Google denies Android 3.0 / Gingerbread rumors

As I said yesterday, Eldar Murtazin doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to breaking news and this has once again been the case today when Google’s Android’s Open Source and Compatibility Tech Lead, Dan Morrill decided to lay the smack down on the supposedly leaked features of Gingerbread aka Android 3.0:

-I love it when people just make stuff up and report it as news.
- @Adontai You shouldn’t believe everything you read, no.
- In summary, please remember that rumors are not official announcements. ;)

Source: Twitter 1, 2, 3

Android 3.0 Gingerbread Rumors and specifications

Got some salt nearby? Grab it and take a seat. According to E.Murtazin who isn’t the most trustworthy source around…. Google is aiming to take a similar approach to Windows Phone 7 with the upcoming Android 3.0 aka gingerbread release at the end of the yer. OEMs will supposedly no longer be able to customize the UI and there will be minimum specifications for the hardware:

•Android 3.0 Gingerbread will be released in mid- October (around 15 -16th), 2010. First handsets shipping in November/December – for the Holiday Season.
•Minimum hardware requirements for Android 3.0 devices are: 1GHZ CPU, 512MB or RAM, displays from 3.5” and higher.
•New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher.
•Completely revamped user interface. If you want to get a feeling of what Android 3.0 Gingerbread UX is like, check out the Gallery App on Nexus One. The same overall feel, light animated transitions,etc. Natively, through all the UI.
•Android’s split into 2 branches becomes official. 3.0 for top of the line/high end devices. Cheap, low-end mass market handsets will keep Android 2.1/2.2

Salt please!

Via : Unwiredview

Google Maps 4.3 for Android adds Latitude and Transit Transportation

Google has updated its Google Maps application for Android with a couple of new features including integration of Google Latitude and public transit transportation.  Google must me applauded for all the updates and added features that are being including nearly every month. Microsoft is also doing a good job latetly thanks to the new Bing Maps applications SDK that enables third-party developers to create Silverlight based applications for Bing Maps (application that can be easily ported to Windows Phone 7 like Weather Bug) but the Bing Team really has to work on local deals to add basic features like live traffic outside of the US and UK, public transit etc..The Google Maps 4.3 application is currently available on the Android Market for devices running Android 1.6+.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Google Maps Navigation now available in 11 countries

Similar to the Google Voice Search restrictions that google lifted today, the Google Maps team is proudly announcing that Google Maps Navigation on Android is now available in 11 countries:

There’s nothing quite like driving through Europe in the summer. In the past week, I’ve seen the beautiful Val d’Aosta, the Swiss Alps, the Cathedral in Chartres, and travelled through the Channel Tunnel as I road-tripped from Milan to Geneva, Zürich to Stuttgart, and on through Paris to London. Why the burst of mileage? Well, I’ve been testing Google Maps Navigation version 4.2. Yes, road-testing it around Europe was a grueling process, but somebody had to do it :)

Today we’re launching Google Maps Navigation version 4.2 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland for Android devices 1.6 and higher. Google Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected GPS navigation or ‘satnav’ system that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of Google Maps.

Source: Google

Google Maps Navigation now available in the UK

UK Android users rejoice! Google Navigation Betahas been update to version 4.1.1and now brings the full navigation functionality to the UK. According to early reports it is working on Android 1.6 and up. For more information head over here. All you have to do to get it is launch Google Maps on you Android handset and you should be prompted to download the 4.1.1 update.

Source: Google

Dual Booting Android on a Windows Mobile Smartphone

As I’ve reported earlier, you can now run Android 2.X on your Windows Mobile smartphone with a little tweaking. Well, here’s new and easy way to run Android on your Windows Mobile device; Gen.Y DualBOOT.
What Gen.Y DualBOOT does is let you dual boot your handset in either Windows Mobile or Android. What you have to do first is get Android and put it on your memory card. Then grab Gen.Y DUALBOOTand install it. You will then be presented with a new dual boot menu once you have rebooted your phone. Here’s a video demo done by Brandon at Pocketnow:

Can’t wait to see this work on the HTC HD2 (so far it’s only compatible with previous HTC handsets like the Diamond2/TP2 etc..)

Source: XDA via Pocketnow

Android 2.0 running on the HTC Touch HD

The beauty of Windows Mobile is that you can do nearly do anything with it. As we have reported a couple of days ago, Android 2.0 has been “ported” to Windows Mobile on the HTC Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2. The only downside is that you couldn’t active any connectivity function (WiFi, Cellular etc..). It now looks like this little inconvenience is now a thing of the past in this new version running on the HTC Touch HD:

You can grab it here

-Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
-Brightness Control: Must turn off autolight in WinMo
-GPRS (thanks Phhusson )
-Microphone works: Reverted in-kernel htc_acoustic mic. Now using custom kernel without those commits. you can go thanks Battousai for this one !
-Charging (phhusson )
-debugging breathing led for sleep mode: lets you know when your device is sleeping. This shouldnt affect your battery life at all.
-Wifi: was always on when enabled. Now it is used alot less often so the device will be warm at most.
-Task killer app.
-Android information program.
-Gsensor: fixed
-Power collapse
-Proximity sensor
-idle sleep mode
-deep sleep: Remove pm.sleep_mode=X from startup.txt if you have it in your default.txt .. check this,…&postcount=731 (IMPORTANT).
-Accelerometer fix: Now very accurate and shouldn’t cause your device to randomly change view. Thanks to mmone3
-sms fix: yep the one you guys have all been waiting for ( thanks phhusson )

Not Working:

An HTC TouchPro and Iamond version is also avaialble here.

Source: YouTube & XDA

Acer Liquid to get Android 2.0 upgrade shortly

According to several sources (Acer France being one of them), the recently released Acer Liquid Android smartphone will receive an Android 2.0 update in the not too distant future. Tracy & Matt also heard does whispers today:

We’ve just had confirmation, from a very reliable source, that the Acer Liquid that we reviewed recently will be eligible for an upgrade to Android 2.0!

Liquid users rejoice!

HTC Nexus One hits the FCC, new live pictures

Well, here comes some new pictures of the HTC Nexus One (or freakin’ Google Phone as some want to call it..). As it’s been the case since the begining the desing looks kid of lame compared to HTC’s Windows Mobile offerings (especially the HD2). You can also see that the device is running Android 2.1 but if this is to be believed the device will only ship with Android 2.0.X. Google Phone or not Google Phone this whole thing is getting boring. The device has also passed the FCC and cleary shows that it’s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Source: FCC via Engadget

Verizon Motorola Droid 2.0.1 update available now

For those who missed the “big” news, Verizon started pushing the Android 2.0.1 (AP:ESD56/BP:C_01.3E.01P) update to the Motorola Droid yesterday. The following enhancements to the Droid have been made:

- OS stability is improved.
- Battery life is improved.
- Camera auto focus functionality is improved, and time between
shots is reduced.
- Enhancements for three-way calling.
- Audio for incoming calls is improved.
- When receiving a call on call waiting, the speakerphone now
remains on.
- Bluetooth® functionality is improved; background echo is eliminated.
- Improved Bluetooth phone book transfer of contacts to in-vehicle
- Bluetooth solutions.
- After closing a GPS application, the GPS icon will now automatically
be removed from the notification panel.
- Users can now receive SMS and MMS messages after an EMS
message is received.
- SMS and MMS may now be sent to seven-digit addresses.
- Google® contact merging has been updated to accommodate
seven-digit numbers.
- Visual Voice Mail notices now arrive instantaneously.
- The corporate calendar widget user interface is updated.

For upgrade instructions click here

HTC Droid Eris to receive newer Android version update and Google Navigation

Droid Eris
According to HTC the Verizon Droid Eris is going to updated to a newer version of Android and Google Navigation early next year. It remains to be seen if this is going to be Android 2.0 or something else. Now that Google Navigation is out on Android 1.6 it is possible that the Droid Eris will only get a newer 1.6 build. But Android 2.0 or higher is still a possibility now that we know that Android 2.1 ROMs are already out in the wild for the HTC Hero.

Droid Eris is getting an update to a newer version of Android early next year. Google Navigation support is coming your way ;)

Source: HTC

Android 2.1 for HTC Hero leaked

Android 2.1 htc hero
Looks like HTC is getting ready to skip Android 2.0 and got straight for 2.1. A bootleg Android 2.1 ROM compatible with the HTC Hero has been posted on XDA today:

HERO 2.1
Here you go guys!

- Sync fixed
- Added extended apns list

- Rooted
- Facebook app added
- Wireless Tether added
- Amazon MP3 added
- Sync is broke atm – Working on it

Rapdishare mirror


HOW-TO Install
1. Do a nandroid backup (DONT FORGET)
2. Flash this new radio (link)
3. Perform a wipe (IMPORTANT)
4. Flash it
5. Have fun!

Head over here to grab all the files

Source: XDA

Android 2.0 Source Code available

Android eclair
A few weeks after releasing the SDK the Android 2.0 source code has finally been pushed out last night through the Android Open Source Project site. It is also reported that the infamous Android Modder Cyanogen has already gotten the lastest 2.0 code running on an HTC G1.

Source: Android Open Source Project via MobileCrunch

Motorola Milestone (Droid) heading to Canada early 2010 on Telus

Looks like our Canadian freinds will have to wait a little bit before putting their cold hands on the Motorola Milestone / Droid. Motorola Canada is announcing today that the Android 2.0 flagship phone will be available early 2010 on Telus. No word on the price though & it should be noted that Google Navigation won’t be available (it’s currently on US-based).

TORONTO, Nov. 10 /CNW/ – Motorola Canada today announced it will bring its first Android(TM)-powered device, the much-anticipated Motorola Milestone, only to TELUS customers in early 2010. Motorola Milestone, powered by the newest version of Android, sets a new standard for what a smartphone should be with a richer mobile web experience, superior messaging and top-of-the-line multi-media features in an innovative design that could only come from Motorola.

Milestone features the best of both worlds with a full QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen capabilities, as well as the opportunity for users to customize their mobile like never before with widgets and the freedom to run multiple applications at once.

“With Motorola Milestone, Canadians will no longer be limited in what they can do with their smartphone,” said Rick Gadd, vice-president, Motorola Canada Mobile Devices. “They will experience the web the way they’ve always wanted on a mobile device, with lightning fast speeds and pages that show them more.”

Get the web, get it faster, see it better

Milestone takes the power of Google Search(TM) beyond the web right into the phone. Search and retrieve applications, contacts, songs, and more right from the home screen. With local search, Google(TM) makes location-based recommendations according to where the user is.

Experience the mobile web like never before. Milestone’s 3.7″ WVGA display offers a clearer, more brilliant screen with twice the resolution of its competitors. Quick and nimble, Milestone is always ready for lightning-fast browsing with its superior processing speeds, Flash 10-ready HTML browsing, and premium 3G+ connection speeds. Navigation has never been easier with double-tap and pinch and zoom.

“TELUS’ new 3G+ network gives Canadians access to a world-class selection of mobile devices such as the Motorola Milestone,” said David Neale, senior vice-president of Product and Services at TELUS. “It is TELUS commitment to offer Canadians the most comprehensive and advanced smartphone line-up available so that we can meet their needs to stay connected, informed and entertained wherever they go. That’s why the Motorola Milestone will fit perfectly in our TELUS smartphone selection.”

Source: Motorola

Motorola Droid reviewed, hated & loved

Gizmodo just posted their Motorola Droid review and just like all Droid reviews we’ve seen the complain about the camera quality & the fact the Android 2.0 still feels ackward sometimes.

The camera is complete garbage. It takes 10 years to start up, 2 to focus, and another 4 to actually take the goddamn picture. And there’s no distinct visual feedback to let you know a photo’s been snapped. And the photos suck. That pumpkin shot, in decent lighting, is as good as it gets. Like I said in the Android 2.0 review, I don’t know if it’s the hardware or the software, but it’s inexcusably bad.

Keep in mind that this review is aimed at the US readers especialy the conclusion:

These things are true about Droid: The camera’s not great; the keyboard isn’t mindblowing; Android 2.0 lacks the polish and multimedia prowess to completely match the iPhone. What’s also true is that a killer design, Google’s services, Android’s exploding app ecosytem, powerful multitasking, a stunning screen and Verizon’s network still make it the second best phone you can buy right now, after the iPhone.

Thankfully for us the world doesn’t revolve around the iPhone. You know there are phones like the Nokia N900, HTC HD2, Nokia X6 etc…The Droid is still a awesome phone though and congrats to Motorola.

Source: Gizmodo

Second Motorola Droid TV ad looks like a Transformers 3 trailer

Droid ad
Verizon and Google are throwing some big money to promote the Motorola Droid:

At least it looks 10x better than the Windows Phone ads

Source: BGR

Android 2.0 reviewed & loved

Android 2.0 home
Gizmodo just posted a full blown review of Android 2.0 today. It was obviously don on the Motorola Droid which is currently the only Android 2.0 phone. The overall impression is that Google‘s updated mobile OS is a step in the right directions. Nothing really stands out besides the nicely integrated Voice Command function and Google Navigation applications. Every other features was already available before on devices like the HTC Hero and Motorola CLIQ (Social media integration, Exchange support etc..) everything else is just UI tweaking. It’s definitely the best overall mobile OS right now (without OEM customization).

Software is inextricably tied to hardware in many respects, and nowhere is that more true than performance. Droid, the first Android 2.0 phone—and the only one we’ve used—is ridiculously capable, with an ARM Cortex A8 TI OMAP3430 processor that’s basically the same as the chips inside of the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS. Point being, it’s got heavy duty processor firepower.

So it’s absolutely inexplicable that while it’s overall the fastest version of Android yet—most apps fly open instantly, run zippily and practically zoom from one to another, even with a couple running in the background—very basic user interface elements, like the main pop-up menu on the home screen and sliding over from one desktop to another, often stutter or lag (with no apps running up front, and just a couple of widgets on the desktop). At this point, it’s clear that these performance hiccups are an Android problem, not a hardware deficiency. It’s maddening to hold a badass phone like the Droid and watch it handle menus like a pussy.

The iPhone 3GS doesn’t have a TI OMAP 3430…

In time, Android very well could be the internet phone, hands down, in terms of raw capabilities. And while it’s not as easy to use or polished or seamless as the iPhone—or to some extent, Palm’s WebOS—it’s way more usable than most other smartphones, and keeps evolving, way faster than anyone else, continually closing that gap. Android 2.0′s potential finally feels as enormous as the iPhone’s, and I get kinda tingly thinking about it. I can’t say Android 2.0 is ready for your mom yet, but it’s definitely ready for anybody reading this.

Not a single mention of Windows Mobile in the whole review…geez

Source: Gizmodo

Motorola Droid headed to Europe as the Milestone with Mutli-Touch but not Google Navigation

Motorola Milestone
Motorola Germany as announced the GSM version of Motorola Droid, which will be named the Motorola Milestone, on O2 and Vodafone. Unlike the US version this one will support pinch-zooming in several applications (Browser, photo album etc..) The device will also feature the MOTONAV navigation applications instead of the newly launched Google Navigation (this shouldn’t come as a surprise given the Google NAV is currently only a US service). Conclusion: The US gets Google Navigation and Europe gets Multi-Touch support.

A previous video posted here also demonstrated multi-touch zooming in the browser (scroll down to the last one).

Source: Motorola Germany via BGR & Engadget

Another Motorola Droid review

Chuong from Pocketnow posted his full review of Motorola Droid‘s smartphone yesterday. His starts with a full hardware tour that you can see here:

He then takes a look at the phone’s camera which he finds disappointing (like in the previous review). Photos taken on an iPhone look better and the video quality is severely lacking IMO (Slightly worst than a Samsung Omnia II):

The highlight of the device is the Voice command feature coupled with the new Google Navigation app:

Google Navigation:

Android 2.0 may not offer all the power and robustness that pro Windows Mobile users have grown accustomed to, but for many people the platform does its purpose–and does it well in offering a refined, cohesive user interface that blends the hardware and software together in an elegant package. It is more open than the iPhone as a platform, combines the best from Windows Mobile, the Palm Pre (Synergy), and connected features from the MOTO BLUR and the HTC customizations on the Hero to enable native Exchange support. The device is the right step in Android’s evolution and offers a more cohesive UI and user experience compared to the aging Windows Mobile platform. Android is definitely designed for touch and you can see that throughout the entire OS.

The device is one of the best on the market today. Strong software, potent hardware that makes Android zippy and not feel sluggish, and great marketing buzz from Verizon and Motorola will probably make this one of the more successful products on the market today. Welcome back, Motorola, to the big leagues. This is definitely Motorola’s come back phone, Verizon’s iPhone and Pre competitor, and Google’s emergence into a basic corporate-capable operating system.

-Multiple Exchange accounts supported
-Gorgeous FWVGA cinematic 16:9 display
-Large display at 3.7 inches doesn’t feel too big thanks to the widescreen format
-Loud speakers
-Google Maps with Navigation offers free turn by turn voice guidance for GPS navigation
-Faster browser than on previous generations of Android OS
-Contacts well integrated with communications (like Palm Synergy)
-Google Voice support is awesome!
-Google Voice Search for Internet searching and GPS navigation so you don’t have to type
-Touch friendly capacitive touchscreen is bright even in direct sunlight

-GMail and Email apps can be confusing, should integrate into one app
-No Exchange email searching
-Enterprise support
-Some apps may not be compatible
-Requires a GMail account for full features to be operational
-Camera photo quality could be better

Read the full review here