Official HTC Touch Pro2 & HTC Snap Windows Mobile 6.5 updates available

TP2 rom (Small)
We talked about it yesterday and it’s now officialy available on HTC‘s support site. Remermber that this ROM will only work on unlocked Touch Pro2s & Snap devices. Please back-up all you data before flashing your ROM. So if you are ready for some WM6.5 action and update TouchFLO UI, justhead over here to download it. And here for the HTC Snap.

Source: HTC and here

Ompass: first digital compass application for the Samsung Omnia II

HyongaSoft just developed the first Digital Compass application for the Samsung Omnia II using the latest SDK released by Samsung a few days ago. The app should be realesed soon.

I won’t be too long until we start seeing augmented reality applications on Windows Mobile.

Source: HyongaSoft via XDA-Devs

Samsung Moment Android phone on video

Samsung Moment
Pocketnow now got a chence to handle Samsung’s newly announced Samsung Moment Android phone during CTIA and posted to short videos of the device in action.

Samsung Moment vs HTC Hero:

Unfortunitely the Moment doesn’t bring anything new to the Android world IMO (other that a good chipset, the S3C6410). The Samsung Moment will only be available on Sprint‘s network.

Source: Youtube

More Porject Pink and Windows Mobile 7 info

My man Lituus just posted some of the Pink info he got from 2 different sources and it looks mighty interesting. Accoring to them Roz Ho (head of Project Pink) is no longer part of the project and Danger as we know it is essensialy gone the way of the Dodo. Remember that all this info is still only rumors and spéculation:

The Pink name does indeed reference the singer Pink. It is indeed Roz Ho’s creation. Kudos to AppleInsider for snagging these bits. However, what they didn’t get is why the name is still around. Especially after Roz has been freed of most of her duties in the Mobile group. Pink is now all about Zune.

It is coming to Xbox first, but that is followed immediately by WinMo, later by Media Center and eventually Windows Live. And in case you haven’t noticed already, please have a look at the colors that define the Zune brand. But “Zune” in terms of Pink stands for more than a media services layer. It also defines the identity of the UX, reference designs for hardware and adds on XNA capabilities. When Ballmer recently told CNET that Zune HD is supposed to show WinMo partners what they can do with hardware, he really meant it. The spec sheet for Zune HD is very similar to those created for WinMo 7 chassis designs. And all of that together is what Pink/Zune now stands for.

And finally:

1. Pink brings the Zune philosophy to WinMo.
2. WinMo 7 is based on WinCE 6. Silverlight is important.
3. Pink is not a Microsoft-branded phone (any more). Danger/Roz Ho’s involvement is nil.
4. WinMo 7 will debut XNA in Windows Mobile (not in its current form).
5. Zune as a PMP has 1 revision left.
6. Windows Phone devices with “Pink/Zune” will be closely controlled in software by MS. Will receive marketing support. Premium pricing.
7. WinMo core-based devices can be sold by manufacturers as well. No marketing support, and UX can be replaced by manufacturer. e.g. Sense, TouchWiz etc. “Low-end” pricing.

I reported a litle while ago that I though that WM7 was going to be based on Windows CE 7 (there’s even ainternal document pointing at this possibility) so as I said everything we know about Pink and Windows Mobile 7 is still all spéculation at this point.

Read the whole post for more info here

Source: The Palace Of Limacon

Acer neoTouch / F1 review

Acer neoTouch
Pocketnow just posted their full review of Acer’s SnapDragon powered neoTouch / F1 smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5 . Aside from the fast CPU and relatively cheap price they weren’t really impressed with the device. Here’s their final impressions:

The neoTouch S200 is comparable to an inexpensive sports car that has a turbocharged engine but lacks in quality in every other aspect. You know the type. While it’s great that Acer was able to build a Snapdragon chipset into their top of the line device, and while it’s great that they succeeded in making a truly fast device, it’s still an Acer phone. Build quality is low, the software is buggy, and the device lacks certain features and functions that a high end device should have like a good camera and good speakerphone. My advice to you: if you want cheap speed, the neoTouch will make you happy. But if you want a more well-rounded device that exhibits the qualities of a top-tier smartphone, check out the Samsung Omnia II or the upcoming HTC HD2.

For my part I would say that you should also skip the Omnia II and just wait for the HTC HD2 (or future capacitive Windows Mobile devices). From my experience, the resistive screen on the Omnia II isn’t good at all and it won’t be upgradable to WM7 like the HD2 (offiacially or unofficialy).

Source: PocketNow