price right now. But for those that want an alternative to the Touch Pro2 in the form of a device that has an amazing screen and unbelievable battery life, the B7610 may be just the ticket. But for the rest of us that can get a Touch Pro2 on every major carrier at a lower subsidized price, it makes much more sense to go with the HTC.

The only thing I don’t agree with it that Brandon found the camera to be “mediocre”.Well based on the pictures and the video sample he posted it lloks on par and even better than other high-end smartphone (you know which ones Im talking about…). Read the whole thing here.

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung OmniaPro B7610 unboxing

Brandon at Pocketnow just posted an unboxing video of Samsung’sWindows Mobile OmniaPro which was announced a while ago and still hasn’t hit the market. The OmniaPro B7610 is basically an Omnia II with a sliding-qwerty keyboard (and slightly smaller screen).

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung Omnia Pro (B7610) delayed one more time?

According to Pocketnow who talked to two mobile phone retailers the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 may be finally released this month. Ironically the device was supposed to come out before the Omnia II which is now available all over the world (well not in the US yet). The Giorgio Armani version isn’t out yet AFAIK. Hopefully it will ship with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board.

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung releases Digital Compass API for Windows Mobile devices

Here’s some more news coming out of Samsung this weekend. As we have reported earlier,the Samsung Omnia II has “hidden” Digital Compass, but this fearure wasn’t exposed by any API. Today the south Korea phone maker is releasing an update version of their WinMo SDK for Windows Mobile 6.5. The new SDK exposes the Digital Compass with the new 3D Orientation API:

Updated SDK supports the new Windows Mobile operating system; allows users to develop enhanced applications for Samsung phones

Samsung Mobile Innovator, Samsung Electronics’ support center for mobile application developers, today announced the availability of the latest release of the popular Samsung Software Developer Kit (SDK) which now supports the new Windows Mobile operating system. The SDK, which is available for download on, allows developers to utilize advanced features on Samsung phones running the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. This latest release provides access to the 3D Orientation (compass) and proximity sensor APIs, enabling developers to bring further innovation to Samsung mobiles. The localized SDK 2.0 release for China will be available in late October.

Currently, the SDK allows users to develop applications that utilize features such as the accelerometer, the camera, haptics and LED technology among many others. To date, developers have used the SDK to develop applications to enhance games, develop music applications and create social networking solutions with enhanced usability and features.

Currently, the number one downloaded application available at the recently launched Samsung Applications Store ( is Omniano, a virtual piano playing application developed by Sean Kwon, which puts a grand piano in the users’ hands.

“We have been actively working with developers to understand their needs and provide the functionality and usability that make developing applications a unique and fun process,” said Martin Tannerfors, Director, Samsung Mobile Innovator. “It’s exciting to see how Samsung Mobile Innovator has created a place for developers to collaborate and share new and innovative ideas and openly discuss how we can help develop enhanced SDK tools.”

The following phones are supported in the latest release of the SDK:
GT-I8000 Omnia II
GT-B7300 Omnia LITE
GT-B7330 Omnia PRO B7330
SPH-i350 Intrepid
GT-B7620 Armani
The full list of phones and APIs supported is available at

It’s not known if the all the devices listed here have a Digital Compass (I gues that yes though). The other known Windows Phone with a Digital Compass is the HTC HD2. Now let’s see some nice Augmented Reality apps on WinMo please.

Source: Samsung via MSMobiles

Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Phone Preview

Giorgio Armani
It didn’t take too long until we get the first preview of the newly announced Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. Like I said earlier the phone is basically a rebranded Omnia Pro B7610 so don’t expect anything new in there (other that the pivoting screen & 8Gb of internal memory instead of 1Gb on the B7610). Now that HTC has announced the HTC HD2 it’s hard to get excited about any other in the Windows Mobile device (in terms or specs/feartures and hype/anticipation). Samsung should IMO promote the fact that this phone (like the Omnia II) has a fairly good OpenGL ES 2.0 chipset clocked @ 800Mhz (the S3C6410).

The Samsung Giorgio Armani looks like quite a promising, Windows Mobile powered smartphone. As a whole, we are pleasantly impressed by the personalization pack that the manufacturer seems to have polished to perfection to allow improved ease of use, but we just don’t know if how many people would go for its rather kitschy overall look. If you are looking for a functional, business device that will undoubtedly attract attention, the Samsung Giorgio Armani is definitely your option. We will let you know more about it when we have managed to get our hands on a final, retail unit.

Update: Here’s a hands-on video of the device during the launch event (Thanks Luca) :

Source: PhoneArena

Samsung Giorgio Armani Windows Phone unvieled

Samsung and Microsoft have just unvieled the long rumored Giorgio Armani Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone (Windows Phone). as it was expected the devices has basicalythe same specifications as the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 with one major difference being the sliding qwerty keyboard which pivots 30° verticaly (like the Nokia N97 and HTC Touch Pro2). Check out the video of the launch event below:

Full press release here

Source: Yahoo via Engadget

New Samsung OmniaPRO B7610 design shown in promo video

Looks like the Samsung OmniaPro B7610 is getting a little facelift eventhough it hasn’t been released yet. As seen in the promo video below gone is the center button:

Source: unwired

Samsung Omnia Pro to launch in September in Germany

OmniaPro3 is reporting that Samsung is set to launch their slide-out Qwerty beast in germany in September. The Omnia Pro will probably ship with Windows Mobile 6.1 on board (and be upgradable to WM 6.5 a couple weeks later) and should be priced at €499 unlocked. As reported earlier, the Omnia II will hit Germany in October for €649


Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review

The boys over at GSMArena reviewed Samsung’s latest slide-out qwerty based smartphone running Windows Mobile. With it’s vibrant 3.5″ AMOLED screen and speedy 800Mhz OpenGL ES 2.0 CPU (S3C6410) the Omnia Pro B7610 is in direct competition with the HTC Touch Pro 2. Will the AMOLED screen and speedy processor make up for the shortfalls of the somewhat messy TouchWiz 2 UI ? Looks like this is the question. Do you want HTC’s amzing TouchFlo UI or a faster CPU and AMOLED screen but with a not so good UI ?


Full review here