Bing Maps Technical Evangelist becomes Sr. PM of Bing Mobile

Those of you who have been closely following Microsoft’s Bing and Bing Maps products surely know who Chris Pendleton is. He is announcing today that he will step down from his job as a Bing Maps Technical Evangelist in two weeks to become the Sr Program Manager of Bing Mobile and oversee the development of new unannounced features:

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New version of Bing for Windows Mobile released

It looks like Microsoft has quietly released an updated version of the Bing application for Windows Mobile earlier this moth. There’s no change log but looking at the version numbers it obviously looks like this newer version only fixes some bugs found in the previous one (5.1.2010.5040 to 5.1.2010.6280). I can confirm that the bug I encountered with my HTC HD2 is finally fixed and the turn-by-turn voice navigation feature is now fully functional.

Source: Microsoft via WMExperts

Bing client for Windows Mobile updated

The Windows Mobile Bing client has just been updated today to version 5.1.2010.3290. This new version finally enables international users to use the voice search function anywhere in the world (you’ll have to speak in english though). Basic local search also now works in most European countries now. The walking direction feature is also fully functional now. Localisation via the cellular tower only works in the US same for Traffic information and Local news. Head over to (with you phone browser or go to HELP->About to update directly via the application.

Source:  Twitter 

Bing debuts on the iPhone, looks better than on Windows Mobile

That’s right folks, another slap in the face of Windows Mobile users and some good news for iPhone owners. Microsoft just released Bing Maps on the iPhone a couple of minutes ago. It basically has the same features as the Windows Mobile version but has a much more finger friendly UI, multi-touch support, smooth-zooming and new features like built-in image search , landscape mode etc…Check out the pictures I just snapped (iPhone vs HTC HD2). You can download now in the AppStore and for more info see here.

New Bing Maps for Windows Mobile (and other devices) released today

Bing Maps mobile
It looks like Microsoft is about to launch the updated version of the Bing Mobile application for Windows Mobile (and other devices) today. According to Cnet’s Ina Fried MS just demoed the appliction during their Bing event a few minutes ago:

Mobile @bing client being readied for lots of devices. 25 new ones ready today, though first demo now is on Windows Mobile.

Source: Twitter

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UPDATE: It’s out and availalbe here

Microsoft & Verizon: Google won Round 1

Microsoft Verizon
I already mentioned Microsoft‘s mobile advertising and search deal with Verizon when discussing Motorola’s Droid marketing campaign and wondered”what happened to the Live Search (now Bing) deal signed between MS and Verizon this year though“. Well, today AdAge posted some interesting info about this particular subject, pointing out that Microsoft totally blew it thanks to the fact that Google-Branded phones are not part of the $600M search deal. This can be seen a major blow to Redmond when you realise that the Motorola Droid is currently the best selling phone on Verizon (alongside the HTC Droid Eris). But you know what’s worse fro MS? The default search engine on all HTC Windows Mobile phones (even on Verizon) is Google, as seen on the Internet tab in the TouchFLO/Sense UI (and Google maps is also the default mapping service on all HTC phones). So far the few phones that have Bing as the default search provider are BlackBerry devices on Verizon AFAIK. Yup Google hijacked MS’s deal.

“Microsoft dropped the ball,” said Phuc Truong, managing director of Mobext, Havas’ mobile marketing agency. “It was well-positioned to do something deeper with Verizon, and within that time frame you would have thought they’d done something more to solidify that relationship.”

Whereas Google’s hand in guiding Android’s development allowed it to preload its services on most Android devices in the U.S., Microsoft hasn’t capitalized on its mobile-operating software by working with carriers and handset makers to stuff its search or content assets into Windows Mobile phones. It’s another example of how Google has consistently trumped its search competitors in mobile, despite late entries in both search and handset software.

It would be interesting to see how Microsoft is going to try to change  this with Windows Mobile 7. We already know that they are going to be more heavely involved in the design and specs of the future Windows Phones, but will Bing search & Bing Maps be good enough and correctly integrated into the OS so OEMs won’t have to use Google’s services instead (same for IE Mobile & Opera Mobile)?

Source: AdAge

Bing for mobile browsers now updated at

Microsoft released an update to the Bing for mobile browser at A couple of new features have been added to this new version:

- NFL featuretype a team or player and see upcoming games, stats, and scores. While the game is on, you can get real-time updates on the plays. (U.S. only)

Bing NFL

- Flight statusenter the airline and flight number and get the latest departure and landing times.

Bing Flight Status

- Bing for touch devices

Great news for you touch phone owners in the U.S.: we have a new version of Bing just for high-resolution touch devices. We optimized for touch navigation to make the most of your phone, and added a great new Movies feature. Search for Movies in your city, and you’ll see the movies playing nearby, showtimes, overviews, and even trailers and video clips.
Bing Movies

Keep in mind that bing for mobile browser isn’t Bing Mobile which is a stand alone application for Windows Mobile & BlackBerry devices. The new Windows Mobile version of Bing mobile is supposed to be launched this fall according to the info we got a couple of weeks ago.

Source: Bing dev Blog

Bing Mobile application to get a big update this fall

According to Microsoft the Bing Windows Mobile application is about to get a fairly big update this fall:

Congratulations to our friends over in Windows Mobile for the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 today! It’s an exciting time for mobile and for Bing. With today’s announcement we are kicking off what we like to call the Autumn of Mobile!

This week in New York we were able to share a sneak peek of the Bing for mobile application due out later this Fall. In case you missed it, here’s a screenshot of what’s to come. The Bing app continues to be a great tool for local searches, maps, and directions, and now it has a whole new look.

Nice to see the Bing “changing wallpaper” background being ported to the mobile application. Hopefully the maps will support multi-touch support (I guess that this is HTC‘s job though)

Source: Bing Team blog via PocketNow

Bing Mobile to replace Yahoo Mobile ?

Following the announced last week, Yahoo just filed with the SEC with more details about the search deal with Microsoft. One of the interesting standout is that Yahoo has the option to use Bing Maps & Bing Mobile as the technology provider for these services. PaidContent reports that Yahoo has already agreed to use Bing Mobile to power Yahoo Mobile search.
Will Bing Mobile replace Yahoo Mobile in the future?

Source: SEC 8-K Form