HTC releases HTC Hero Android Kernel source code

HTC has finally released what Android devs have been dreaming about for a while, the HTC Hero Kernel source code:
HTC Hero Kernel Source code

You can download it here

Source: HTC

One More HTC HD2 video preview

Here’s one more HTC HD2 video walkthrough, this time in Arabic. Nothing really new in sight, so just sit back and enjoy the show:

Source: YouTube

Amazon Kindle for PC application with Windows 7 multi-touch support announced

Kindle For PC
Amazon just announced the availability of a Kindle application for the PC which also support multi-touch gestures in Windows 7:

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 22, 2009–, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced “Kindle for PC,” the free application that lets readers around the world enjoy Kindle books on their personal computers (PC). The U.S. Kindle Store ( currently offers over 360,000 books, including New Releases and 101 of 112 New York Times Bestsellers, which are typically $9.99 or less. The Kindle Store is the only place to find some of the most popular books of today in digital format. Kindle books can now be read on the Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, and PC.

Kindle for PC features Amazon’s Whispersync technology that automatically saves and synchronizes bookmarks and last page read across devices. Whether you read Kindle books on a Kindle, Kindle DX, or one of the free Kindle applications, you can always have your reading with you and never lose your place. With Kindle for PC, you can read some on your PC, read some on your Kindle, and always pick up right where you left off. Whispersync helped make the Kindle for iPhone application the most popular books app in the Apple App Store.

“Kindle for PC is the perfect companion application for folks who own a Kindle or Kindle DX,” said Ian Freed, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “Kindle for PC is also a great way for people around the world to read the most popular books of today even if they don’t yet have a Kindle.”

With Kindle for PC, readers can take advantage of the following features:

Purchase, download, and read hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store
Access their entire library of previously purchased Kindle books stored on Amazon’s servers for free
Choose from over 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line
Add and automatically synchronize bookmarks and last page read
View notes and highlights marked on Kindle and Kindle DX
Zoom in and out of text with a pinch of the fingers (Windows 7 users only)
Turn pages with a finger swipe (available in a future release for Windows 7 users)
Microsoft demonstrated Kindle for PC for the first time ever at the Windows 7 launch event today in New York City. “Customers have told us that they want access to a wider variety of content and an increasingly diverse set of form factors,” said Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Windows Platform Strategy at Microsoft. “With the announcement of Kindle for PC, Amazon is making its massive selection of Kindle books available on the world’s most widely used platform. The new Kindle for PC’s use of Windows 7 features such as Jump Lists and Windows Touch demonstrates how Windows 7 makes new things possible.”

Kindle for PC takes advantage of capabilities in the new Windows 7, including Windows Touch technology. In addition to Windows 7, Kindle for PC will also be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Kindle for PC will be available to customers around the world as a free download next month. Sign up to receive an email when Kindle for PC is available for download at .

Ironically a couples of days ago everybody laughed at Steve Ballmer for saying that PC’s are the best eBook readers (see here)
Source: Amazon

People lining up outside of retail stores to buy Windows 7

Win7 Line up
Hold on, when was the last time you saw people lining up outside of a retail sore to by a Microsoft product (besides Halo,etc..)? Looks like Windows 7 is going to boost Microsof’st public perception after the PR disaster that was Vista. Now it’s time to finish Windows Mobile 7

Source: Twitter

Samsung i5700 Spica & R860 hit the FCC

Samsung i5700 Spica & R860 FCC
Samsung may be getting ready to officially announce and lauch the i5700 Spica Android smartphone and the yet unknown R860 (it is speculated to be head to MetroPC or Cricket given the 1700MHz AWS connectivity and CDMA/EV-DO support). Both devices have been approved by the FCC this week. See here & here

Source: Unwiredview

Verizon HTC Imagio review

HTC Imagio kickstand
You are currently on Verizon and have to change your phone but can’t wait until the HTC HD2 is released in the US? Well check out the HTC Imagio review posted by Pocketow. Sure it ain’t no HD2 (keep in mind that it probably won’t be available in NA before 6 months) but it’s currelty one of the best Windows Mobile 6.5 phone out (especialy if you take the time to tweak it a little bit) and the only smartphone that support Verizon’s VCast Mobile TV with the Qualcomm FLO TV technology.

The HTC Imagio, for those who prefer the thin, tablet form factor of this Windows phone, offers exceptional value in both hardware and software. On the hardware front, you have a proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA/EVDO radios, GSM/HSPA radios for global roaming, mobile TV antenna, and one of the best resistive touchscreens that I have used. On the software side, the improvements brought by Microsoft in Windows Mobile 6.5 combined with HTC’s TouchFLO 3D optimizations make this a truly customizable, finger-friendly, and useable devices. Power users will be able to enjoy Windows Mobile’s high degree of extensibility while novice users will appreciate the glamor that TouchFLO 3D offers. The only weakness is that add-ons such as visual voicemail, mobile TV, and VZ Navigator, all require additional subscription services. However, the winning, solidly built hardware coupled with the great software and UI customizations earn this device a Chuong’s Pick Editor’s Choice title.

Check the whole thing here

HTC HD2 video review, Multi-Touch support in IE Mobile

The Greek boys over at just posted a video preview of HTC’s Sanpdragon monster the HTC HD2:

Notice that IE Mobile 6 now support multi-touch zooming with text reflow and is quite fast! I’m guessing that this may be running the latest retail ROM?