HTC HD2 walkthrough video just posted the Part 2 of their hands-on preview with the HTC HD2:

Nothing we haven’t seen before in other HD2 videos. But it’s nice too finally see a snappy Windows Mobile device.


Nokia N900 web browsing video demo

N900 Flash browser
UMPCPortal just posted a 12 minutes long video of some Nokia N900 Mozilla browser action. This thing looks amazing, the video in mainly centered around Flash support and you’ll see that the devices handles it quite well. Safari mobile looks like old news compared to this IMO.

Source: UMPCPortal

HTC HD2 video preview with lots of pictures posted a nice preview of HTC’s HD2 with lot’s of picture of the devices and 2 fairly long hands-on video. Unfortinutely for me it’s all in Bulagrian so I can’t understand much:

Part 2

IE Mobile 6 looks fast and smooth running on the SnapDragon chipset, however Opera Mobile 9.7 is still the default browser on the device though (and that’s a good thing).

Head of here to check the whole preview and picture gallery.