HTC Droid Eris confirmed on November 6th for $99

Some new Verizon documents that confirm the November 6th launch date and price of the HTC Droid Eris have been leaked today. The only downside is that the phone will run Android 1.5 instead of 1.6 (or even 2.0). Hopefully Verizon will provide an update shortly after release.

Source: Engadget

Google Navigation Reviewed, Good for free but far from perfect

Google Nav review
Gizmodo posted a review of Google’s newly announced Navigation feaures included in Android 2.0. Google’s so called “game changing” free nav software has been taken on a ride for some testing in the streets of NY. The stand-out feature IMO is the nearly flawless integration of Voice command search in the application. It’s Kind-of fascinating to see Google pull this off so nicely when Microsoft has had this feature buried into Windows Mobile since November 2003 (You know that little thing called Microsoft Voice Command) but, in true MS fashion, never talked about it and as usual only a few OEMs took the time to bundle it with their devices. Bing for Mobile also feature Voice Commend since 2008 too, but nobody cares about it. Microsoft’s TellMe app is one a whole other level better but is only officially available on one phone! Anyway Google should really get credit for making this feature perfectly integrated into their OS.

The surprise hit of Google’s new software is the voice command. I said “Navigate to Cloud City” and it quickly launched the navigator, showing me a few options with “Cloud City” in the name. On top was my wife’s favorite coffee shop (home of my favorite BBQ pulled-pork sandwich). I tapped it and got on my way. I have done this with street addresses, store names and categories like simply “barbecue” and it’s worked fine. It’s only when I tried text searching that things got iffy.

According to the Giz the UI is the what disappoints but overall they foud it really impressive.

+ Amazing voice recognition engine

+ Live traffic and alternate route planner

+ Text-to-speech

+ Good routing and fast re-routing

= Satellite view and other views not always useful

- Text search features are overlapping, confusing

- Interface overall needs better flow

- No POI category browsing or “go home” feature

- No multi-stop trip planner

Source: Gizmodo

Bing for mobile browsers now updated at

Microsoft released an update to the Bing for mobile browser at A couple of new features have been added to this new version:

- NFL featuretype a team or player and see upcoming games, stats, and scores. While the game is on, you can get real-time updates on the plays. (U.S. only)

Bing NFL

- Flight statusenter the airline and flight number and get the latest departure and landing times.

Bing Flight Status

- Bing for touch devices

Great news for you touch phone owners in the U.S.: we have a new version of Bing just for high-resolution touch devices. We optimized for touch navigation to make the most of your phone, and added a great new Movies feature. Search for Movies in your city, and you’ll see the movies playing nearby, showtimes, overviews, and even trailers and video clips.
Bing Movies

Keep in mind that bing for mobile browser isn’t Bing Mobile which is a stand alone application for Windows Mobile & BlackBerry devices. The new Windows Mobile version of Bing mobile is supposed to be launched this fall according to the info we got a couple of weeks ago.

Source: Bing dev Blog